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  1. Have fun losing your Championship..20 mph winds in Philly Tmrw night,with gusts up to 30 mph...
  2. You obviously haven't been playing this game long enough to think that Martin will get 60% of the touches... Teams deactivate healthy players all the time,not saying they will do that with Martin,they probably have him active,just to give Barber a breather.
  3. OK coach.... Their is no way Tampa gives Martin the ball that much,when Tampa has NOTHING to play for,and would like to see what they really have in Barber.Martin isn't going to be back next year. He'll be 29 next season. Most likely your either a sour Martin owner or didn't get Barber in any leagues.... I can guarantee Barber gets at least 15-18 touches,and Martin only comes off the bench to give Barber a breather.. Tampa has no reason to play Martin....I would bet anything Martin is lucky to get more than 5-7 touches.
  4. I'm starting Doctson for the same reason,in a game that if I win I'm in the play-offs. I have also Ju Ju(Who I want to start) and M Bryant,but would never get over it,if Doctson had a big game if he was on my bench with my opponent starting Cousins this week in a huge game.So Doctson it is... I have a feeling it's going to be a V Davis(make up game for last weeks clunker)and the Crowder show Tonight. I sure hope I'm wrong.... It's the last week I'd even consider starting Doctson. He won't be in my line-up if I make it to the play-offs. I'll be happy with 5 rec and 75 yards and a TD Tonight...if it's a 3 rec 40 yard type game,I'm doomed... Gooooooooooooo Doctson
  5. He'll get 2 rec for 20 yards Today or something like that. This is not the week to think of starting him,especially with cold and gusty winds in Cleveland.
  6. He wasn't selected 22nd overall for nothing. Did you watch any TCU games? Didn't think so...Doctson has incredible talent(much more talent than Pryor,Grant and this years wr BUST Crowder). Injuries have been Doctson's problem.It's hard to make plays and to get receptions when your injured and not on the field.. He's finally 100% healthy now. You snooze you lose...Have fun bidding most of your budget trying to get him when he finally does break out,or hope you have a high enough waiver priority to get him. There is nothing on the wire for WR's in most leagues at this point in the season.His upside is better than M Williams and several other wr's talked about on here. Now that Doctson is healthy,I can't wait to see what he can do. If he caught that last minute TD against KC,he would be on a lot more people's benches right now. It might not be this game against San Fran in which they probably won't have to throw much to win,but it will be in the next couple games he breaks out.. and the people that own him now will have the last laugh....
  7. THEY DON'T TRUST HIM WITH BALL SECURITY...That's why...Collins was over hyped.
  8. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy....I hate players getting hurt,but if their was one guy that had to break his ankle,and not feel bad for it's OBJ...
  9. If Gordan starts off slow and continues his low ypc,Ekeler will be a lot more involved.With the Chargers being o-4,they would probably like to see what they have in Ekeler by giving him more touches in what looks like another lost season..and maybe they rest Gordan to try and let his knee heal. Gordans knee will never be the same again(That microsurgery obviously was a failure.) . Good luck getting Ekeler cheap after this week. I have a feeling he will be A LOT more involved this week than people think..starting 0-4 will make a coach change a few things around to try and get the running game going.
  10. I would go with Garcon.His match up is much better. His targets are guaranteed and won't depend on game flow..
  11. If Collins fumbles again,say good bye to him at being the starter. He had the same problem in College,and he doesn't seem like he will be able to fix his fumbleitis.NO coach will put up with the fumbles no matter how good you run.Turnovers lose games,and no coach is willing to lose their job over making stupid decisions and keep playing a guy that turns the ball over once a game.. It's the reason Seattle let Collins go most likely. It's going to be a cluster F##k at RB,once Woodhead comes back in 5 weeks and that offense is worse then the Jets..
  12. It's deff his knee. He didn't look right at the end of the game last week either. They should let Gordan rest his knee for a week or 2,T!he Chargers are going nowhere fast. Why risk further injury. A player with an injury will change the way he runs,and can end up hurting something other than his original injury...I'm picking up Ekeler(He's looked pretty good) in a couple leagues.B Oliver is not the same rb he was before his injury either(and he wasn't that good to begin with),So I don't believe he's the backup for Gordan if he went down.If Gordan keeps running with his knee issue,changing his running style compensating for his hurting knee,he will be the next IR casualty before you know it. We have deep benches,21 man rosters,with 1 IR spot,so their isn't much out there.I think Ekeler is a good bench stash and you can probably get him for free this week.
  13. I've been playing since 92 or 93...I'm not rubbing anything in...I was just making a statement about the Fantasy Gods,bc I learned long ago,even if I have a good team,I don't say a thing about my teams,until a Championship is won..Then I talk about my team,bc by then the Fantasy Gods can't do a thing about it....I'm going to lose this week most likely in my big money league bc Jones got knocked out with his hip pointer....Those are the breaks of playing this GAME.....
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