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  1. 127g protein 27g fiber 2660mg sodium goal is 2300mg... over but not too bad Ran a MAF 5k and lifted. Ate a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and still did pretty well on my calories and macros for the day. I'm improving on my lifts, doing everything super slow and in control with a weight I had been struggling with a little, so I'm definitely still making some newb gains while losing weight. I can comfortably do 3 sets of 15 reps at this weight but slowing it down like that I'm struggling with the last reps so I think I'll wait before moving up. One month to Easter. Loo
  2. My goal is 8.6 more pounds by Easter which is exactly 2lbs per week. Not sure how tall you are but at 5'10", 208.7 lbs would drop me from obese to overweight bmi so that's a big motivator for me.
  3. When I was in the boy scouts I thought that's what gorp was. I was shocked to find out that people ate just the bad parts. I was destined to be fat wasn't I
  4. This is the way imo. If you don't choose a weight where you say it's time to lose a few, your weight goes up until you finally say it's time to lose a lot. Look how many people in here just gained back 30 or 40 lbs after losing weight before. I gained back about 20 in a bout of planned holiday gluttony that I thoroughly enjoyed but it took me most of January and February to get back where I was. The trick is to catch it before it goes too far, and to get to the point where you can turn on the diet for a few, get things back in control and then resume maintenance. Happy for you that you've fo
  5. 104g protein 35g fiber Sodium a little high after pizza for dinner Stayed under calories @fred_1_15301Ran two miles at 7 minute mile pace... about a quarter mile at a time. Still, intervals are a thing, and that's how you get where you're going. Back to MAF pace for a while and then maybe I'll see what my fast 5k looks like.. will try another fast mile in a couple weeks maybe.
  6. One of the reasons I like noom and myfitnesspal is that monitoring your calories and learning healthy portion sizes and meal options gives you an idea of what sustainable maintenance looks like and also how to get back on track later. The problem with "diets" like nutrisystem and keto is that you eventually get to your goal weight, stop dieting and haven't learned those things so you go back to eating the way you did when you put on the weight in the first place. One thing that might help is to finish your nutrisystem meals like you planned, but also log the calories in myfitnesspal (wh
  7. 126 protein 31g fiber 1372,g sodium which is way under my 2300 goal, I've been bad recently so that was nice Stayed under calories Did a slightly longer MAF run, 3.5 miles instead of 3.1, and will continue to increase it 10 percent per week until i don't want to anymore. No goal just would be nice to have the option to run longer sometimes. They say that you should always weigh yourself at the same time every day if you bother weighing yourself at all, it's really about what you see in the mirror and how you feel and blah blah. I got off the treadmill, stepped on t
  8. Welcome to it. I started at 284.6 and there are a few others here who were higher than that. We're all working on the same thing and it's been great to have the accountability buddies in here keeping an eye on each other. Is your plan just to eat better? There's a few different options people are using these days, I use myfitnesspal which is a free app for calorie tracking and I would be happy to help you with it if you want. Some people here use noom, which is a paid app but comes with some additional features that are supposed to help you develop the long term habits. Some people hav
  9. One of the most helpful things I've heard on this board was from @Joe Bryantwhen he was getting fit, and he said he started to see food as fuel instead of entertainment during the week, and reserve the fun foods for the weekend. That was a really helpful insight.
  10. Nice to have eagan and rowtis back at it. I actually had a question for you two... When you guys do MAF on the rower how are you seeing your heart rate? Does the concept2 have a sensor or are you checking a separate hr monitor or ?
  11. Nope. I can't remember what my record is but I think it's around 7:30. I'm settling in at the 5k plus distance right now and will probably start increasing it a little so I can watch whole episodes of better call Saul. I'm finally watching it and it's living up to the hype so far. I want to get my aerobic fitness back up and increase my maximum distance and then get back to work on my 5k.
  12. Ran my MAF 5k a little extra slow today just for @FBG26. Did domd walking, yoga, lifting and push ups. Ate some takeout with my kid but stayed well under calories and had 130g protein and 26g fiber. Lots of water. Saw someone I hadn't seen in a while today and they said holy #### you lost a lot of weight, must be 50 lbs. It's 65 actually. And counting. Nine weeks down. 5 weeks to Easter.
  13. yoga with adriene total body yoga deep stretch 45 minutes of good deep stretching which i very much needed recently. I won't even complain about the misandry of the cow legs pose. 🐄 🦵
  14. Where's @General Malaisebeen? I'm not a Facebook guy so maybe everyone else knows what he's been up to
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