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  1. This article was linked earlier this week and does seem to indicate you are not likely to get Covid for at least 8 months. Not certain, but likely that if your not able to get reinfected 90% of the time, then you would not be able to pass it on to others. But of course all of this is uncertain...just like the immunity will likely last longer than the 8 months identified in this study due to the disease only being around for 12 or so months.
  2. I can't take it anymore, Doc, Da Raiders, and a couple of you other "Raider" fans have hated on Gruden from the time he was hired and for most of you 3-4 also hated on Mayock. Your bias is such that it does not matter short of a Super Bowl that either should be around the Raiders. Go look back about two months ago in this thread when things were going well, either you did not post at all or commented how you were wrong about Gruden and he still has "it". Especially after the KC win. What happened between then and now other than the Raiders losing? Gruden suddenly not get it again I guess. And we cannot forget we need to get rid of Carr for ...anyone. It is flipping 2020 and the Raiders got screwed up with several weeks of Covid issues...if you look back that time frame is when things started to fall apart. I think next year the Raiders are going to continue to get better and will be looking at 9-10 wins, which with KC and SD in the division will be doing well. Get over it, Gruden and Mayock are not going anywhere next year and lets focus on what can be done to help the horrible Raider defense.
  3. Bottom line is you cannot determine what Tua's potential will be into the future on +/- 8 games this season. So that argument makes no sense unless he jumps out at you immediately like Burrows and Herbert. Tua may end up being better than either or he may end up being the worst QB in this draft class and not a franchise QB. But you are making a big mistake if you feel that can be determined during this season. It is not a big enough sample to allow growth by Tua in the areas he is struggling right now. I know some have said he is not making his second read....many QBs will pick that up as they gain more experience and get used to the speed of the NFL. Unfortunately some never do develop that critical skill for a QB to be a franchise QB.
  4. Sorry but this is wrong. Look back in March of this thread and there was doctor at a Washington state hospital that was reprimanded for pursuing the fact she was finding Covid indicators well before the "officals" claimed it had arrived. A few pages back we got into why so many people don't trust the "experts"...this is why. People were shamed, told to shut up, and that it was a "fact" that Covid was not here earlier. Go look at the discussion in this thread about someone (don't remember the user) identifying this issue in Las Vegas (as seen in the ER) a month before it was supposed to have been in this country. Go look at the responses to him. Add this to masks don't work, etc and I completely understand why a lot of people question the directives from the "experts". In fact I am becoming more curious all the time why more people are not carefully looking at the newest statements by the "experts". How about we needed to shut down factories so we could produce enough ventilators for everyone only to determine that using them makes the patients more likely to die and they are only used as a last resort now. I said this last March and feel same now...this is a new disease and we really do not know a whole lot about it. So taking things as fact from "experts" needs to be evaluated carefully and not just blindly followed.
  5. I know last spring there was an outbreak on a cruise ship that was headed to Antartica. The country that finally allowed them into port would not allow anyone off the ship until they had a negative test result. The passengers were forced to stay in their rooms for over a week. Many spouses cohabitating in the same berth (which if you have been on a cruise you know are small) had one positive and one negative after a week of exposure. In fact in several cases the spouse that tested positive died. There were a lot of deaths for a small cruise ship. Some articles on this were linked in this thread last spring. After this incident I started to look at Covid a little differently, you could be in close contact with some for extensive time and not get it. I have read several medical articles in the last couple of months about this phenomenon and the medical communities efforts to identify what seems to make some people fairly resistant to getting it (just like many are asymptomatic) rather than becoming seriously ill.
  6. Just came across this article. Be interested in some of the medical people's position on this. Maybe we can get through this virus easier than the theory out there that you can easily get it multiple times and a vaccine may need a yearly booster. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/immunity-to-the-coronavirus-may-last-years-new-data-hint/ar-BB1b6dwt
  7. In general I agree, but we were brow beat to follow the "experts" by several in this thread back in February and March. At the time I argued that we don't know enough to make certain statements with such conviction because the experts were still trying to get a handle on the virus. As to the questioning of the experts, the "mask makes no difference" stance by CDC (supposedly to limit a run on PPE masks) early on was baffling and just led to a lot misinformation and distrust. The stance by WHO about how great China handled the outbreak and other Chinese misinformation has made them look like a political entity rather than a scientific one. I am still confronting intelligent people that refer back to the CDC's first stance on wearing masks and use that as an example of why they do not trust the "experts". It gets quite exasperating.
