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  1. Its unlikely you draft anyone that cracks your starting lineup, I'd make the deal!
  2. I did the same, I love Herndon's potential!
  3. Anyone still holding onto Brown if you aren't a Gurley owner?
  4. I'm rolling Chubb/Kerryon at RB this week, but considering benching Juju for Gurley at Flex.
  5. Waldman's stuff made a lot of sense. If McVay is serious about getting Gurley going and they go away from pounding outside zone into the strength of the defensive looks they are facing, like their scheme corrections in the 2nd half Sunday night, it will be interesting to see what happens. I'm rolling w/ Gurley in my flex this week to see what happens against Tampa.
  6. It's hard for RBs to get check down work when the QB is more apt to just tuck it and run.
  7. On 19 attempts, Rudolph targeted Washington once. Juju and VMac will get blanketed with targets.
  8. Washington had more targets from Ben on Sunday than he did from Mason. Mason targeted him 1 time in 19 attempts. Ben targeted Washington 2 times in 15 attempts. I'm not sold on Washington being anything more than a preseason all star. Mason will go through his progressions and throw to who is open on his reads, Juju should do great with him on deep and underneath routes.
  9. It depends on the rest of your roster. If you can manage to do well w/ what you have until week 10 I'd rather have him than Brown. Jackson is interesting because he could get work in a 50/50 or 60/40 split right away. Keeping Hunt w/ a last or second to last round pick next year is very interesting though. I have him as a minimum keeper cost in my auction keeper league, he'll cost me 1/20th of my budget next year to keep if I can weather the storm of him not being available for 10 weeks. I'll likely end up trading him though.
  10. Hunt got dropped in my keeper/auction league and I got him for $3. If I can afford to stash him all year I’ll have him for a minimum keeper cost next year.
  11. Most plodder's don't run 4.45 at their Pro Day's coming out.
  12. This season and next are the only big dead cap hits left
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