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  1. Trump campaign not pulling negative ads FYI.
  2. If only we had some idea how Trump would react should his political opponent suffer a respiratory ailment at this exact time prior to an election...
  3. The Trump campaign just sent out a fundraising email titled “Lyin Obama”
  4. There are folks that need to spend hours in line to cast a ballot. That doesn’t seem easy to me.
  5. I must say your dedication to your craft is impressive.
  6. Trump knew Hope Hicks tested positive and still went and traveled to NJ for his planned day. Are you ####### kidding me?
  7. 1 drop box for a population of 4 million+ in Harris County. These guys are unbelievable.
  8. BREAKING: Gov. Abbott issues proclamation CLOSING (as of Oct. 2) satellite offices where voters can drop off completed mail-in ballots. The GOP just needs to add voter suppression to its official platform. Fully embrace less people voting.
  9. That is sort of a weird internal for Marshall to put out against Bollier’s. Only hitting 43% and up 4%. Makes me think that Bollier would have been favored over Kobach.
  10. Map seems pretty stable at this point but with so many toss ups a little movement in either direction could range from a Trump squeaker to a Biden blowout. I’d venture that Nevada is the only potential Clinton-Trump state at this point. Obviously, tons of potential Trump-Biden states hence the wide range of EC outcomes.
  11. Georgia potentially having 2 January Senate runoffs could be absolutely insane. I feel bad for anyone in that state if so. The inundation of political ads would be even worse than it is right now here in PA.
  12. Ted Cruz sitting there with ACB claiming you need 9 justices ASAP in order to rule on any election related cases is so audaciously ####ed up you almost have to admire it.
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