  8. Not to get this thread too side tracked, but alot of the disbelief by some is due to their observations previously of both the "experts" and MSM being wrong. While others will believe these sources until they are proven wrong. Those that do not believe in the seriousness of Covid are those that have become extremely cynical with both sources of information. I fall in the cynical category to a degree, but I do not immediately dismiss what they have stated. I am a scientist but have a history degree that has really helped me analyze and evaluate sources of information on Covid and knew back in February how serious this could become. The last ten years is just littered with MSM looking for click bait rather than informative reporting. But I was raised on fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me for allowing it a second time. I think many were brought up with the same belief system, they feel foolish following a source they cannot trust. This is why the CDC and somewhat the WHO public positions that changed (especially related to mask wearing) have such resistance. And thus the lack of cooperation with proper advice. Unfortunately this will be a long winter, everyone stay safe.
  9. The QB rule was changed a couple of years ago. Wentz lost a TD last year due to this rule. Basically to make it safer for QBs, they are under the college rule. Knee down and the ball is dead.
  10. Lol, read the other articles on the page. It is the hedge....
  11. Well I got a decent night sleep and feel a little better, got some of the fire to attack life going forward. Since there is so much good information provided to make decisions about our investments, I will let you know why I am seeing a lot more problems than most see and it think it is important as to how we look at investing in near term and long term. I am a civil engineer that designs a lot of public works projects for small rural communities (20,000 population and smaller). USDA has a "rural development" program to provide low interest loans/grants to rural communities for public utility projects. I am in the middle of finalizing the financing with USDA on a $11 M grant/loan for a major water pipeline upgrade project. They informed me this project may be one of the last for a while due to USDA's guidance that communities are to expect a drop in revenue from 25% to 75% for at least the next year. And to expect water, sewer, and electrical payments to be paid on a 50% basis for the next 2 years (there are set costs that the systems cannot function without). Thus the repayment financing calculations do not work out. There is a likely hood that many communities will have to declare bankruptcy in the next two years, especially when their pension requirements get put into the mix. I know in California one of the biggest draws on the City budgets is payments for pensions and the courts have ruled during previous community bankruptcy proceedings (Stockton) that pensions get paid before anything else. If any community drops 50% let alone 75% of revenue over the next two years, there will be little to nothing left for civil services including utilities. Not trying to raise fears, but want others to understand some of the not obvious boots that are possible/likely to fall in the next two years.
  12. No, but as I just mentioned in my response above "I have become a little doom and gloom about our future after seeing the gleefulness that the House passed their newest stimulus bill. Completely devoid of any economic understanding." Don't let me bring you down if your in a good place. By tomorrow I will probably much more upbeat.
  13. Oh I agree, but when was the last time that we had politicians that actually cut back on a benefit like this. In an election year to boot, I just see the politicians using this to show how much they care and are great leaders simply to buy votes for the election. Because when (if) they remove these supplementary payments then the real economic hardship will hit a whole ton of the population. But we continue to throw trillions around like it is candy and will have put ourselves in a spot a year from now where we cannot continue to go in debt another 3-5 trillion and have the dollar worth anything. But I have a feeling the people in the country will badly need it. I have become a little doom and gloom about our future after seeing the gleefulness that the House passed their newest stimulus bill. Completely devoid of any economic understanding.
  14. Opening back up is not my concern, what is the exit strategy to get people back to work and producing things is my concern. We are paying more for people to not work than they would have been receiving when they were working. How is that supposed to stop, a certain party just tried to increase the amounts further and for longer. We have an election in November, so I have little faith what is best for the country or economy will actually occur. What happens in January next year? How are the people going to be weened off this money? I still think the service sector will be a shell of itself (25% of what it was) for the next 3-4 years unless we get a vaccine that stops this thing. Where are all those workers going to go to work, especially as automation has started to make serious inroad in certain businesses. I have not seen it discussed in this thread, but I envision a significant increase in robotic/non-human factories, kiosks, etc which will further make it difficult to get the unemployed jobs. But if we keep paying people more than they will make working, we will be celebrating the day when we only have 10% unemployment.
  15. I agree. The stimulus was needed, but it is not a free ride. There will be long term ramifications to the dollar and our standard of living. But now we have to do it again, what is the exit strategy? How long can the govt just pay people to not produce anything. I just think that after the "new" normal is started, there will be much that will not be normal, in our lives or in the economy.
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