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  1. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore,miami d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ, Indy offense Atlanta defense philly
  2. 12 team league....traded freeman and tee higgins for cooper kupp and ekler.....He needed rbs bad and I have the luxury of waiting on ekler to heal.
  3. I think its safe to assume those 2 missing Cornerbacks probably made a difference today. 😁
  4. Thanks for the response. Im not so much concerned about IDP (Im in team special teams/defense leagues) as I am information about injuries and how they are apt to affect m players performances. For example: Minn today has 2 cornerbacks inactive. Ive got Matt Ryan plaing against them. He has been lousy for the last 2 weeks. Information Im looking for is does somebody write a column somewhere that sas either: these 2 CBs being out doesnt really affect Ryan that much because they are really just scrubs who dont pla much anway OR these are there 2 starting CBs and both are top 20 C
  5. Im a seasoned vet of FF but recentl realized Ive probably been making lineup decisions without complete information. Here is the thing. Ive never plaed IDP and except for a few players here and there couldnt tell you which defensive players (or offesive lineman for that matter) REALLY make a difference in how my offensive players are about to perform when they are out injured. For example: a team is without a safety and a cornerback for the upcoming game. Well except for a select few players I dont know them from adam to decide if my wide receiver has a better matchup or not beca
  6. o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle,baltimore d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams, AZ Week 6 O miami D INDY
  7. 2 states.....Michigan and Virginia....but whos counting.
  8. I saw a republican pollster speculate that he thinks alot of that shift has to do with democrats who voted Trump last time registering as republublicans. If so he suggested that its not as big of a deal than it seems because its not a shift in actual votes...just party afiliation.
  9. As a centrist democrat Im ready for a centrist party.... Give the democratic party to the AOCs and Bernie bros, Give the Republican part to the tea partists and the Qanons.... and I would be happy to have a 3 party system joining the moderate repubs. .... Im voting for Biden this time though because Im not sure our constitution survives 4 more years of Trump. The time to form a 3rd party/ support a legitimate 3rd party movement is after the election imo..... There is just no time to do anything other than place a throw away vote for 3rd party at this point.
  10. week 5 o used KC,Dallas,AZ,seattle d used buff,tenn,cleveland,rams o baltimore D Arizona
  11. The goal of this contest is to get as close as possible to the middle as possible right? 🤣
  12. the turk was on m ### but I outran him by 2 and a half points. I had 8 out of 23 plaers out with ridle getting me a zero. Pleased to be still alive.
  13. My starters week 1 were barkley and conner..... my rbs this week were Murray and Hunt.... didnt have a starting rb to start. Pleased as punch the way things went today.
  14. Im happy with the fantasy points but color me concerned about his usage the last 3 weeks. Anybody think its a good idea to try to trade him at this point? I dont mean dump him cheap but TDs arent always going to be there.
  15. Not sure if its been mentioned or not but I heard one radio sports guy (colin cowherd maybe?) say that the NFL has now requested that the teams stay at hotels for the remainder of the season and the ball is now in the players associations hands to respond. I think this was friday.
  16. Gop platform: voter supression whatever Trump thinks should be done about anything and everything the end.
  17. Kentuckys primary where 80ish percent voted by mail took nearly a week to tabulate. Im sure they have beefed up the counting since then but there will be many many more votes to tabulate in the general election.
  18. o used KC, Dallas, Arizona D used buff, tenn, cleveland O seattle d rams
  19. Thanks for keeping track of this. Cant be easy to keep track of it....of course with the turk lurking more and more it will get easier ;(
  20. o used: KC, dallas d used buff, tenn week 3 offense Offense Arizona defense Cleveland? lol
  21. 176.4 + jacobs...with lousy rb scores so plenty of room to go up ....I dodged most of the major injuries but lost Uzomah ...one of my 4 TEs.
  22. At this rate it might be easier to report who ISNT injured......right now I have 4/10 of my starters injured.
  23. Not if youre a campbell owner expecting big things against a #### Minn secondary
  24. took a hit to the knee....return questionable.
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