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  1. I remember 2016 and how reviled Hillary was. I personally know several people that didn't vote for her (myself included) even though we felt strongly that Trump would be a disaster. There were a great many anti-Hillary Trump voters. Four years later I feel very comfortable stating that the hate and vitriol directed towards Hillary absolutely pales in comparison to the negative feelings toward Trump. The anti-Trump vote will be YUGE. I've never been so excited to vote.
  2. Damn dude, where have you been hiding? Awesome posts from you the last couple of days, keep 'em coming! You are single handedly raising the level of discourse in this forum. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Anyone else wanna see @SaintsInDome2006 and @Opie over the "facts?" :payperviewsubscribe: Disclaimer: I'm not trying to stir the pot here, I legit think this would be awesome, as I respect both of these posters (for far different reasons) and I'm positive I'd learn a few things.
  4. Wow, so I responded to this post with some legit links from "non-liberal media", completely on-topic, someone reported it and it was removed? This thread is something else.
  5. There is not a single piece of justification in that article for what federal agents are doing in Portland that I've seen verified anywhere else. If there are truly people planting pipe bombs and purposely attempting to injure police or federal officers (or anyone else for that matter), then absolutely NOBODY has a problem with those individuals receiving justified consequences for those actions. But that is not what's going on. Could you link to something that isn't Breitbart or Conservative Treehouse to prove a point?
  6. Well, assuming none of them were Covid positive while they were screaming in the faces of capital police and lawmakers, the only real damage they did was make themselves look like a-holes. I'm sure all of those responsible gentlemen were Covid free and no one was infected that day. Can you elaborate on how people being dragged off the streets by men in camo and unmarked vehicles for doing absolutely nothing other than exercising their constitutional rights to free speech and assembly is ok? All of them unarmed, I might add, unlike those in MI. Can you also maybe postulate how it wou
  7. So average housewives and military veterans legally protesting in the streets are antifa now? I suppose in some regard you're correct, as they are protesting fascist actions by Trump and his enablers. How do you square this with your conservative ideology? I was under the impression that the types of people that would invade the Michigan statehouse (can't remember what vitally important and highly moral rationale they had for doing it) while ARMED would flip the #### out over this kind of behavior from the federal government. Strange days indeed.
  8. Why would he be asking for a polling place in Chicago? That's not where he lives. It's been made clear that going to a big city is too terrifying a prospect to ever contemplate. Those places are hell holes!
  9. You are responding to me doing what you just recommended I do after I already did it.
  10. I'm sorry, but LOFL at the rural guys who think that every trip into the big bad city is like parachuting into an active war zone. We get it, you don't like cities. But the overreactions are hilarious. I've had more guns pointed at me in the sticks than I ever have in the city, that's for damn sure. And heard a helluva lot more gunfire out there, too. Never felt generally unsafe in either locale.
  11. Wait. What??!! Which one of you degenerates told the mods where my old pron stash is? You didn't leak it to my wife, did you?
  12. So, to recap: Jimmy Kimmel grew a "conscience" and tried to distance himself from his involvement in one of the most misogynistic TV shows to ever air, decided to speak out about things he views as unjust, and the guy who let his daughter sit on his lap while he thoroughly enjoyed said misogyny thinks Kimmel is the one with problems? Gotcha. Makes a lotta sense. I used to enjoy The Man Show. When I was 22, single, drunk/stoned all the time and a complete idiot. And before I had a daughter. Now it's easier (for me, anyway) to recognize it as the steaming pile of #### that it was.
  13. It sure as hell does! Jesus, Hillary is still public enemy #1 amongst you Trumpguys. How exactly you think he got elected? I can absolutely assure you that my vote in November is -100% pro-democrat, 200% anti-Trump.
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