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  1. You can make that assessment in less than half of a game? I wasn’t watching but 4.7 ypc and 10 targets are better numbers than most starting RBs I’ve seen of late. Fantasy team owners will pay a pretty price for what looks to be 15-20 points per game on average Tough season for running backs and we are only just into week three. why would you overwork you’re all world running back? Seems like some poor decisions made by coaching staff through the first 2 1/2 games.
  2. For anyone curious to see how much FAAB it might take to get popular adds: Based on 1000 BB spending:/ PPR SF Redraft E Mitchell 910 Kirk 302 L Murray 250 T Heinecke 188 Hyde 123 Rountree 120 V Jefferson 112 Saints D 62 Cards D 50 Ingram 40 Patrick not claimed
  3. Thanks for posting. I agree he really seems to have explosion getting through the hole with good vision. Also liked that he rarely went down after first contact. Seems to have some decent wiggle. Damnit I’m trying to get off this guy but I really like what I see.
  4. That likely won’t be close. Especially with sharps like Pat Fitzmaurice suggesting using 60% of FAAB. I really wanted to avoid this but I’m being sucked in as well.
  5. Desperately Seeking 2020 James Robinson 50-100 % E Mitchell Seems like I should’ve known. He feels special to me. Shanahan could care less about draft capital. He obviously loves EM. He is also just as tough as Bill Belichick to figure out. Boom or bust here If you can stomach swinging for the fences, this is your boy. For risk averse the following all worth 7-15% Tim Patrick Tony Jones Jr Winston (obv worth double-triple in SF) Ingram Marshall Moore Kirk Week 2 Streaming Defenses: Saints Pack Safe bets: Any defense team facing Texans, Jets, Lions, Jags (until things start slowing down for Lawrence) Deep Benches: WR KJ Osborn
  6. Jeudy: I see T Patrick as your best ROI. Must add ! Gallup: Ced Wilson in Dallas until Gallup returns. Disappointing for Gallup as he looked like a future WR 1 in 1H vs TAM. Was getting targeted just as much as Lamb & Coop before injury. Mostert: E L I
  7. Yeah as I was typing it all out I felt like I answered my own question. Yes 12 teams. I pretty much listed the key players above. Not a lot of depth. However shorter benches in this league. Thankd for feedback.
  8. Dynasty start 1 qb .5 PPR Lost Dobbins. He is one of my 2 starting RB w/ Mixon Likely a deep playoff run with a healthy Dobbins, but now a fringe playoff team Was offered Gaskins, Tyson Williams (BAL), Mattison, & Pittman for my Shenault, Ssmuel, 2022 Mid/Late 1st if I accept this trade it would give me a starting lineup of : QB -Prescott! pr Murray RB - Mixon, Gaskins, Ty Williams Bench- Chuba, Mattison, Darrel Williams IR -Dobbins WR - Lamb, Golladay , & choice of Hardman, T Marshall, Pringle, Kirk TE- Waller Future Rookie picks - early 2022 1st, late 2022 3rd Sit tight and wait for Dobbins to return in 22 and build back up with 2 early 1st rd rookie picks? Thus keeping Shenault, Samuel OR Gamble trying to win now as seen above? It’s also a gamble knowing that Miami could very well be through with Gaskins next offseason and look to upgrade at RB, Dobbins + Gus Bus will likely resume their roles as the 1,2 punch in the BAL . Not to mention I’m super high on Shenault. it looks like the smart play would be to stay patient, protect my assets and continue what looks to be a promising build into next year I seem to have answered my own question but still like getting opinions here. 🔥 away ! Thanks
  9. Agreed. Nice work. For anyone interested on where Stevenson went, I got him with the 2.03 (14 team lg) in my dynasty rookie 1QB draft this past Tuesday and angered the owner picking after me claiming a snipe at 2.04 https://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=19125&O=17
  10. Updated : Need (2) more owners to begin draft on Sleeper. Commissioner seeking owners that are looking for a long-term commitment. *12 Teams * SF *LeagueSafe *Roster max: 30 *.5 ppr *TE premium *Best Ball For full league scoring + details https://sleeper.app/i/z35JeKq7V3jL DM league commissioner @fantastaball on Sleeper should you join or if you have any questions. *updated
  11. Situation resolved.
  12. Need just 1 to fill and begin draft. Come and get it if you enjoy best ball.
  13. One team opening remaining. https://sleeper.app/i/LjZgj1RdOk4O Reserve your team then contact Joe to confirm. Draft begins as soon as 12th and final spot filled.
  14. Just curious to how many find that the FBG Trade Value app to be a valuable tool in determining trade value? Example: the app is showing WR Godwin has a trade value of 24 and that an early Rookie pack is worth 22. In this particular situation all things being considered equal would you consider giving up a 2022 early first for Godwin this year? Would you consider giving up a mid or late first? responses appreciated.
  15. Appreciated guys. Well that’s three votes for not blowing this up, so I will continue going BPA this draft and with three 1st round draft picks next year maybe I can reach the mountaintop.
  16. Bump Info updated. any other opinions appreciated. I am truly 50-50 on rebuild or blow up. Just one of those orphaned teams that you think you can fix but it’s been one step forward and then I step back .
