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  1. Put all the cash I had left into $Sens this morning a $2.83. Going to ride or die with this one
  2. I know less than zero about stocks right now... but bought into SENS and STIC today...
  3. Thanks! That is kinda what I thought. Thank you for the help!
  4. I have a question as a total novice... I bought some SNDL today and I am reading that they did a $1 billion dollar shelf offering... I’ve read numerous things that say that a positive and numerous things that say it’s a negative. What does it mean and should I hold or sell?
  5. ok im reading through this thread now... Im about 20 pages back, looking for some tips on where to put money. thanks.
  6. This will all be money I have no problem losing... My retirement plan is solid so this is just a new way of spending my casino money. I have been looking at some penny stocks though. Not a good way to get started? Looking at getting into a few of the following... WDLF VPER XMET DPLS GTEH LTNC HQGE INTV Any of these safer than another or are they all just lotto tickets? Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Open a TD Ameritrade account and will buy my very first stocks tomorrow. I've been reading through this thread and the penny stock thread to get a list of what might be good stocks to get into. I am a complete Noob at this stuff (I've always just put into my Roth every month.) But my wife bought some weed stock on Robinhood a couple weeks ago and now I kinda have the itch. So does anyone have any advice for a fellow FBG with a little disposable income and some time on his hands? I would take any advice i can get either here or through a PM... thanks!
  8. Screech aka Dustin Diamond from Saved by the Bell. Dead at 44.
  9. If your down with P, then you're down with me
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