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  1. They are gonna keep Sankey - aren't they BRI?
  2. I got my free $200 and loaded the entire amount into Fanduel. My wife is none the wiser.... For those snobs that didn't want to cancel - YOU LOSE, It pays to ##### unfortunanty - TV is such a commodity and they overcharge the people that they can and give great deals to those who shop/#####. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  3. Loser talk- He doesn't know our routes - lets trade him... Winner talk - we can do great things with this guy - even if he doesn't know what E=MC squared means... The Titans are foolish!!!
  4. He was the 1.1 in dynasty for a reason 2 years ago...
  5. Bortles and Carr?? you play in 2 Qb leagues?? Hill has won me several championships... And now Freeman has Tevin Coleman... They also have Julio, just drafted Autin Hooper, signed Sanu... Is Freeman now roster poison based on your previous definition? RBBC IS EVERYWHERE!
  6. This quote by a wise poster seems spot on... Hill has a great NFL body and ran like a beast at LSU. I always trust my gut on talent and Hill looks ungodly talented to me. I generally throw situation out the window in dynasty, and just take the most talented player. Talk all you want about situation. The coach/OC will get the ball in the hands of talented players. Almost every team has RBBC (every team will employ RBBC next year with the addition of another deep RB class) so to me RBBC does not matter. Jeremy Hill looks like a true pro... I took him at 1.07 in a non-RB PPR league. He is going to gobble up yards and TDs...
  7. Not sure that was coo-coo... Here you are/were wrong...
  8. He has been a very good back - your roster poison comment was DFW... Now I'm going to look for your specific quotes...
  9. Keep in mind bostonfred called Jeremy Hill Roster Poison and said that Hill should not be a 1st round rookie pick in 2014. Hill went on to win me several championships that year and was an absolute stud down the stretch. Roster Poison my ***
  10. I took him in dynasty last year and I'm hopeful - but I've made other plans... Anything he gives me is gravy... I have zero confidence in his health, but still like his potential...
  11. HERE IS ONE OPINION... Hill looks good in the preseason!!! The Cincinnati Enquirer's Paul Dehner Jr. believes Jeremy Hill is "going to have a huge year." Dehner also said he expects Hill to record more yards from scrimmage than Gio Bernard. Coming off a disappointing sophomore effort, Hill has looked excellent so far this preseason. He is a nice value in the fourth round. Source: Paul Dehner Jr. on Twitter Aug 23 - 12:46 PM
  12. He is a stud and has and will be the preferred option to lean on. When you NEED a good shot in golf you use your favorite "go to" club. Jeremy Hill is that favorite "go to" club for the Bengals.
  13. I bet they go and get Bishop Sankey...
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