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  1. Ended up selling half taking initial investment and some profit... letting the rest ride. Oh well...
  2. Trch owners what are we doing? I couldn’t have been more wrong on the big squeeze today... bummed.
  3. Let’s hope for an afternoon run
  4. Held my shares too... I’m up 335% but the possibility of a squeeze tomorrow is too much to pass up. Holding for $20.
  5. I agree... I’m down 11% but if playboy can be a $50, I have no doubt this will be post merger... it’s a hold and forget for me.
  6. Im hoping $8- $12... but it could be less obviously.
  7. Best guess... I think this goes to $15 by end of week, but... if it goes to say $25 I will consider it as I think that’s probably double what the dividend will be. But if it goes $40-50( I know it’s doubtful) im Out dividend be damned. But even if I hold I feel really great about being on the ground floor in a company that could be huge 5 years from now. So it’s win win for me. Edit to add- I am Still new to all this and my no means an expert. This is just my thoughts from the research I’ve been doing.
  8. I think so... yes. I bought a few more shares on dip this morning. Remember Cut off date to receive dividend is June 22nd.
  9. Same... UNLESS we squeeze to some stupid number. Then I will probably bounce.
  10. trch is merging with Meta materials before the end of the month and a special dividend from the sale of its oil fields will be going straight to its share holders. So not only will you get 1 -1 shares in new company, but you will get a payout for your shares held. All shorts need to cover before merger... so the squeeze is on.
  11. Great day! Added another 250 shares this morning... almost sold all my $Muds and Yolo’d... but chickened out.
  12. Still more to go this week too. Friday is the big day.
  13. Just a started a position in BARK at $10.88. I like this to be $20-$30 by EOY
  14. $SENS popping after market. Me and my 500 shares are very happy right now!
  15. I understand the point you’re trying to make although I consider your argument to be disingenuous. I know if the same thing happened at my front door I would consider it an armed attack, and if we could all put politics aside, I would think to a man we could all agree that the first person through the front door would get 2 to the chest if I had to protect my family.
  16. If someone broke into your house swinging a flag pole and using bear spray on you and yours... would you consider them weapons?
  17. I feel like this goes over $5 premeger
  18. Hang in there Stryker... it does get easier. I am 2 weeks shy of 1 year sober. I found myself slipping into some not so good drinking habits and had to stop. It will snowball and the days will turn into weeks, and then months... and one day you’ll wake up and wonder why the hell did all that drinking.
  19. Prayers your way... F Cancer. Make it your #####
  20. Look into TRCH... merger with with meta material happening soon and it will be paying a special dividend from a sell off of oil land. I’m in for 1000 shares just to see what the dividend will be... some people are saying a couple bucks some are saying could be $20 so who knows. Edit to add: I’m a complete moron though so do your DD.
  21. Doubled my position over last 2 days on these dips. lets go!
  22. And don’t forget that shower scene in Witchboard... my 12 year old self found that to be very important cinematic work.
  23. Tawny Kitaen dead at 59... 😢 she was the start of my love of redheads. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2021/05/08/tawny-kitaen-dead-dies/
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