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  1. I get that.... but name me a high powered offense that cant support a 3rd offensive option?
  2. To those that say Balt cant support 2 wrs I think given there rbs are pretty much non existant I dont see why not.
  3. They play Denver this week so temper your 1 week expectations.
  4. if it helps any trades ARE good in the league up until kickoff of the plaers involved
  5. So zach ertz question....so ertz got traded this week. He already has points scored this week. on team A sunday morning teams A and B make a trade ertz for tonyan. Is this a legal trade or not. I contend that you cant make a trade like that because team A team is 1 player over the roster limit.... thoughts?
  6. I should have said this year... he started injured and didnt do anything the first 3 weeks..... Week 4 he was literally the only man standing....by week 5 he was re-injured.... then Toney shows up. Put it this way...I dropped him for St Brown Det this week. He doesnt have any budding superstars and other good players around him.
  7. yes...I will be generous and say 3.... signed an owner who finally dropped him.
  8. I think you are shortchanging Heineke. IF mclauren plays I expect him to have a good day sunday. Last week he had a bad week. but he has more poiunts in my league than either Darnold or Tannehill..... At this point I would rather have Heinicke over either of those qbs.
  9. Goladay is always hurt and may just fade into the background with so many mouths to feed I would probably go moore as #2 Its tempting to drop carson instead of moore because who knows if he will be healthy the rest of the year..... if you think you have enough rbs to do ok without carson maybe drop him instead of moore.
  10. in my league Denver is the # 7 team playing the raiders who give up the 24th most points defense... Cincy is ranked #20 playing the 28th most at giving away points. Denver is my pick here.
  11. Yikes you have some good choices. Hollywood and I hope you started Brown.
  12. Thats pretty standard isnt it? I mean if you were allowed to pick up someone without dropping a plsyer you would be over the roster limit. Placing him on the IR right away isnt a reason to violate the roster number rule.
  13. Ive always wondered if anybody in my local league uses FBG but Ive seen no evidence of it at the draft
  14. Very very nice team when they all heal up. Personally I would go hunt and herbert ....jefferson toney and sanders.... with locket at the flex.
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