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  1. Truer words have never been spoken to the guy with Sony Michel on his team. lol
  2. Thats cuz most of us realize that JuJu cant handle being wr1 on his team
  3. Jacksonville will trade away and cut 12 more players to ensure that doesnt happen.
  4. week 1 offense KC Chiefs defense Buffalo Bills
  5. Ive written off Fitz for age reasons for quite a few years now. At this point Ive given up trying to predict when his wheels completely fall off.
  6. I predict Biden is chomping at the bit to debate Trump . Trump has his own health/ "cognitive disabilities" lately. I would also add that if Biden and his people dont have numerous examples of times Trump has went out of his way to CAUSE panic when Trump inevitably doubles down on not wanting to cause panic during the debates Biden should be kicking himself for not taking that opening and running with it and the staffers should be fired.
  7. Only that we have a Liar in chief and not a president.
  8. Im going out on a limb and saying Kiry will be the top 10 wr to own in AZ not Nuk who will do no better than top 18.
  9. There mightbe a bit of truth in that theory for me but I always look back at my roster after the draft and at the end of the season and there is usually a better than 50% turnover reguardless of how well mt team did any warticular year. The thing Ive found is that the last few years the more time I put into preparing for the draft the worst my team seems to be. Last 2 years Ive finished 1st and 2nd ..... This year I didnt overthing it and again spent less than 2 days preparing.
  10. QB - Russell Wilson - SEA/6 - $17 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/8 - $11 RB - Clyde Edwards-Helaire - KC/10 - $27 RB - Josh Jacobs - LV/6 - $26 RB - Sony Michel - NE/6 - $12 RB - Antonio Gibson - WAS/8 - $9 WR - Calvin Ridley - ATL/10 - $21 WR - DK Metcalf - SEA/6 - $18 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/10 - $16 WR - Will Fuller - HOU/8 - $15 WR - DeSean Jackson - PHI/9 - $9 WR - Allen Lazard - GB/5 - $7 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $22 TE - Dallas Goedert - PHI/9 - $11 TE - Jack Doyle - IND/7 - $9 TE - C.J. Uzomah - CIN/9 - $5 PK - Chris Boswell - PIT/8 - $3 PK - Stephen Gostkowski - TEN/7 - $2 PK - Sam Sloman - LAR/9 - $2 TD - Minnesota Vikings - MIN/7 - $4 TD - Detroit Lions - DET/5 - $2 TD - Arizona Cardinals - ARI/8 - $2 Finished tinkering .....I know my rbs are thin ....especially week 6....Just hope since it is relatively early I can get bye with it.
  11. He punched a guy before their bowl game and only got to play because it was earlier than they could enforce, he is hanging out at grammas house with a bunch of druggies, and he was traded at a loss at least partly because of charachter issues. I dont think he was ever the saint that you thought he was. Most people would take a shot at QB where they make the big bucks in the NFL instead of staying at wr where they make less. Not sure that is all that selfless. That didnt work out so well when they realized he couldnt throw the ball. He did run well but that O line Kentucky had was EXCELLENT by any standards. He would have been better off getting traded to green bay or some other place without the nightlife and beach distractions.
  12. https://www.raidersbeat.com/report-raiders-were-concerned-lynn-bowden-jr-was-becoming-a-negative-influence-on-other-rookies/ Might be a reason they traded him. Vegas isnt for everybody either Too distracting. If I were running the Vegas organization I would put a premium on character.
  13. I think with the DEEP wr pool this year there will be plenty of great wr options coming back at the 4/5 turn so I wouldprefer 2 or 3 spot....getting that late 2nd early 3rd pick gives you the option of going BPA and not worrying about having sucky wrs this year.....Probably grab a 2nd rb there and either a premium TE or Premium QB at the turn..... that way you have a serious advantage at 2 positions in only 3 rounds.
  14. Thanks...... I thought lineup requirements were significantly changed from last year ....... I was mistaken. Nothing to see here.
  15. I said PREFERABLY not that they shouldnt but the reason I prefer is because it is way too easy to own 2 teams and make lopsided trades with total strangers online. Ive been through it before and would just as soon avoid it if at all possible.
  16. Is there a way to see past years rules? There is something I would like to check on that I shant say out loud.
  17. Thats funny right there....I dont care who you are.
  18. Hey a few years ago I got laughed at when I took a wide receiver at 1-03.....my comment was A he is the safest pick on the board and B he wont be there when the draft gets back to me. I rode Antonio Brown NEARLY to a championship (before he went crazy). I think pick whowever you thinks gets you points safely. Just because adp says take player X in the first round doesnt mean you have to comply.. Someone later will be happy that player X slid to them if you go henry early but that may or may not be to their advantage in the end? I really HATE taking a player just because of their ADP and end up not liking my team if I think someone else is the pick there.
  19. The title says it all. Ive never done an auction draft so I figure I will get my ### kicked so Im looking for a low buy in (50 bucks or less) redraft league preferably with no trading since it will be an online league. What is out there that I can join?
  20. How about we let the AOCs of the world have the democratic party, the Tea party/Trumpkins have the republican party and form a new party made up of centrist democrats and so called RINOS....... If so I pick the middle party.
  21. Of course it is.... You elect a President based on ALL the votes not just the ones that are counted by mdnight November 3rd. Was the Gore/Bush election official at midnight election day?
  22. "Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances," Clinton said. "Because I think this is going to drag out, and eventually, I do believe he will win, if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is." She was Talking about November 3rd not NEVER. There will be so many uncounted mail in votes on November 3rd that NEITHER candidate will be condceding election night.
  23. Yeah I was very lucky to get my last 2 rbs where I did for sure....and the whole reason I ended up with 2 stud tes in the first place is because Andrews slid to me. Late round picks bounce all over the place so thats mostly a matter of prefference ...but yeah 2 positions going early caused a snowball effect of value for those of us waiting late for qb's and those waiting late for te's.
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