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  1. Approximate time line Musk says you can use bitcoin to buy tesla Btc goes way up Russian hackers attack colonial pipeline Us government successfully tracks transaction but does not announce it Musk starts selling bitcoin Musk announces not more bitcoin for tesla Btc drops hard China decides btc is bad and gets out I am definitely missing some steps here but I don't think that its a coincidence that China liked the anonymity or that Musk changed his mind when he did or as abruptly as he did, and now the average investor gets it in the can onc
  2. Thanks for saying that. Just knowing that people are keeping an eye on it keeps me honest, so I hope you realize I appreciate you taking the time to say this, too. There's definitely days where I could have wavered, and thought about reporting back to the thread and decided not to.
  3. 117g protein 33g fiber 1624mg sodium plus whatever I used from the salt shaker (probably went over) 90 min/8 mile MAF run on the treadmill, stayed well under calories and paid back all the calories I went over yesterday with interest. Back to the grind.
  4. I planned to do a short run today and try a long run tomorrow to test the ammonia thing. I haven't gotten it in some time after doing my 70 minute runs so let's see if it really kicks in around 80 to 90. Hopped on the treadmill for a short run and my kid joined me so I put on a new Disney movie. Then my wife came down and took him for a ride, and I decided to test the theory tonight. My last meal was about 6 hours before I ran, and I did 90 minutes. When I was done, I didn't smell a thing.
  5. From what I've read today it looks like yes it's burning amino acids, which basically means protein, but no it's not necessarily muscle because it also includes dietary protein.
  6. you're doing awesome dude I keep meaning to check out these down dog sessions you're talking about. Where do I go to find them?
  7. When my knees hurt from exercise it's sometimes referred pain from my quads. It feels like my knee, and nothing i do to my knee makes it feel better, so I believe it, but it ends up being my weak quad muscle pulling wrong and all the tendony stuff doesn't work right. Either way it's not a bad idea to get some rest, but don't worry yourself sick that your knees are going if you aren't actually having problems with your knee.
  8. https://www.runnersworld.com/health-injuries/a20788991/burning-protein-as-fuel/ According to this I'm burning protein (mostly dietary protein) because I'm out of carbs. So maybe that's not a good goal. Most of the stuff I've seen on the topic says its harmless but in my case it might not have been. When I was at my heaviest, I did get a couple gout flare-ups, and that's probably related - too much protein, not good at breaking it down fast enough, so I've got more urea (high protein/ammonia/pre-pee) in my blood, which builds up near the joints and crystallizes, causing the pain and
  9. I know you're fasted. I sprinted downhill yesterday and got my watch to say I was almost as fast as your average mile pace. But how ####### dare you challenge me on fat storage. Even if you really are good at it, just leave me with one ####### thing ok?
  10. You don't have as much fat to burn, and you take gu or whatever so your body doesn't need to burn fat. I am running specifically to burn fat so I need to remember not to take gu or drink gatorade or stop for a meatball sandwich midway through my long run so I don't screw up the fat burning benefits. But sweating ammonia is nasty. It gets in my nose so every breath is gross and it gets worse in the shower with the steam.
  11. It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow so maybe I'll do a shorter run today and then go slow tomorrow on my longer route and if I feel like I can keep going without walking then I'll try a turn that adds about a mile to the run. If I don't feel up to it, I'm not in a rush. I can always just save up my long runs for the treadmill and use it to watch a 90 minute movie. It's easier for me to stick to MAF pace (and not end up walking) when all i have to do is set a speed on the treadmill and watch tv so maybe that’s better anyways until I build up a base of 90 minute runs.
  12. Time to up my mileage then. Seems dumb for me to run 70 minutes when I'm so close to the magic number.
  13. 74g protein 38g fiber 2545mg sodium Went 358 calories over goal, which is not something I used to do. No alcohol or anything, just celebrated my mother in laws birthday after work and didn't get to run after. Could run now but my kid is asking me to put him to bed and that's not going to last forever. Will make it up later in the week.
  14. My current weight is about 216. My goal weight is 184.6 (an even 100 down from my starting weight in June 2019) by the end of October, and then if there's any gut left i hope to take it off by Easter after pausing for the holidays. Between weight loss and improving my speed that should mean I cut a minute plus off my time per mile. That sounds pretty crazy to me but I'd love to see it.
  15. Another fun thing i read - 90 minutes is about how long it takes for your body to burn off all its glycogen and easily stored energy and switch to burning mostly fat. Doing that once a week seems to train your system to get better at burning fat. So maybe I will start increasing my long run soon. I feel like my legs are now used to the 7 miles (although I do end up walking sometimes especially if it's really hot, so I don't think i've fully mastered it). I pretty routinely finish in about 64 to 80 minutes - 64 is my record, 69 or 70 if I don't slow down and walk, and 80 if I do. I
  16. 26.2 miles x 5 lbs x 1-2 seconds per mile is 131 to 262 seconds which is 2-4.5 minutes So it's pretty close to the same rate.
  17. Heard an interesting stat that losing a pound of weight usually improves your time by about 1 to 2 seconds per mile. Is that right? Anyone with similar experience?
  18. This is just "get off my lawn" with more steps
  19. 115g protein decent 15g fiber not great 1216mg sodium awesome Stayed around my calorie goal by swimming and going for a 7 mile run but also eating a ton. My wife got me an edible arrangement chocolate dipped fruit... mmm... high calorie fruit.... did some grilling and then I had two bottles of Guinness... nice day overall and got some quality time with the family. Checked my weight this morning and yesterday morning to see the damage... yesterday I was up almost 4 pounds from Friday after going well over maintenance calories.... today I was actually down .5 from Friday.
  20. Happy Father's day gb. Thinking of you and hope you are doing well.
  21. Had a nice Father's day dinner and some wine and some fun time with my wife. Not counting any of it in myfitnesspal tonight. Not sorry.
  22. Couch to 5k is the consensus program for people who are training up for their first time (or one of their first times) running a 5k. There are a few different programs sites and apps for c25k that are generally pretty good. And you're around where they start. If you want the simplest answer, though, do some walking and then mix in some jogging until you have a hard time talking conversationally. Then dial it back to a walk for a minute or two, until you're ready to jog again. The more you do that, the longer you should be able to go before you need to walk. Two years ago today I
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