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  1. Terrell Owens might still be on the board......He's my QB maaaan.....this is my QB you guys are talking about....he's my QB maaannnn
  2. and you made my point however....you drafted him. OBJ unless on a small league should be on the bench of a team, not on the waiver wire
  3. shorter bench would explain then. Still, I would like you have Odell on my bench especially if he's getting close to come back. Might be worth it. Chark is talented but I take the veteran WR on a high offense team over a talented WR on a mess of an offense.
  4. Odell should never be on the waiver wire unless you play in a 8 team league. Makes no sense that he's not on someone's bench.
  5. Moore is a playmaker for sure. If I had to gamble on these guys, Moore would be the one to go for IMO but agree with what you guys are saying.
  6. Trying to figure out whom to own in PPR format here as the WR corp in this team is pretty good and large. So behind the obvious Dhop, whom to have and maybe even Start? Kirk has been somewhat solid. Green resurfaced this weekend and I really like what I'm seeing from Moore. Of the 3, I feel that Moore has the most potential to emerge as a good option. Any thoughts?
  7. I somewhat agree on Patterson in PPR but man, I wouldn't feel great to have him as my RB2. he's going to be hit or miss most of the year. You can't rely on a guy like this who's kind of a jack of all trades type of players. He's super talented but his usage is so all over the place....hard to have him in your starting lineup every week. He's more of a borderline flex guy with high risk/somewhat good reward type of guy. I think you could go with good back ups like Mattison , etc...and hope for the main guy in that team to get injured.
  8. Gotta love this game....two leagues going last night, both PPR. One league, i'm up by 37 and have A. Jones going against me. One league is the opposite, I'm down by 35 and I have A Jones playing for me. I figured, ok, most likely done in both leagues, won one, lost one.....well what do you know this morning, I'm still 1 and 1, just not the way I thought it would go.....what a game....LOL.
  9. I find you guys a bit harsh on Shenault. Yeah, he had a stinker this week but in PPR, he got 13 or 14 points last week so I guess it all depends where you drafted him. He's my WR 3 or maybe even 4 so if he puts up 14 points, it's fine with me. I think it's too early to tell but I would then to think being the slot receiver on a weak team with a young QB might pan out for him. he might get a lot of short looks at some point. If you drafted him in later rounds, I think he will be fine. Look at Cooper or Hill this week, they stunk....a bad week can happen to any WRs.... I think we need a couple of more weeks to see what shenault can be dropped or not. I'm not giving up on him yet based on the fact that I drafted him late. he would have been an earlier round, then ok....time to panic but his ADP is not that great so one bad week shouldn't be the trigger point so early in the season in my opinion.
  10. Absolutely. He's someone I would get in a trade if reasonable. He will get the rust off little by little but right now, he's tough to watch. There was a gigantic hole at some point in the game and it's something everyone saw because it doesn't happen often with that o-line but somehow, it was there...the old Barkley would have gashed that hole for a 30 yard run if not all the way to the end zone.....he reacted so slow, the door shut down on him for a 4 yard pick up. But yeah, he will get better if the knee holds. There is talent in this offense so he should get better hence I would buy him low right now for sure. However, as a mid to late first rounder in most draft, it's not looking good.
  11. Barkley looks extremely conservative and although I understand it's expected to have a slow start after a year without playing and the injury he had, I'm also saying this based on his ADP in PPR. He was drafted mid round in PPR in most drafts and he looks really sluggish and the Oline is still a disaster. I would be worried if I picked him at 6th or 8th...
  12. I have him and I'm concerned about his usage. Yes, he got two goal line carries resulting in two TDs and yet, with two TDs...that's only 15 points in a PPR league. He doesn't get enough touches and doesn't do enough with them to be consistent and basically will only be a good week if TDs come his way. He looks good...they are just not using him that much. It's concerning to me.
  13. He got dropped in my PPR redraft and only players I can drop to grab him is AJ Green. I have Kirk as well so I'm leaning towards keeping Kirk, dropping AJ green and snatch Pittman.
  14. I got him in a PPR redraft for $142 out of $500
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