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  1. This is the type of leadership we need (and could have had if the Republican voters had any sense) I, as a democrat, supported him and would have loved to see what he could have done to mend fences as President.
  2. Like the People on Fox News and their director of internet affairs our Tweeter in chief?
  3. WOW 24 billion of that is in the last day!!! At that rate Trump will have the country owing US money!!!! Trump; MAGA without even governing!!!
  4. First the civil war!!! and now passing on garbage that even Trump finally admitted was false..... Mind Blown.
  5. I agree with you to an extent. So why not just be honest and point out what you think is important and what you think is not instead of calling it all hysteria? For example: Constantly bringing up golf....stupid and I would agree with you dumb hysteria that just takes the focus off of what really matters. Accusing a president of the US of crimes with the only evidence something you heard on the right wing shows where he gets his military experience...kinda important. Seems to me that calling everything hysteria is a disingenuous way of getting out of a true discussion of the issues that SHOULD be important to us all.....even the conservatives.
  6. It's kinda dumb....Usually the people who don't want to answer questions just leave the room leaving the reporters there asking them. Why you would wan't to do it this way makes zero sense.
  7. It amazes me that when given 1 party complete power they can get nothing done. I figured we would see legislation passed left and right after January 20th. I didn't see O'Reily last night,,,,,just how was he blaming this on the media? They can't do their jobs because the media is reporting on all the stupid stuff is doing?
  8. While I agree with you I'm torn as to whether I would like to see him revert back to the 3 week time when he wasn't tweeting pre-election that probably had at least a small part in getting him elected or having him continue to tweet and embarrass himself and our country. I guess I'm leaning towards the latter because he has done enough in his short time for anybody who is honest with themselves to realize he is unhinged. No need to further embarrass us world wide...... will surprise me if it ever happens though.
  9. Well to be more precise I doubt Trump has ever made anything up on his own. Everything he tweets about seems to come from "his shows" where he gets all his military expertise from. I'm convinced if they release a new version of The Wizard of OZ Trump would make a good scarecrow.
  10. It's not a political agenda. I happen to like Ben Carson. It's a common sense agenda, of which you seem to have none.
  11. You may have hit upon something here. If any of you lawyer types have a client accused of kidnapping I would strongly advise you use the Carolina Husker theory and have them take whomever they are holding captive across the border so they will only face charges of helping someone immigrate!!!!
  12. I'm sure Carson has you on his speed dial to explain that he wasn't technically wrong. You would have fit in real well a few years ago trying to come up with the definition of what is is.
  13. so our So our tweeter in chief has now become a plagiarist in chief? The man is nothing if not versatile!!!
  14. I'd bet all the money I don't have that if Carson is asked in the next day or two if he REALLY considers slaves the same as immigrants he will admit that including them as such was a mistake. Not sure why you are hell bent on defending the issue when most people with common sense realizes it was a mistake to do so.
  15. I would agree if you get your information from just one source your views will be skewed towards that source. You would at least know what the issue is though as opposed to having no knowledge of it at all. I agree its better to listen to/read sources with a broad view of the issues and figure out for yourself what makes sense to you.
  16. says the guy posting the definition of immigrant and including slaves in that definition.
  17. hey I consider anything less than Trump causing her to start a civil war a victory. Amiright ?
  18. Dee Dee Myers (and others I think) worked as a consultant on the show. I've read that it is a pretty fair caricature of how the WH works. Having said that I highly doubt is has any similarities as to how the Trump WH is working.
  19. If some of them were going to post smart comments they would have done so long ago.
  20. I agree for the most part. The only exception would be when someone posts something so far out of whack that you know they are just trolling.......and what they say is so outlandish it really does make you laugh at them. Commenting on those types of posts is just a waste of time (and exactly what they want you to do.)
  21. Help me understand how you can make any statements on them if you dont even watch any of them and how you come to the conclusion they make you less knowledgeable? From what Ive read on Breitbart they shouldnt even be in the discussion of left/right because of some of the disgusting stuff they print.....FOX is farther right than any of the mainstream media...... CNN leans left with their commentary but they do a good job reporting the news and MSNBC leans ever farther left (but not even close to as far as FOX does to the right)
  22. As someone who has voted for both parties about equally watching fox news and reading Breitbart is nothing at all similar to watching CNN and MSNBC....its just not. An honest Republican could look at MSNBC and CNN disagree with most of their commentary but still get the news of the day but going to Breitbart and finding that is near impossible.. Any time Breitbart is used as a comparison to the mainstream media it is a sad day.
  23. Saying the right has sat back is laughable after the last 8 years of partisan obstructionism. I agree (as does almost everybody else that our country should unite) but if you think Trump is a uniter you have lost your mind. What I haer from trumpkins daily is: You all that dont support him should just get over yourself and stop being crybabies. Im pretty sure thats the opposite message that unites us. I would rather stay devided than give up my principles and subscribe to the manner of "democracy" That Donald Trump subscribes to. Get back to mme when the Republicans sound like they are ready to compromise on anything.
  24. Neither you nor I know this. What we DO know is at the time Trump was n big trouble. He was talking like a defeated candidate at that time.
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