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  1. 121g protein 28g fiber 1895mg sodium Under calories, no alcohol, and getting my liver back in shape with my broccoli and cauliflower.
  2. Nice. I started back with plank pushups today. It's weird, they're harder than regular pushups, but I feel like I could get to 100 consecutive more easily because you aren't just using the same muscle groups the whole time so there's a little rest.
  3. Stayed under calories without exercise until a little cookie thing for dessert. Treadmill put me well into the green for the day. 26g fiber including some delicious roasted butternut squash and salmon, a slice of pizza and some chicken dumplings, but protein was low around 55g.
  4. Seems like a lot of people struggling with the night time willpower. I struggle with it too when I'm off the diet. I struggle a lot. I don't even want to post what I weigh right now. I also see people talking about being extra good during the day. That's not a coincidence. First off, forget being extra good. You can't really diet more today than usual. If you have a calories deficit of 1000 calories a day and today you have a deficit of 1200 or even 1500, it's barely noticeable. The important part is doing it every day, not doing extra good today. Second, being extra good makes you feel like you've accomplished something. And when you accomplish something, you reward yourself. So being extra good in the daytime makes you think you can be extra bad at night. (This is the same basic thing that derails a lot of diets - you burn off 7 pounds of water weight early on, you get proud of yourself, you commit extra extra hard, then it slows down to 1-2 lbs per week, you get bored with the slow progress but you're still excited about the 9 pounds you're down, and you reward yourself for losing almost ten pounds... then slip back into bad habits.) Third, make your decisions while you are in control. If your bad meal time is 8 to 10, then plan for that. If you suck at controlling your decisions at night, don't make your food decisions at night. Buy foods you can eat that you'll look forward to at night. Plan meals. Give yourself clear ways to stay in structure. Try planning a specific dinner. I have some chicken cordon bleu in the fridge, about 650 calories plus some vegetables thats going to be 750 or 800. So I need to keep myself to 700 calories at breakfast and lunch to stay under 1500, or do exercise. I'm looking forward to this dinner, so I can remind myself during the day that i'm going to have it, and having a big breakfast will derail that. Morning Fred makes much better decisions than night Fred so I can do that. Fourth, if you don't like to feel boxed in to eating something specific at dinner, give yourself a specific structure to choose your meals. Calories. Ww points. Grams of carbs. I have this much left and no more. I'm like this when I first get home from, grocery shopping- I have so many good things in the fridge and I want all the things right now. A day or two later it's easier because I have fewer options. Fifth, set goals. It's hard to commit to structure. This is where your goals come in. If it's ww points, then remind yourself that you have a goal of losing x pounds, you need to stick to your goal to get there, and you trust the process. If you stay within points you'll get to your goal. A lot of times, people set nebulous goals like i want to lose some weight, or set a specific goal with a specific deadline but no real plan to get there. The purpose of the plan isn't to imagine how great it would be to be back at your college weight on December 7th. The purpose is to give yourself accountability for those times you're struggling and need a reason to stay within points for the night. Specific goals help - I want to lose 15 lbs before my high school reunion - but it can also be I can't ####### wait to be done with dieting and if I screw up tonight this is going to take even longer. Whatever motivates you best. It might help to remember that if your goal is to eat 1000 calories below maintenance every day, and you eat 1000 calories above maintenance on Friday, you're going to have to diet two more days just go get back to where you were. Sixth, give yourself a ritual. At the end of the day, I click "complete diary" in myfitnesspal, and it says "if every day were like today then in 5 weeks you'd weigh x". It feels good to see that, and I look forward to that ritual. It might be posting here instead, and seeing 5 notifications from people who liked your post. Pick a routine that says I'm done for the day. It's much easier to do something than to not do something. Doing something is easy. You do it and it's done. Not doing something is hard because you can successfully not do it at 8:00, 8:01, 8:02, 8:03... and then you have to not do it again at 8:04. Having a routine that says I'm done means you can do that thing - post here, click that button, whatever- and then you have done the thing. Seventh, if all else fails, brush your teeth. It's harder to get excited about a glass of red when you just brushed.
