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  1. What you're saying here without actually saying it is that you grew up in a very small rural community, where the people you spent time with were all white and went to the same churches, everyone knew everyone else and all their business, and everyone toed the line because they were terrified of being ostracized by the other people that looked and thought like them. You didn't know any gay kids, artsy kids, musicians other than the church organist and choir director, never heard of punk rock and thought the "city" was the town down the road that had a supermarket, farm supply store, and a population of 45,000. There's nothing wrong with any of that, but the fact that you have absolutely no understanding of other points of view and refuse to consider anything outside your opinions as valid makes me mostly dismiss your views, because to you diversity and open-mindedness is being willing to consider shooting a Browning, even though your brand is Smith & Wesson.
  2. As a vaccinated person, I can still be a carrier. I can have it, have no symptoms, and then give it to someone unvaccinated, like both of my children, who are too young to get it. I can give it to my aunt, who cannot get vaccinated due to allergies. I'm not overly concerned about myself, it's people in my orbit that aren't vaccinated I worry about. And the bolded is a giant problem.
  3. Exhibit A on the potentially positive influence peer pressure can exert. I wouldn't want an unvaccinated person at my party, either.
  4. The risk a child has of getting sick and dying from covid is higher than the risk of you taking the vaccine and having anything more than a day's worth of mild side effects.
  5. Breakthrough infections happen. So your casual "whadda YOU care if I don't get vaxxed" is a ridiculous statement, given that you have just raised the chances that you get infected, and then pass the infection on to others. Both of my parents are vaccinated and both have multiple comorbidities. Chances are that even if they end up with breakthrough infections, they won't get very sick. But, if one of them ends up with pneumonia and wants to go to the hospital and gets turned away because the hospital is full of covid patients that refused to get vaccinated, then one of my parents dies as a result, those that refused vaccination are the direct cause of my parent dying. The selfishness and ignorance are deadly. That's why I care.
  6. You aren't saying that. I'm making a prediction on how this will turn out. Those that funded this need to keep people from admitting that the election was free, fair, and properly decided, and more importantly, keep the donations rolling in.
  7. But honestly, do you think this will do anything of the sort? Will KD or Noonan suddenly about-face and accept that the system worked properly? I'm doubtful.
  8. And here, my friends, is the next key talking point from the GOP. "Well if the results aren't accurate, we need to continue auditing the last election, passing laws restricting ballot access, increasing partisan polling observers, restricting mail-in voting and mandating same-day counting. EVEN ONE VOTE BEING COUNTED INACCURATELY SHOULD INVALIDATE AN ELECTION!!11!" Cue the fundraising emails.
  9. To be fair, we did not know at the time we voted for him that he would suck this much. We had four years of glaring evidence that the last guy most definitely sucked. And he still got 75 million votes in spite of that.
  10. Hell no I can't. I'm completely bewildered. Two of my unvaccinated coworkers were sharing a story the other day about some case of the vaccine causing tinnitus in a recipient. They were excited; practically gleeful. These are healthcare professionals that take their jobs seriously. People I work closely with, get along with and respect. I found myself saddened by it.
  11. I will also offer the mea culpa that this thread is about civil discussion and I apologize if I have not lived up to that. I'm not trying to be a Richard. But this thing is eating healthcare workers away from the inside and there is no end in sight. We're exhausted and angry. And we're not getting help.
  12. Live it for a couple of years like me and my coworkers have and then I'll care a smidgen about your opinion on the matter. The decisions these people have made to not get vaccinated, based on fear, politics, religion, or whatever rationale, are directly responsible for killing others. You're going to witness that first hand for this long and not get to a breaking point? Then you'd be the one without feelings.
  13. Do you work in a hospital? I do, 2 of them actually. Your opinion is killing people. I know ER and ICU nurses that have stopped feeling empathy for people that are on death's door because they are dying from an illness they refused to believe was a big deal. They have seen sick people turned away due to overcrowding caused from Covid surges, then die as a result. I got nothing against you personally, but my evidence, while anecdotal to you, is reality kicking me in the ####ing teeth. Believe the media or whomever you want is to blame, but to me, you're to blame. And everything I see EVERY DAY at work supports that opinion.
  14. I can't even. Sorry man, but this subject hits a serious nerve with me and you are flat out wrong. When people with cancer or in need of a transplant are getting procedures postponed because the hospital is full of dying people that refuse to take a simple jab, that IS public safety. And it is being compromised. For no good reason.
  15. Like having a serious, acute medical issue crop up and not being able to receive the necessary treatment at the hospital because it's filled with C-19 patients that have opinions on vaccination? Then dying as a result? Like a close family friend did recently? Pure selfishness.
  16. Trump isn't the excuse. The people that voted for him are. I'll keep the mask, but thanks for your unbiased and well-thought-out feedback. Oh, and just for you, in a language you understand. HTH
  17. I would like to get past selfishness, ignorance and gullibility as being stumbling blocks to public safety and a return to normalcy, but the same people who can't get past what you're talking about are preventing me from getting past what I'm talking about.
  18. Damn man, it's almost like opinions and recommended procedures get changed as new information becomes available. It sucks that some people can't seem to understand that, especially those that tended to vote for and support our last president, but sometimes inconvenience can't be avoided.
  19. Malpractice IMO. I've never been so happy to live in a blue state and work for a healthcare company that actually, you know, allows science to guide the decision making process.
  20. Dude... you're in the pro-Trump thread... let the irony of your statement wash over you.
  21. I've already said I won't engage you on this. As to the bolded, however, the media had little to do with it. Trump's own actions were way more than enough to get the majority of voters to hate him. Sorry you can't see that.
  22. Remember prior to the 2016 election, when it was a foregone conclusion that Hillary was going to dogwalk Trump, that every non right-leaning media outlet was decrying how the GOP was over as a party? They were right. Trump took charge of a party that had long since jumped the shark, and turned it into a cult of personality. And that's what it remains. They aren't even trying to govern anymore. They're simply trying to consolidate and retain power. What was the last piece of high profile domestic legislation that Republicans spearheaded that wasn't a tax cut?
  23. Spare me. I've seen enough of your posts to know that responding to this would be a waste of my time. Nothing will sway you, and information that runs counter to your views will be roundly ignored. Suffice it to say that 81M people felt similarly enough to me to vote for Joe Biden, who inspires basically no one, instead of spending another four years praying that Trump wouldn't trigger Armageddon because someone dissed him on Twitter.
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