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  1. Yes he's playing, saw him fielding a punt earliier.
  2. 10 tackles 8 solo in last nights preseason game. Yes its only preseason, but Langi had a nice run at the end of last year playing for the Jets. I was a bit curious when NE signed him. Might they have a bigger role in mind than the experts think? Or is it simply that the real starters didn't play much? Did anyone watch the game?
  3. If Gettleman was inclined to sign an OL, he could have paid Trai Turner $3 million. But he didn't. As risky as it seems to many, he keeps demonstrating that he thinks the guys they have will be very good.
  4. If they wanted Parsons they would have taken him. Didn't think they would - characters issues reported, Gettleman couldn't take the chance after Baker.
  5. Yeah this sounds right. I was going to predict that at least one guy expected to go early in the draft falls to #11, I get really excited, and then Gettleman takes someone that nobody expects to go in the top 15 - maybe not even in the first round.
  6. It was a fake tweet https://nypost.com/2021/04/26/giants-fake-nfl-draft-trade-sends-twitter-into-hysteria/
  7. https://nypost.com/2021/04/13/micah-parsons-red-flags-may-deter-giants-at-2021-nfl-draft/
  8. Its all about the Hog Mollies, especially if they sign Jackson. Do they go pass rush in the first, or do they think recent picks like Ximines and Lorenzo Carter can step up? Perhaps something like 1. DE/Edge 2. OL 3. DT followed by BPA, but leaning towards OL and DL depth. Probably take another CB and WR in there somewhere.
  9. And here we are. Looks scary but they had little choice after using the tag on Williams.
  10. If Giant cut Solder his dead cap is $10.5mm. If they keep him he costs $16.5mm. So the decision isn't Solder for $16.5mm, its Solder playing RT for an additional $6mm. Not saying they should keep him at that price, just that the money they gain by cutting him isn't $16.5mm.
  11. I've seen some discussion that they may try and use Hernandez at RG, should they cut Zeitler for salary cap purposes.
  12. On a somewhat related topic, I don't see any IDPs on the weekly injury stories. @Jene Bramel had included them in past seasons. Is this just a temporary thing, i.e. will IDPs start appearing in that content at some point this season? Thank you.
  13. Is he Zeitler's eventual replacement? KZ's a FA in 2022, and can be cut in 2021 for $2.5mm in dead money.
  14. You've phrased this as a business question, so I'll give you a business answer. It not be what quite you want to hear, but you asked. 1. Customers want more, faster, and cheaper. We want an advantage over the other guy. We want to think the advantages conferred are concrete, specific, and timely. I play dynasty IDP. I want commentary and review of every player every week - not just the ones who the writer feels like talking about, or the team he is more familiar with; tell me why my guy only got 1 tackle, not just that he's downgraded for it. Why does it appear the coaching staff didn't like him this week? What can I expect in future weeks? Who should I be planning to pick up this week, next week, for next season. Some of this is covered, but its far from comprehensive. Help me improve my understanding of the players, team dynamics, coaching schemes. Don't give a man a fish, teach him to fish. We also want that information ASAP. Later in the week is nice, but the timing can be the difference between success and failure. Telling me about waiver adds for the week after my waivers ran is worth less to me. Telling me about dynasty adds for next season after waivers have closed for this season is not particularly valuable. Telling me anything about games of that week, submitted after the Thursday game, greatly reduces its value. 2. Customers want to be treated as if their opinion matters, their money matters, what they've paid for and are expecting matters. This has been commented on within these boards many times over the years, including a few times by me. My overall impression is that the contributors to FBG do so on a part-time basis, and due to their "day jobs" don't always complete expected content as quickly, or in some weeks at all. That's not showing respect to your customers. If I'm paying for something, I expect to get it. If its not delivered, I'm unhappy, and in many/most instances in life expect a refund, and/or have serious reservations about buying the product again. Apologizing doesn't change anything. If for example your bank accidentally takes money out of your account, doesn't give it back, and then apologizes, you won't be satisfied. You''ve also taken surveys of this sort in past seasons as already noted, and I believe each and every time get comments about lacking, diminished coverage of dynasty and IDP subjects. But those comments continue season after season, and don't seem to be addressed. Why are you asking us, if you don't have the intention and/or ability to do something to improve? That's more troubling to me than if you hadn't asked in the first place. Asking for business ideas suggests you are willing to invest in providing new/improved services to clients. Is that the case? If so, why haven't you invested in improving your existing products when you clearly have customers asking you to do so? If you want to charge more for a better product, offer that value proposition, and customers will consider the utility.
  15. I own him in a 16 man full IDP league, and wouldn't trade him for any less. If he starts the season healthy and puts up some numbers like his starting stretch last year, his value only goes up IMO, so I'm not especially incented to trade him.
  16. I suspect the Giants are simply reordering their salary allocation priorities. There was arguably too much money tied up on the D-Line and not enough at other positions (such as LB), especially if you're changing scheme to one that doesn't rely as much on the down linemen to generate a pass rush. Having traded for Ogletree, someone had to go; note their recent signing of Josh Mauro and re-signing of Kerry Wynn, two guys who fit better with the 3-4 (and are a lot cheaper).
  17. This article mentions that Shurmur is hiring Jack Del Rio as DC. First I've heard, can anyone else confirm? https://nypost.com/2018/01/22/pat-shurmurs-next-job-starts-now-whether-hes-ready-or-not/
  18. https://nypost.com/2018/01/20/dave-gettleman-is-changing-everything-about-the-giants-draft-process/ I'm encouraged
  19. If Burress doesn't shoot himself, they probably/likely win the SB that year. They were far and away the best team in the league before the shooting. Does that make a dynasty? Dunno, but success can often breed success.
  20. How about Arizona? Arians is retiring, does the next coach keep the 3-4 or might we see a 4-3? Steve Wilks is a candidate for the job, and he ran the 4-3 in Carolina? Might Chandler Jones finally get back on the DL?
  21. Here's a thought, what if Gettleman waits to see what opportunities arise and THEN decides whether to draft a QB or trade down? The MO for this team has been decide way in advance for every single move, telegraph it to every other team so they can pick you off/trade up ahead of you. It's time for a little bit of deception and keeping cards close to the vest for a change. The same mentality has often infected play calling over the years. Why is it so hard for the Giants to surprise their opponents? Is it the way ownership sees the world that influences the decision-making up and down the organization?
  22. And people who say "axe" instead of "ask" is a big peeve of mine. Way to discuss the actual issue there.
  23. I've been lurking in this thread since the beginning, but believe its the first time I've posted. I'll take that bet. Aaron Hernandez will NEVER play in the NFL again. Gordon has a non-zero chance. It's quite small, but not zero.
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