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  1. 10 team, 2QB, .5 PPR league (roster below). A team is offering Hunt, Diggs, Carr for Jones and Brown. (2-3) Roster: QB - Lance, Garoppolo, Darnold, Tagovialoa (IR); RB - Aaron Jones, Darrell Henderson, Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison, A.J. Dillon; WR - D.J. Moore, Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown, Jerry Jeudy; TE - Noah Fant; K - Zuerlein; DEF - Denver, LA Rams Their team (0-5) is: QB: Rodgers, Tannehill, Carr, Brussels, Mills WR: Diggs, Marquise Brown, Shepard, Michael Thomas RB: McCaffrey, Hunt, Robinson, Booker TE: Dawson Knox, Logan Thomas K: Folk; DEF: Pittsburgh, Indianapolis Would you make this move or offer a different counter? Tried to ask for Robinson instead of Hunt but no deal. (Keep in mind my plan is to flip Carr and Hunt to a very QB needy owner for Ekeler).
  2. I like Robinson since they're making more of a concerted effort to let the running game dictate their offense instead of putting it all on Lawrence. The Titans are not great defensively. https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/800792-roster-assessment/
  3. Sitting at 2-2 in my league (10 team, 2 QB, .5 PPR league) Roster: QB - Lance, Garoppolo, Darnold, Tagovialoa (IR); RB - Aaron Jones, Darrell Henderson, Chase Edmonds, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison; WR - D.J. Moore, Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown, Allen Robinson; TE - Noah Fant; K - Zuerlein; DEF - Denver, LA Rams Any adjustments or moves I should make to upgrade my roster. TE, I'd like to make a move for Mark Andrews but feel like my depth is pretty strong elsewhere. Here's hoping Lance lights it up though. Almost considered selling just because of his upside and that he still might not play after their bye as starter.
  4. Still in search of a QB and that's more paramount because we start 2 QBs in this league. I had a team offer Derek Carr and D.J. Chark for Trevor Lawrence and Jonathan Taylor. I'm not going to accept but was going to counter with Derek Carr and Kareem Hunt for Lawrence and Taylor. My other RBs are D'Andre Swift and Aaron Jones, along with Myles Gaskin and Tony Pollard.
  5. Play in a 10-team, 2 QB, .5 PPR league. Roster is: QB - Trevor Lawrence, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, Tua Tagovailoa (IR) RB - Jonathan Taylor, Aaron Jones, Myles Gaskin, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison WR - Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown, D.J. Moore, Rondale Moore TE - T.J. Hockenson, Noah Fant DEF - Denver K - Greg Zuerlein Headed to 1-2 after this weekend's games. Even with average production from my QB position, I'd be 3-0 but my QBs don't have a ceiling and are killing me with turnovers, low yardage, etc. So I think I need to make a move. I traded away Hockenson and will be getting D'Andre Swift in return. Trying to go after some stronger QBs in Carr, Darnold, and "maybe" Fields but his outing yesterday did not give me confidence. Considering moving Lawrence/Taylor for an RB/QB combo. Thoughts? I'm more inclined to hang on to A.J. Brown and also not knowing how serious his injury is.
  6. I'd keep this pretty simple. Hurts and Fields give you the most upside at the position and their running upside can negate any turnovers typically that they have. They also essentially are goalline options for their respective teams as well. I think if you keep 3 QBs, Carr gives you the safer floor than Tannehill just because you'll see more passing volume from him than Tannehill.
  7. We can start two TEs if you want to start one in your flex position but I have better options for that. I'm trying to find a deal to the guy with Hurts, Mahomes, and Fields. He has Mark Andrews at TE but he is under performing. He is looking for some RB3 help behind Mixon and Najee Harris, but he's otherwise pretty set.
  8. Playing in a 10-team, .5 PPR, 2 QB league. My roster: QB - Trevor Lawrence, Jimmy Garoppolo, Trey Lance, Tua Tagovailoa (IR spot); RB - Aaron Jones, Jonathan Taylor, Myles Gaskin, Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison; WR - A.J. Brown, Justin Jefferson, D.J. Moore, Rondale Moore; TE - T.J. Hockenson, Noah Fant; K - Greg Zuerlein; DEF - Denver With TE such a scarce position, looking at moving one of my TEs so I can upgrade at QB. One team offered Joe Burrow and Chase Edmonds for Trevor Lawrence and T.J. Hockenson. Do I take it? Seem to be scared away by upside of Hockenson vs. Fant. And is Burrow that much better than Lawrence?
  9. I think he's going to offer Jones and his 5.8 for my 5.2 and Jackson or Shenault.
  10. I understand that. That's his call. I could see him keeping Woods rather than Watson, or at least that's what I would do if I were him.
  11. Can you expand a bit more on "that would work"? LOL.
  12. Yeah, the QB scenario is interesting. The only QBs that will be kept are Mahomes, Josh Allen, and "maybe" Deshaun Watson but I doubt it. QBs will start going in the 8th round usually. Guys like Rodgers, Brady, Dak will be available. I like the idea of if I don't keep Lamar, that I draft guys like Hurts, Prescott, and draft a guy like Justin Fields in the later rounds as a potential QB stash down the road a la Patrick Mahomes. If I traded away the 5.2, the 5th rounders would be 5.8 and 5.10. Unfortunately the owner needs at least one 5 because he'll have at least 5, if not 6 keepers. His roster is Watson (QB), Kamara, Aaron Jones, A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Irv Smith, Jonathan Taylor, Robert Woods, and two more guys that won't matter. If I were able to trade him my 5.2, for his 5.10 and one of his RBs, I would not keep Jackson, just keep 5 and wouldn't get a pick in that 5th round because I would keep 5 (Swift, Jones, Golladay, Ridley, Moore) and that would be a pretty good solid foundation to build my team from this year.
  13. Okay. I moved Ronald Jones and Beckham, Jr. for Kenny Golladay. I have 5 potential keepers in Lamar Jackson, D.J. Moore, D'Andre Swift, Calvin Ridley, and Kenny Golladay. One thought would be to just keep 4 so that I can draft in the "first round". I'm also considering trading away the 2nd pick for two lower 5th round picks, then I can keep 5 and still pick someone in that first round (or keep 4 and draft two in the first round). I see your thinking regarding drafting best player available.
  14. I understand. I will do the combined draft board after keeper picks are due on July 12th because I can see who all is available, which is before our draft at the end of that month. At the moment, I'm trying to set myself up for the draft and my keepers. I did get an offer of Josh Jacobs for Calvin Ridley. That would put me at Jacobs, Swift, Moore, OBJ as my keepers. Because I want to try and win now (I really think I'm a year away), I see your point but I also want to build a roster for some longevity so that I'm not completely tearing down and rebuilding year after year and have some foundational pieces to construct my roster around (which I know is like a moving target). That puts together a lineup that can win now and then I can work through the draft but I would still be remiss to let a Chase or an Etienne pass me by.
  15. Running backs are few and far between. Essentially, the first 4 rounds of keepers are 48 players and many are running backs. I can't wait to see what will be there because our keeper deadline is 2 weeks before the draft. So it's hard to project when people don't pick their keepers early. I did get an offer of me sending Ridley for Josh Jacobs. But feel hesitant about that offer. That leaves me with Moore, OBJ at WR, and Swift and Jacobs at RB. I'd feel good about drafting Chase or Etienne with the 2nd pick in the draft. Their upside will be better than most that's left.
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