  17. League details: 14 teams/.5 PPR, 1QB Starters: 8 QB: 1/ RB: 2-3/ WR: 3-4/ TE: 1-2 Orphaned team I took over 3 years ago. Blew it up when I took over and now I’m considering another demolition job. I have added a few good pieces in 3 years. Future draft assets: 2021: Rookie Draft upcoming mid August (3 weeks). I have the 1.07, 2.03, 3.03, 4.03 2022: (3) 2022 Rookie 1sts + 3rd rounder 2023 : Full compliment of rookie picks rounds 1-4 Roster pieces that hold any significant value: QB: Prescott, Goff RB: C Akers, J White, McKissick, D Evans, Dallas WR: Godwin, Jefferson, Kirk, C Sims TE: (crickets) Is this salvageable or is this something I should blow up once more and hit restart? Swing away. TIA
  18. Looking for long term, committed, active owners. This is a 12 team best ball dynasty league, meaning the optimal lineup is started at the end of each week. However, you are still able to make trades and add/drops. The only best ball feature is the scoring. League will be ran on Sleeper. $50 buy in. 1st place is $400 and 2nd place is $200. Will use leaguesafe to collect and distribute winnings. You can make trades 2 years into the future. So for this current season you can trade your 2022 and 2023 picks. 3 round rookie draft held every offseason. Rookie draft will be a slow draft held on a date TBD each year after the NFL draft. Rookies will be included in the start up draft that will be a slow draft that begins the first week in August. Questions and/or to receive a league invite you can contact me at jyaniscavich@yahoo.com Look forward to hearing from you. Commissioner Joe
  19. Received this offer last night : Dynasty 1QB, .5 ppr Akers, Cam LAR RB Year 2022 Round 2 Draft Pick for Year 2021 Draft Pick 1.07 Initial thought : hard pass Do I want a (generous) 75% Akers in 2022 or a 100% Waddle, D Williams, or possibly E Moore now?
  20. Scoring/Settings: https://www58.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=31836&O=26 email Chris to reserve last remaining team: cfnelson72@gmail.com
  21. I believe that if I was asking for a draft pick in return on the back end, no matter how much further back, it would hurt the chances of me getting the trade done. I also just don’t see the value of getting a draft pick back even if it’s 10 rounds later. The chance of that pick connecting would be slim and none and slim just left the building. If you can’t make the trades at each juncture, the strategy falls flat. I am just fine giving up the 2 for 1s as long as I am “kicking the can back” to the next round with the scheduled trade. It wasn’t easy to commit 100% to all of this, but I wanted to try this as it is drawn up by the strategist in his “Art of Trading Up” strategy video. This is a 100% no half measures strategy. In fact when I wasn’t able to get trade #1 completed I considered scrapping the whole experiment. This team would have been that much better if I had been able to trade up into the late 1st/ early 2nd round with my 3rd & 5th packaged. We just have a difference of opinion. Finley is an elite WR, but he just doesn’t hold near the value of a Burrow in SF leagues, IMO.
  22. I won’t argue with this logic, in fact if you look back on the earlier posts around June 20-21 of this thread, I agreed with biabreakable that this strategy could best be used by drafting proven players in a full blown/win now attack draft style. However, I just could not help myself ftom drafting some of my favorite rookies and 2nd year players like JT, Lance, Lamb, Waddle, and Shenault. Something about drafting in these types of leagues that makes drafting youth just feel right, makes it feel like you are building with a purpose, while drafting like this was my dad’s redraft league of 20 years ago, just feels not so sexy. HA! My next attempt at this I’m gong to TRY and stay away from so much drafting of rookies/youth and see how it turns out. Then again, the dynasty purist in me may just take over again. Thanks for the input.
  23. Well I am ok trading away and getting nothing back after say round 9. I think you may agree that after round 9, you start seeing names that will end up on the waiver wire. I certainly am not worried about what I’m missing out on in rounds 20+. Watch the video and follow the host’s logic on “kicking the can” back another round. The diagrams make it easier to follow. If you are able to make the suggested trades with this strategy you lose out on your 6th round pick. If you are ok trading a future rookie 1st, you can get a 6th or 7th round pick in return. I would like to touch upon a couple of comments you mentioned, you claim that I paid a premium to trade up, I know that every trade was at -1% to -5% at the most. Hardly a premium, I see giving up a small % as a mere courtesy for accepting my trade offers . Next, you and I have very different opinions in player value when it comes to dynasty SF. SF means you can start a 2nd QB each week. I think most people that play in these leagues would be 🙂 with landing Lance and Burrow as their QB 1 & 2. Some might be over the moon. Cmon do you truly believe I got “smoked” in this trade: We The North gave up Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QB; Ridley, Calvin ATL WR POOPSLINGER gave up Burrow, Joe CIN QB; Year 2021 Draft Pick 11.02; Year 2021 Draft Pick 12.11 If you still say YES, then YIKES. You are fully entitled to your opinion though. I think the majority would disagree with that opinion though. I would be willing to bet that if you plugged in the startup dynasty SF ADP of the players in this trade along with overall draft picks 122 and 143 (11.02 and 12.11) into a trade calculator I am willing to bet I got an approximate +15% return on this trade alone. I don’t think trade calculators are the be-all, end all authority in determining the outcome of a trade, but I think it gives you a fair gauge. At the end of the day, I think think this team I put together will go as well as Lance goes. If Lance develops into what many football minds far brighter than mine believe he can be as a starting NFL quarterback, I should be ok if I stay active on the waiver wire and hit on more prospective trades than miss. Should be fun.
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