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  1. Who would have thought pittsburgh defense would be a good play playing dallas when tthis started ? ( now watch dallas score big)
  2. going to sound goofy but as a Pete fan I would like to see him at HUD...Its not a sexyy position but it will allow him to work with the black comminities and mabe the will warm to him. I truely think the only reason he isnt president right now is his lack of african american support. This MIGHT be a way to attract some support from them. Too goofy?
  3. Youre going above and beyond keeping up with this... Thanks for all you are doing.
  4. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore,miami,Atlanta,TB bucs d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ, Indy,philly,KC O Pitt d Pitt
  5. Well all I can go on is personal experience for the last month or so. Acually it is heir perogative to not sayy who they voted for but I had more than a few that I hink were probably lying or at the very least not willing to overtly admit they were voting for Trump (which,is again , their right) One anecdotal example: Nice old lady....said she was undecided... so I tell her am McGrath is for erm limits. she then says what about Nac pelosi and all the other democras.... I said yes maam democrats too. I thanked her for her time and moved along to he next call. Again Im not sure if its t
  6. When I made calls I would be lucky to get an answer from a call 1out of 20 or so times so that makes sense. My understanding is they DID adjust.... and yet it sill wasn even close. The senaorial races were terrible. Susan collins won big in a state where every single poll said she was a loser. Jamie harrison running neck and neck.....and loses not even close.
  7. I agree...I made calls for Biden and also Amy McGrath...first time Ive been involved. Geting people to admit they were voting red was like pulling eye teeth.(my perception that they were voting red ) Geting them to admitt they were voting blue was less tough (probably because they knew I was on their side but STILL had trouble getting much out of them too) Seemed like to me pre Trump people actually wanted to make sure their side was represented in these polls (again just my percepion) The bad part about all this is faulty polls make these people allocate money and time where they pr
  8. I dont see how. You think social media is so inuned to what 1 guy on a geek football site says? Thats so conspiracy theory right there.
  9. Anbody else read his and hear it come out in trumps voice?
  10. I dont spend much time here but do on fb......if somehow biden loses I wont be on fb much, not because I dont want to discuss poliics but because I KNOW wihout a shadow of a dubt it will be all gloating and no serious discussion.
  11. wasted vote here in Ky for joe biden and am McGrath. I made calls on behalf of McGrath and got a few more votes for her but it wont be enough. One guy absolutely refused to tell me who he voted for......but a he end of the call he said "Tell Amy that george said to tell her semper fi" that made me smile. Overall her dialer and list was pure garbage compared to Bidens.
  12. So whats this guy worth if you are tring to trade for him from another owner has another good option?
  13. thats quite the contrarian pick.....No KC on eiher side and both available...good luck to you!!!
  14. Of course it depends on who is on our roster always but it also, in a very limied situation, depend on who you are playing against. Players who average X number of points can often be very different looking players on paper. Some are very consistent whereas others can depend on long , sporadic TDs to get their points. IF I am playing a team that on paper I should beat handily I opt to stay away from the teammates (especially if one of them is a home run hitter who isnt that consistant) No need to risk a bad score from him when you feel like reasonable production from a bench guy will w
  15. Interesting. So the guy who runs the first site is a hacker and has degrees in psychology and linguistics....no degree of any kind in government satistics or anyhing useful to determine who is liberal and who is not ...and admits at the beginning he cherry picks the legislaion. And the second link says in its methodology that it takes people they consider most liberal and judges how much people vote with these liberals so basically she is a liberal because she votes wih liberals that they determined.....because the site considers them liberals? If thats not the political version of a self
  16. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore,miami,Atlanta d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ, Indy,philly I need to make a move here to get back to the middle where I belong give me O TB bucs D KC
  17. Thanks for keeping track of this Winz and good luck to the remaining 17. One of you guys take this whole thing down !!!!
  18. It doesnt look ok at all.....could you please UN Update it? I made the cut last week but this week is looking prett rough, 😒😁😁😁
  19. Is calcomatic working for anone else? Still showing last weeks score for me.
  20. Trump thought he was debating the my pillow guy for christ sake ????
  21. I was done last week if not for a monster game from CEH. I figure at this point Im playing with house money. I sure could use a goedert miracle (thats not happening) though.
  22. Trump did well.....Joe did well enough. Joes biggest mistake was he kept answering Trumps questions. He should have pivoted away from anything Trump wanted an answer to to the questions THE MODERATOR was asking.
  23. I say 70-79....if he can make it through the debate without coming off as a babbling fool that goes up to 80-89
  24. I used to listen to rush every day when he was more of a comedian than a hard core political guy. When he started taking himself seriously (or I did one ??) It was time to stop listening. Still dont want to see the guy suffer. Cancer sucks.
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