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  1. Lorenzo Alexander to be OLB in Buffalo's new 4-3 scheme http://billswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/11/bills-lb-lorenzo-alexander-expects-to-play-thomas-davis-role-in-sean-mcdermotts-defense/
  2. While David Johnson certainly flashed last year you have to take a step back and realize that Amazon edited the show knowing the results so they were able to manipulate how a player is portrayed. David Johnson and Dwight Freeney had big roles in the show because they had decent seasons to talk about and build on. They were good stories. If Chris Johnson doesn't get hurt then it's his story Amazon is focusing on. If Dwight Freeney doesn't rack up the sacks then he becomes a small story like Red Bryant.
  3. You're missing the point. Why does the NFL care about anything the players put in their bodies if it isn't for the future effects they will have? A regular employer tests for drugs to ensure their abilities aren't affected negatively. PEDs and marijuana are the opposite to this line of thinking. PEDs enhance performance and marijuana is a good tool for managing pain. The benefits of testing and having a chance of limiting a liability in the future outweighs losing a few dozen players every year to suspensions. The NFL has to have the appearance they care.
  4. Testing for PEDs, marijuana, substance abuse issues and the new policies on player safety are about image and limiting liabilities in the future. If you don't agree, then so be it. A lawsuit that sounds idiotic at first glance is never what it seems so to assume a case of retired players suing the NFL being easy to defend is absolutely ridiculous.
  5. And yet the NFL paid out a billion dollars in a settlement that a full contact sport causes concussions. Maybe should have helped them on that one.
  6. I believe it really comes down to Risk Management for the NFL. The NFL doesn't care about its players but it has to have the appearance it does to limit lawsuits in the future. It is the same reason why they test for PEDs. The NFL doesn't care about players taking PEDs either. In 10-20 years, they don't want retired players coming to the NFL with a lawsuit saying the NFL allowed them to take PEDs, marijuana or other drugs and now that addiction has ruined their life in some manner (i.e. health, family, accident, etc.)
  7. One of Tanard's suspension was also for 2 years. Not just one year. As for the 60-90 day timeline, I think that is just a timeline for the next time the NFL will look at Josh Gordon's reinstatment application. After that it will be another 60-90 days, and then another 60-90 days after that. He is suspended indefinitely and the NFL will always be reviewing his ongoing suspension. The NFL is just saying...."He failed a test, so he is not bring reinstated at this time and as normal protocol we will revisit his suspension in 2-3 months to see where we're at."
  8. Peterson was reinstated because a judge forced the NFL. Peterson also got paid for the games he missed. Derrick Coleman was suspended due to a traffic incident (not drugs) by the Seattle Seahawks, not the NFL. Anymore softballs?
  9. The samples weren't positive...but these circumstances deem them to be a positive test by NFL.
  10. Look at the players recently suspended indefinitely related to substance abuse and/or where the NFL wasn't forced by the NFLPA or a judge to reinstate. Justin Blackmon - has not been reinstated Daryl Washington - still no news of him being denied reinstatement and hasn't played for a couple years now Tanard Jackson - missed two years under indefinite suspension Fred Davis - reinstated Josh Gordon - ???
  11. I don't think you quite understand. There isn't an announcement to say that Josh Gordon's reinstatement was denied. That is not how it works. The communication from the NFL will be "nothing has changed" until an announcement comes that he has been re-instated. http://www.revengeofthebirds.com/2015/10/2/9440125/reading-between-the-lines-of-the-daryl-washington-nothingness
  12. And what it is is Josh Gordon still suspended and with yet another failed test.
  13. This is the leak from the NFL to show why Josh Gordon hasn't been reinstated. Pretty simple.
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