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  1. This article was linked earlier this week and does seem to indicate you are not likely to get Covid for at least 8 months. Not certain, but likely that if your not able to get reinfected 90% of the time, then you would not be able to pass it on to others. But of course all of this is uncertain...just like the immunity will likely last longer than the 8 months identified in this study due to the disease only being around for 12 or so months.
  2. I can't take it anymore, Doc, Da Raiders, and a couple of you other "Raider" fans have hated on Gruden from the time he was hired and for most of you 3-4 also hated on Mayock. Your bias is such that it does not matter short of a Super Bowl that either should be around the Raiders. Go look back about two months ago in this thread when things were going well, either you did not post at all or commented how you were wrong about Gruden and he still has "it". Especially after the KC win. What happened between then and now other than the Raiders losing? Gruden suddenly not get it again I
  3. Bottom line is you cannot determine what Tua's potential will be into the future on +/- 8 games this season. So that argument makes no sense unless he jumps out at you immediately like Burrows and Herbert. Tua may end up being better than either or he may end up being the worst QB in this draft class and not a franchise QB. But you are making a big mistake if you feel that can be determined during this season. It is not a big enough sample to allow growth by Tua in the areas he is struggling right now. I know some have said he is not making his second read....many QBs will pick that up as
  4. Sorry but this is wrong. Look back in March of this thread and there was doctor at a Washington state hospital that was reprimanded for pursuing the fact she was finding Covid indicators well before the "officals" claimed it had arrived. A few pages back we got into why so many people don't trust the "experts"...this is why. People were shamed, told to shut up, and that it was a "fact" that Covid was not here earlier. Go look at the discussion in this thread about someone (don't remember the user) identifying this issue in Las Vegas (as seen in the ER) a month before it was supposed to
  5. I know last spring there was an outbreak on a cruise ship that was headed to Antartica. The country that finally allowed them into port would not allow anyone off the ship until they had a negative test result. The passengers were forced to stay in their rooms for over a week. Many spouses cohabitating in the same berth (which if you have been on a cruise you know are small) had one positive and one negative after a week of exposure. In fact in several cases the spouse that tested positive died. There were a lot of deaths for a small cruise ship. Some articles on this were linked in thi
  6. Sorry, you are right, I will reask in the Asst Coach Forum
  7. Got an interesting offer I am mulling over, curious to everyone's thoughts Q/RR/WWW/T/K/D/F - 1 PPR Offered - Mike Evans and 2021 1st (probably back half) Give AJ Brown Seems like I would be getting a quality WR 1B at age 26 plus a 1st for AJ who I love but does he have that much more upside than Evans. AJ went off the last 5 weeks last year, but do we really trust Tenn to keep passing a lot and Tanny to continue to look like the next R Gannon. Obviously Brady will not be long term in TB, for that matter Evans may be moved in the next season or two. I used my 2021 2nd in
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