  5. Coffee with milk, some salmon for lunch and fruit salad for a snack. Had a ton of calories left over with plans to cook something but I took my son to an in-person speech therapy appointment and he killed it then wanted to go to the new restaurant nearby. Turns out it's a craft beer place with tons of unique menu items. I have no idea how to count the calories but did a good faith estimate, and this morning I'd lost more water weight so whatever it was for calories, I wasn't too far off. Which is awesome because he was so excited. Went for a walk on the bike path together and threw rocks in the stream, he tried shoving leaves down the back of my shirt and just generally had a fun day playing with my kid. I'm so proud of the leaps he's making now. He's finally figuring out the social stuff and really becoming a fun sweet kid. Finished the day with yoga with adriene bedtime yoga. Might be a good one for you @krista4if you haven't tried it. Some good stretching but lower to the ground and not a sweaty strength builder, just a nice chill session with calm voice and none of her distractions or look at Benji. I think it was 22 minutes?
  6. Impersonating Robin Williams is like doing 15 different impressions. Amazing.
  7. Morning @Otis , everyone. Day two and I'm going with a new k cup this morning. Wegman light roast salted caramel. I usually put a little international delights and a little milk with my k cups but this is pretty good with just milk. I'm also switching back to coffee milk only at dunkin on the mornings I drive my kid to school. Shaving off calories where I can. A year ago I was still putting sugar in it even while dieting, so this represents real progress. Still sore from settling up the basement this weekend, especially my hamstrings. Will do some yoga during a break between meetings and i should take the day off from running because I'm still working my way back to it. Itโ€™s tough because I want the extra calories. Maybe I'll do a long walk instead.
  8. @eaganwildcatsstop lurking and join us we're getting the band back together. Saw your rowtis updates we need you
  9. 78g protein 25g fiber 1925mg sodium (vs 2300 goal) Stayed one calorie under. Protein is a little low but considering its my first day back and I didn't grocery shop yet it was pretty amazing actually. On my way to wegmans now to get some healthier stuff.
  10. All right @Otisgame on. If it goes in your mouth it goes in myfitnesspal. I'm easing into things today, getting sugar in my coffee at dunkin and half a bagel, but will probably switch back to milk only for the next few months.
  11. My dad had a stroke a couple weeks ago. I have been struggling too. Every stroke is different but it sounds like your dad is talking and regaining some mobility which is awesome. I slept in the hospital room with my dad for about a week while he was first recovering and he couldn't move his right shoulder, arm, anything. I saw him twitching his shoulder in his sleep and I took video, showed him the next day and he tried it and was able to do it. Now he's able to button his shirt. But he's still got aphasia so it's really hard for him to talk. He's saying a word or two at a time and gets frustrated. It sucks. Keep being there for him and if you want to talk let me know. You're a good egg and I'm rooting for you.
  12. Four months isn't that hard. The hard part is doing it through Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm planning on eating a little candy, nothing crazy. Will probably turn off myfitnesspal on Thanksgiving. I'm taking the week off for Christmas and I'll enjoy myself then get back on track. I'd like to be at my goals by spring, which leaves me some wiggle room this time.
  13. F yeah. Let's do this gb. I will be doing myfitnesspal again and I've proactively rid my home of alcohol and junk food this weekend so there won't be any temptations. I won't be watching carbs but will try to keep fiber and protein up. As usual, I'll count any calories burned from cardio towards my daily allotment because it rewards me for exercising, but I won't count weights. I have my basement gym about 90 percent done, and I'm on the treadmill walking in front of Monday night football as we speak. I'm sore from moving everything around and cleaning up down here but I've got my yoga mat, weight bench, kettlebell, treadmill, rower, even a trampoline. I'm bringing a desk down here so I can do some exercise between calls, and I've got a small play area for my kid because sometimes he wants to hang out while I run. I don't usually do cheat days but I'm going to this time for my birthday and Halloween are at the end of this month, Thanksgiving, and Christmas week. I'm planning to go at this for a few months because I was awful the last couple months but I've got most of it out of my system. I think the hard parts will be my kid wanting takeout and me saying no or having something else, and getting back off the booze. Neither should be a deal breaker but it's easier said than done. I like your plan. The shakes are gimmicky bull#### but you seem to thrive on structure like that. What's your plan re alcohol.
  14. Its Columbus Day weekend. Traditional last feast of autumn, until the next one on Halloween and also Thanksgiving. And veterans day obv.
  15. Eating and drinking like it's my last weekend on earth, but I'm putting in work in my basement getting my home gym ready for the next few months. No excuses
  16. I've been able to watch soccer since whoever that good guy soccer was, and I don't. I don't think its unreasonable to assume that there are Brits with a similar lack of awareness of the NFL who check it out each time there's a game.
  17. I don't root for injuries but man if younghoe got hurt and the Falcons scored a touchdown imagine how far down the bench they would go to find someone to kick instead of going for two
  18. They aren't there because they're good squirters, they're making sure the players actually drink so they don't cramp up
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