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  1. reminds me of Forrest Sawyer in the Vinnick- Santos Presidential debate.
  2. Gore should have never conceeded the first time and whowever convinced him to was an idiot. Im sure Nixon wanted to fight in the beginning but when your own party comes to you and tells you its over.....there really wasnt a decision and it would have been a PARTY crisis not a constitutional crisis.
  3. That wasnt the point at all and If you think that I think you massively underestimate the harm Trump and his rhetoric did and continues to do to our country. Gore realized what harm it would do and ended up conceding once the court procedure played out.
  4. Oh I dont disagree.....BUT the whole point of the article was (or at least what I took from it) was that people on both sides believe things that arent true......using a question about 9/11 and attatching to it something a pollster should already know will skew the results isnt a fair example. If the question was simply "did the US know ahead of time about the attacks on 9/11 and did nothing abouty it" it removes the Iraq war bias from the question. The answer to THAT question would be useful for the purposes of the article. I dont think comparing the 2000 election that was very very
  5. Well the digging I did found this from 2006: https://news.gallup.com/poll/24760/republicans-democrats-disagree-iraq-war-support-troops.aspx If accurate only 12% of democrats had any favorable opinion of the Iraq war..... when the question starts with a 88% bias loaded into it it HAS to inflate the number of people answering yes to the question.
  6. I agree ....as a long time reader and seldom poster I tend to skim over most of what Gekko writes and some of what Tim writes. Any debate has time limits and in this case should have a word limit. I would be curious to read how this goes if it sticks to some predetermined post limit. Take my advice for what it is.... some joe schmo who means nothing in this forum but if its tldr I will just skip what I think would otherwise be an interesting thread.
  7. , β€œHow likely is it that people in the federal government either assisted in the 9/11 attacks or took no action to stop the attacks because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East?” Is a loaded question intended to get the desired answer. Asking if the US knew about the 9/11 attacks ahead of time would have given a much (albeit still too conspiracy theory high) lower number. Atatching the question to a war that had become VERY unpopular with democrats at the time the question was asked inflated the number of people willing to answer the question yes. If you want an
  8. You might have a point if Lil wayne and his lil wayne cult of followers had lost a federal election and he was in the process of whipping them up in a frenzy to stop the results of that free and fair election being finalized but since that didnt happen what Lil Wayne has to say in his lyrics isnt particularly important to me. It wasnt just the words and you know it....now back on topic.
  9. Ok after Baffert cheating me out of a pretty good chunk of change in the derby Im back to win HUGE on the Belmont. With the remaining 4 bucks I have left in my account Ive got a 10 cent super 4 with 7 with all all....and a 50 cent tri 4 with 7 with a couple horses I dont even remember. If I win Im going to McDonalds and get as many McNuggets that money will buy !!! Otherwise it is P B and J for dinner.
  10. Wouldnt you have MORE extra money to give to Trump and Lin if you won the bet? Or is your wagering math as faulty as your Wayne county math is?
  11. The same SCOTUS that had several opportunities to interject itself into the election before it was official and decided not to is now going to interject itself after the fact because some trumpkin who believes in the big lie who calls himself the cyber ninja is doing an "audit" on behalf of the republicans who cant accept that Trump lost the election? That SCOTUS?
  12. https://www.waynecounty.com/documents/clerk/!electionsum_11032020.pdf We do? He did? In what kind of bizarro world do you live in where 597,000 is more than 1.4 million?
  13. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/post-election-audits-are-normal-whats-happening-in-arizona-is-anything-but/ What’s Happening In Arizona Is Not Really An Audit Or A Recount. It’s A Partisan Inquisition and there is nothing American about it.
  14. ms and mb...both about equal money bet to win....BUT 500k bet to place on ms vs 700k on mb...... show bets are reversed.... 590k on ms vs 420k on mb ..... Seems weird...what to make of this and is there some way to use this info to make better bets assuming you like the 2 horses equal? So people like mb to place but ms to show.... weord
  15. If you cant tell what the democrats are for then Id suggest you find some new news sources....Seriously. Also I If youre at all serious ( which I seriously doubt) Start with the platform from the democrats and the "platform" from the republicans. You cant say wih a straight face there is any similarity. As I said...... you have to actually give me a choice before I can even consider voing for a republican a this point.
  16. 1 of 3 things are true. You either missed the 1 page "platform" issued at the republican convention where they stated as much, you are convenienly forgetting it, or youre hoping I didnt read it. That in fact was the gyst of the republican plaform. Until he republicans decide he stand for SOMETHING other than obstructionism Im not sure there is much of a choice to be made. Im not necessarily in favor of everything the democrats want to accomplish but at least the are FOR something.
  17. I can only speak for myself but as a centrist democrat in the past ( who has voted for as many republicans for president as democrats) Im not happy with some of the policys proposed by the far left but until such time as the republicans stand for SOMETHING Im more entrenched on the left as I have ever been in the past. When the republican partys platform is " we are for anything donald trump wants us to be for" and at time seem to be we are against anything the democrats I cant see myself voing for a republican any time soon. It seriously saddened me to vote straight democraic party but un
  18. Kinda like her character in the movie huh. Probably was on purpose.
  19. https://towardsdatascience.com/which-party-adds-more-to-deficits-a6422c6b00d7
  20. Does anybody know anything about Sypr (sypris solutions) ? the mrs wants to invest in the company on recent news of a government contract to produce elecronics for deep space projects. She seems to think its a good invesment because its a local company (I know I know lol) Any reason to believe this stock will go way up from is current 4 dollars a share (or lose a substantial amount) ?
  21. Thanks for your time explaining this. Now I can head back over to the Holiday Inn and wait for a slip and fall so I can better pull off this Lawyer charade and makes me some money !!!!!
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