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  1. I think McKissick is fools gold and touchdown dependent. I would go with the rooky in Chicago, He looked good last week and it wouldnt surprise me if he is the one to own in chi till montgomery ges beck,
  2. I go Toney if Jones plays Otherwise Pittman. As s Boyd owner he is relegated to 3rd wr seldom does a team have 3 wrs score enough points to be relavent . Hate to say it but Boyd is hesrly droppable with another bad week.
  3. I see this one differently. I dont see any way you leave Sanders out of your lineup. he doesnt get a Ton of targets but he has been extremely efficient..] in my 1/2 point ppr league Sanders is wr 17 and over the last 3 games is wr 10. IF Jones starts I would go toney. He is an incredible player with a bright future. If no Jones then I go Sutton . IF YOU feel like you are playing a lesser team I thonk williams has a high floor so I would start him... So for me it is Sanders for sure and either toney or williams..... Sorry but AJ has to how me something before I start him since he has ,other good choices.
  4. Major props to the effort to help people Chaka. I used to talk to as many as 5 people Sunday morning in my main league and I gave them my best guess at who they should start . I also had a rule that when the playoffs start all advice giving was over,
  5. I like Moss ans Jacobs....Jacobs has gotten some action catching the ball so if its ppr that might weigh in tot he decision'
  6. This is clearly a very small league or one full of people really bad at the WW. To have no other bidders for Toney blows my mind....
  7. I had to look through my rosters to try and figure out who this alphabet soup plaer even is (without success)
  8. Hopefully thats all it was...anouncers saying head and NECK injury.... concussed players arent usually carted off.
  9. didnt look any worse for the wear on that long Chase TD reception.
  10. I like Tenn vs a Jax team in a mess with a rookie qb that tends to throw interceptions.
  11. Mine ended up being off as well..... Thad dud game by Matt Ryan never materialized.
  12. Well Mike Perrier got this one wrong so dont feel bad.
  13. For those that didnt see it, who knew this was legal: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/seahawks-double-punt-rule/1515zabeb2bo4199qjriznvz8e?fbclid=IwAR3VnXekHkzLvHgwiWjDRXY-hFKc-9SYY06j9nnpEJoiLmkyjLOkNgLUrJE My question is how is your league handling this one if you get a point for a blocked kick? First Rtsports awarded me a point for a blocked kick then a few minutes later it was gone.
  14. Geno Smith in at QB..... Russ on the sidelines trying to figure out whether he can come back in or not.
  15. Back to the WW ...I am overbidding for Perine because, as a Mixon owner with sketchy depth he is more valuable to me than anybody else. He would, unfortunately, become an instant starter for me.
  16. Makes some sense now. I did say depending on league setup. Im in a league where 8 teams make the playoffs too with 10 starters/18 roster. I drafted Michael Thomas full well knowing he may miss half the season or more. It would probably be FF suicide if I had made that same move in my 12 team/15 roster spots with 4 teams making the playoffs league. The other reason I said depending on league setup is because of divisions... if you were in a normal 12 team/4 playoff spots league and your division had a 4-0 team, and a 3-1 team sitting at 1-3 you are in some trouble (even with the extra game this year) if it were 2-2 with 3 1-3 teams being one of the 1-3 teams is not so bad. Keep in mind any player is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for them. I joined my first Auction league this year and was APALLED at what these idiots were willing to spend. I get near the end of the draft with what I think were some steals of the draft only to end up with 15/200 bidding dollars left watching the rest of the league get players at the end for a buck that were equivalent to the players I had spent 3 or 4 bucks for. My roster ended up rated 9 out of 12 teams lol... just food for thought.
  17. At 1-3 you probably need some serious help depending on the league setup and number of teams to make the playoffs ... sounds like you may want to think about being one of those teams that run out of FAB by mid season before its too late.
  18. Nothing wrong with that decision.....NOBODY could have predicted what Patterson did.
  19. Bridgewater repeatedly roughed up....now out for the game.... might be a concussion.
  20. As a Sermon owner I started him against a horrible Seattle run defense. If he doesnt show signs of life this week I will be hard pressed to give him another start any time soon.
  21. I looked at a bunch of these this week and will try to look at them all going forward.....I dont see any reason to reinvent the wheel though so if someone gives a well thought answer that I agree with I will just use the like button.... If I disagree seems like thats the real time to respond. People are free to do what they want but it will keep the thread less cluttered if people decide to do the same....
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