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  1. He got dropped in my PPR redraft and only players I can drop to grab him is AJ Green. I have Kirk as well so I'm leaning towards keeping Kirk, dropping AJ green and snatch Pittman.
  2. I got him in a PPR redraft for $142 out of $500
  3. So I have this guy in a redraft PPR and he's on my bench as I have Fant as my primary TE. He is even worth stashing. I know it's only week 1 but it's not like he lit it up last year, no catches week 1, etc....not looking good. I could use the spot for a flyer on a WR need. any opinion?
  4. I'm bidding 25% of my bid $$$ on him. Not more.
  5. I can't push myself to get Zack Pascal. Every year his name is in there....as a waiver pick up....that's what he does....one good week once in a while. He's the perfect example of a good NFL WR, useful in real life games, the type of guy who is solid but in terms of FFL, he can't be trusted...been many years now. up and downs. One good game then he disappears for a few games, then back...then gone...etc....I just don't see how you can trust the game in your line up on any given week unless you are desperate. and if you are desperate after week 1, man it's gonna be a long season.
  6. not that hard to be a better passer than Newton, in all fairness.
  7. A. Jones never got the chance. GB fell behind fast and Rodgers was just atrocious. Picks and bad decisions, etc...so really, he never settled into his usual workload. I think you can't really take anything in terms of info from this game for A. Jones. One of those horrible games from GB and he was pretty much a none factor from the start. I think he's fine.
  8. What makes it even better is that his ADP was low this year....I got him at the beginning of the 4th round. A steal if you ask me. Obviously, he won't put weeks like this every week but getting a guy like him late third, early 4th is crazy.
  9. Yeah, was surprised as well but Waller and Kelce went in first round and the pick before me took diggs over Hill so I got Hill back. Was planning to get another RB but when Hill fell, that made it easy for me then. Happy about it. thanks Hot Sauce. Good luck to you this season.
  10. I think most of you are right and wrong on this. Sony and Henderson are completely two different runners. They are built differently as well. I think they will complement each other very well and I might be wrong but I see a true RBBC here. I think they will both get equal playing time more or less. Saying one has more value than the other when they are both playing is a none factor in my opinion. I think they have equal value until one gets hurt and they are both injury prone so they might be both out sooner than later....
  11. Kinda follow up on a post I made about the difficulty of drafting 11th or 12th this year, here is my redraft, PPR team from the 11th slot. Mixed feelings about it...will see QB: Wilson, Wentz RB: A. Jones, Carson, Jacobs, Mattison, Lindsay WR: T. Hill, A. Cooper, Shenault, AJ Green, Crowder TE: Fant, Gesiki I was going to go RB/RB on my first two picks but T. Hill was still there at 14th so I took him which changed my draft a little then.
  12. experienced owners? really? zeke at 10th and Hill at 2.3? no waaayyyy....wow.
  13. You are really hurt at RB. That's what I was saying. I feel there is not enough depth this year to be ok on WR and RBs....you kinda have to choose what you will be hurt at because when it comes back in the third round to you at 10th or 12th, the quality has dropped down big time. I really feel that the top 4 or 5 picks this year have a huge advantage over the bottom picks, more than other years. Real lack of real quality options I feel in terms of depth.
  14. I'm in 3 leagues and got the 10th, 11th and 12th draft pick, all PPR. Maybe it's just me but I find the gap this year between the first few picks of the draft order and the bottom ones to be a lot bigger than usual. I find the lack of clear good RBs and WRs to be larger than previous years. TEs are tough other than the top 3....then it's a crap shoot....I've tried a lot of different strategies on various mocks and can't seem to like any teams I've drafted in those bottom 3 positions. Maybe it's just me but I find the bottom picks to be really hard this year. Happy to get some input and views on this.
  15. When TB played washington...all i saw here is how bad the defense was, when TB played GB...the defense sucked, now KC's defense sucks. Maybe time for you guys to simply say TB's offense is just too much for these defenses.
  16. When i saw the preview and that it was queen latifah playing the equalizer, i almist lost it....lol...wtf...they couldn't find a more credible female actor for this role. I am wondering if Goodell did the casting.
  17. Of all the calls, that's the one i found to be a bad one. I think all the other ones are legit calls.
  18. Maybe I am really bad at seeing it like you guys but of all the ref calls, I only found one to be bad. Wtf...am i watching the same game as you or you hate brady so much, you can't see it impartially?
  19. Funny how you guys are focusing on the refs when the chiefs defense is making rookie mistakes that is costing them like two guys lining up in the neutral zones...i mean really???
  20. You can't get more blatant than that grab...unfortunate based on a lot of no calls in this game but this one was really too much..ge grabbed the jeysey with the left hand and then he even switched hands and grabbed it again with the right hand....sucks that it comes this late but absolutely the right call
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