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  1. you were right on the money last week! need the magic 1 more time! it's half PPR 2 of the the 4 WR Lockett, AJ Brown (he's rolling Tannehill at the moment), Fuller, PErriman, anthony miller Pretty sure i'm rolling Carson, and Mixon, so only the flex for either Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Boone. and Indy or Denver D this week? THanks!
  2. Bloom!! For 0.5 PPR league i need 2 of the 4 Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Mixon, (and would i be crazy to leave kamara out? Burned me so many times I can see myself just going ekeler and mostert) and for WR , 2 of these Lockett, deebo samuel, Aj Brown, Pascal, Fuller if he's a go (opponent has watson) THanks!!
  3. Bloom!Please pick2, half PPR. ChrisCarson, Ekeler, Mixon,Michel!THanks!
  4. 0.5 PPR, who doI go with for the flex position. Sony Michel or Will Fuller? already rolling out DeAndre Hopkins.
  5. Bloom!! Need 2 WR's and 1 flex from this group.. It's a half PPR league. Robby ANderson, DaeSean Hamilton, Robert Foster, Josh Reynolds , Dante Petis, Elijah McGuire and Alfred Blue
  6. I wouldn't gamble with both Charger RB's. Michel for sure, and I like Jackson to do more with his touches than Eikler.
  7. I like Sutton and Jackson. If you think Baltimore D can keep it close then start Edwards, if not I don't think he'll get the usual workload.
  8. I could see any having a big day for various reasons, or bust. Luck seemed safest to me, but with TY hobbled I don't know. Weather supposed to be bad in Tampa, Rodgers been a bust most of the year. Allen's on fire, but still relatively unproven and runs so much , he's one hard hit from getting knocked out of a game tonight. Fortunately for this last week of the season I just need to keep it within 20 vs this guy and I stil make the playoffs, so looking for the safety play in your minds! Thanks!
  9. Bloom! Looking for the relatively safe play as I make the playoffs win or lose as long as I keep it within 20 pts. QB- Rodgers, Winston, Luck or Allen And out of these 1 WR + 1 Flex Dante Pettis, Peyton Barber, Zay Jones, Doug Baldwin. 0.5 ppr. THanks!
  10. Not a whole lot of great options, but need 1 wr, 1 rb and 1 flex out of these in a half ppr Landry, Baldwin, Conley, Gabriel hyde, Blount, Barber, and Jorden Reed.
  11. Bloom! 2 questions. Luck or Rodgers? other guy has allison and mack and not as appealing Crowell or Alex Collins? Half PPR.
  12. knew I should've gone with matt ryan over Russell Wilson, but got talked into it by the experts. Ohh I still could win even with AP going down.....if Ryan Matthews put up less than 5 points today. That Russell Wilson pointless fumble at the end of the half was killer.
  13. rolling him out over Barnidge. Better work out.
  14. he looked great, but the fumble looked like hurt his confidence. Then the Texans went up 2 scores and a series of miscues just led to a lack of more rushing attempts in the 2nd half.
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