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  1. Thank you, Hard Knocks... Hadn't heard much about Waller before this season aired, and the spotlight allowed me to grab him late in a startup dyno. Needless to say the returns have been fantastic. Carr gets skittish early which makes Waller often his first and only look. Waller is smooth, but plays with a bit less toughness than say a Kittle, or even Kelce, but, he has sneaky long speed that helps him get past DB's for long gains. He is, and may be, the Raiders main weapon for the foreseeable future.
  2. Voted for Najee in a few of these polls - just wondering if this consensus is becoming part of the echo chamber, and may not necessarily be the best choice. I have, as others noted, that he seems to get blown up more than I'd like to see for a big man.. The Steeler line doesn't worry me as much as their future QB situation, but the usage should be there short term. Chase is another less than perfect prospect with a smaller WR profile, and some concerns based on overall production and honestly, just taking a year off.. 1.01 is not a slam dunk this year.
  3. The first rule of Fight Club... Good call though. Did details ever come out about what was given to move up for Moehrig?
  4. He's just so G.D. skinny! Its gotta make you worry...
  5. Thanks for the insight.. in just watching some of Johnsons tape this year, he just seems to pass the eye test when it comes to being an effective mid level receiver. As far as Bateman goes, unfortunately he will be tossed into the 2020 evaluation salad that many will be. Bad year to be evaluated by an evaluator.
  6. Hardman has all the talent and opportunity in the world, but for whatever reason can't seem to get any traction in this offense. Even when Hill was out, he was outplayed by Watkins/Robinson. Hopefully he can start to earn the trust of Mahomes soon, otherwise his chance to bloom is getting shorter and shorter..
  7. Was Tyler Johnson the better Gophers receiver all along? Thanks Z for providing the topic. Ton of great information in here.. p.s. Is there any way to hide your posts so none of my league mates see it? Always appreciated..
  8. The trajectory for this dude just a year ago was astronomical.. all signs pointed to success and progression. Cue, losing your entire offensive line, and any sense of capable receiving corps, and you can expect struggles. The unforced errors.. and errant throws - granted, which were likely all part of his repertoire prior to this S-show of a season are square on his shoulders. I'm not giving up yet, but he needs to show more. Sad, really.
  9. As a current owner, I'd like to hope there is something there to buy low on.. Edwards had a great opportunity this year before getting injured to cement himself in the lineup. After all is said and done, its going to be tough considering how infrequently Carr targets his wideouts anyway. Passed on Higgins and Mims to draft him too..
  10. Does this mean I will actually have to interact with my family on Thanksgiving now?
  11. I get that Covid is a serious deal, but to strip a team of its ability to remain competitive in the narrow margins of the NFL is extremely heavy handed, and in excess of what the punishment should be in my opinion. The Raiders will already be without the services of one of the most important pieces of their offense due to his disregard for personal responsibility - punishment enough, but to add this is just another example of the inconsistent and arbitrary decisions levied by Goodell over the past few years. It's not like the Raiders were caught filming their opponent's practice before the S
  12. I actually thought he was in (white stripe/white shoe/green in between). Regardless, if you look at the tenor of most officials lately, they will call a TD good well knowing that a review is pending.. Ruggs is young and he'll learn, but, he's gotta give it up there and faceplant for the TD. Maybe if he spends a few minutes with Renfrow, he can figure out how to get that second foot down..
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