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  1. I agree for the most part. The only exception would be when someone posts something so far out of whack that you know they are just trolling.......and what they say is so outlandish it really does make you laugh at them. Commenting on those types of posts is just a waste of time (and exactly what they want you to do.)
  2. Help me understand how you can make any statements on them if you dont even watch any of them and how you come to the conclusion they make you less knowledgeable? From what Ive read on Breitbart they shouldnt even be in the discussion of left/right because of some of the disgusting stuff they print.....FOX is farther right than any of the mainstream media...... CNN leans left with their commentary but they do a good job reporting the news and MSNBC leans ever farther left (but not even close to as far as FOX does to the right)
  3. As someone who has voted for both parties about equally watching fox news and reading Breitbart is nothing at all similar to watching CNN and MSNBC....its just not. An honest Republican could look at MSNBC and CNN disagree with most of their commentary but still get the news of the day but going to Breitbart and finding that is near impossible.. Any time Breitbart is used as a comparison to the mainstream media it is a sad day.
  4. Saying the right has sat back is laughable after the last 8 years of partisan obstructionism. I agree (as does almost everybody else that our country should unite) but if you think Trump is a uniter you have lost your mind. What I haer from trumpkins daily is: You all that dont support him should just get over yourself and stop being crybabies. Im pretty sure thats the opposite message that unites us. I would rather stay devided than give up my principles and subscribe to the manner of "democracy" That Donald Trump subscribes to. Get back to mme when the Republicans sound like they a
  5. Neither you nor I know this. What we DO know is at the time Trump was n big trouble. He was talking like a defeated candidate at that time.
  6. Comey is a rich Republican who helped Trump get elected by putting out a memo about reopening the investigation of Clinton's emails that turned out to be much ado about nothing during a time when Trump was grabbing women by the ##### and circling the drain and even himself sounded like a defeated candidate meanwhile slow playing an investigation into Trumps activities so as to not interfere with an election. But nice try. Now if you were to ask if he regretted that decision and won't help him form this time forward I would agree with you.
  7. from your link an MSNBC anchor didnt know what he was talking about when to referring to something that happened 5 years ago that the dude making the point couldn't even remember correctly? and this has some significance somehow?
  8. Is she doing the Jackal yet? Everybody loves it when CJ does the jackal.
  9. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about Bernie..... I had no problem with the DEMOCRATIC PARTY skewing the game in favor of a DEMOCRAT for the DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION and the Republicans who bring this up seem to forget just how hard the Republican party tried to swing the nomination away From Trump ( who was at least a registered Republican) for the longest time. The never Trump movement from the right was very strong up until the time that it was apparent that Trump would win the Republican nomination.
  10. As a long time lurker/ seldom time poster I would like to say: Like or dislike this guys politics/opinions.....He is one of the few willing to actually discuss the issues who isn't anti Trump and is up against staggering anti Trump numbers and I, for one, am glad that he is posting in it. I'm an expert on one thing, my opinion. If I were on the Trump side it is my strong opinion that I would have given up posting long ago if I were him.
  11. If what we know is indeed only 5% of the info then its time to move on to President Pence. This whole thing stinks to high heavens and unless the republicans are willing to sweep it under the rug by using closed hearings for these investigations it would be better for this country if we just cut our losses on comrade Trump now.
  12. After reading daily on a rl and fb friends wall about homosexuality and how the bible says the homosexuals are going to hell and a bunch of garbage fb memes to prove his point I politely told the guy if Jesus were here today he would be much more likely to take the side of the gay people instead of the person posting all over fb how horrible they were..... I lost a friend that day and dont regret it one bit.
  13. Not sure about likely (I do know some of them are getting up in years) but there was DEFINITELY one that should have been filled had the republicans actually done their jobs. Its not about shaming them into doing it, its about stirring up the democrats to drive up the vote turnout. All I remember is the dems nominating Garland and, the republicans thumbing their noses at the situation......and the democrats saying...oh well....and moving on. Im not saying it would have been the biggest issue in the campaign but would have been nice to hear the Democrats hold their feet to the fire over i
  14. No she SHOULD be president right now....the One thing Trump got right is the election was rigged. The thing that doesnt get talked about nearly as much as Comey and the Russian hacking as it relates to affecting the election is that IF the republicans had actually done their job and placed a supreme court judge those republicans who held their noses and voted for Trump even though they knew he wasnt fit for office would have never had a reason to vote for him. Why the democrats didnt make it a bigger issue at the time and into the election season I dont get.
  15. I know right? and after all that Hillary STILL got 3 million more votes (and almost won the election)
  16. reminds me of the old show Picket Fences (that I have been binge watching recently) when Douglas Wambaugh made a musical about sexual assault.....I will never hear the religious song "he touched me" the same ever again.
  17. Maybe if he stood in the middle of 5th avenue and shot somebody!......nahh who am I kidding...it would take more than that.
  18. In Max's defense it didn't take me all 4 minutes to spot Trump's hypocrisy either but I watched all 4 minutes of it out of respect for the op.
  19. while she was a bad candidate without YOUR candidate getting pushed over the goal line by both the director of the FBI and the Russians hacking in favor of YOUR candidate we wouldnt have this man baby of a criminal in office. If 3 weeks in this is your idea of dodging a bullet Id hate to see what goes on in your mind that would constitute a direct hit....
  20. His family spent a year trying to explain away the stupid things he said while he was running for president. You think that stops after he is elected?
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