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  1. 4 hours ago, jon_mx said:

    I would never refer to it as an armed intrusion.  The media and the left grossly mislead the public and won't stop the non-sense.   I still see it referred to as a deadly attack which is absurd.  

    I understand the point you’re trying to make although I consider your argument to be disingenuous. I know if the same thing happened at my front door I would consider it an armed attack, and if we could all put politics aside, I would think to a man we could all agree that the first person through the front door would get 2 to the chest if I had to protect my family.

  2. 1 hour ago, jon_mx said:

    Sorry, but that is crap.  Objects do not constitue arms.  One dude with a flag pole does not mean they were armed.  I know of no objects inside the Capitol building which were used to harm anyone.  I know the narrative is hard to let go, but it is extremely misleading at best.  If police shot a black man for carrying a flag saying he was 'armed',  the BS meters would go off.  

    If someone broke into your house swinging a flag pole and using bear spray on you and yours... would you consider them weapons?

  3. Hang in there Stryker... it does get easier. I am 2 weeks shy of 1 year sober. I found myself slipping into some not so good drinking habits and had to stop. It will snowball and the days will turn into weeks, and then months... and one day you’ll wake up and wonder why the hell did all that drinking. 

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  4. 19 minutes ago, JB Breakfast Club said:

    I have 2k to throw at something highly speculative. I have enough AMC/GME. Anyone want to pitch something fun?

    Look into TRCH... merger with with meta material happening soon and it will be paying a special dividend from a sell off of oil land. I’m in for 1000 shares just to see what the dividend will be... some people are saying a couple bucks some are saying could be $20 so who knows.


    Edit to add: I’m a complete moron though so do your DD.

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  5. 18 minutes ago, pmedina said:

    I haven’t sold a share (should have when it reached 18), trying to be patient. Citron was just on Fox promoting, hopefully that’s the catalyst needed. 

    Doubled my position over last 2 days on these dips. lets go!

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  6. 15 minutes ago, otb_lifer said:

    though the overwhelming majority will cite her video vixen work with Coverdale/Whitesnake, there are choice passages from "The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak" that wore out my pause/rewind buttons on the ol' VCR remote (circa mid '80s) - good lawd - beats the EMP-TV #### all to hell. 

    and i loved how she kinda lampooned herself later on in a Seinfeld episode ✌

    far too young to be leaving us - R.I.P. 


    And don’t forget that shower scene in Witchboard... my 12 year old self found that to be very important cinematic work.

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  7. Anyone smarter than me have input on TRCH? I'm in for 500 shares at $1.80. from what I read there is a merger happening and a sell off of some oil lands that is going to provide a special dividend. Seems like a good investment no?

    edit to add there is supposed to be some PR today

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  8. 23 minutes ago, pmedina said:

    I’m all in on this MUDS, decided to focus my secondary account on 1-2 targets. Was a bit late, but in for a yolo amount at 12.67.  I think this thing has serious legs. 

    That’s all I have in my play account besides a minuscule amount of QS. 

    Note:  This is not financial advice 🤣

    Todem runs my real account to make sure I can really retire.

    I'm thinking about doing the same thing... I'm in at 11.86 but I'm thinking about averaging up. Play money for me too, but I think this could be a cash cow.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, AAABatteries said:

    Congrats - my question to you.  You mention health and drinking in moderation.  Which was a bigger factor?  I’ve been cutting back to a degree to improve my health but I still feel I have the moderation thing down.  Go days without drinking, essentially  never drunk (although I couldn’t drive legally).  Was your motivation to make sure you didn’t have an addiction issue or just keep your health a priority?

    Hope my question is well-received - I’m supportive of anybody who wants to quit, no matter the reason.

    A little of both of I’m being honest... my father was an alcoholic and had drank himself to death by the age of 41. So I’ve always been mindful of that. I’ve never had a dui, never had any personal problems stem from drinking, but I have found myself getting to point that when I started drinking it was going to be a big night, nearly every time. That was something that started to scare me. 

    but my biggest factor is the health issue. I’ve seen what it looks like when someone destroys their liver by drinking first hand. It is a terrible way to die and that m, probably more than anything is my biggest motivational factor. If I could drink in moderation and with no I’ll effects health wise I would do it. Maybe one day I will... I don’t know

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  10. 8 hours ago, Rodrigo Duterte said:

    Tell us about it.  What have you learned?

    well not sure if I've " Learned" anything, but I can tell you a few things that have helped me. 

    Brief background, last summer, after some pretty good drinking through lockdown, I had my yearly checkup and had high ALT number. So I quit drinking and went back a month later and things were back to good. I made the decision to go ahead and keep it up. 

    I have tried to quit several times over the last 5 years, but I always end up slowly getting back to my old ways. The hardest part for me is that there are so many activities that I do that beer was associated with. Yard work? Have a beer, Grilling? Have a beer. Golf, have SEVERAL beers. you get the point. I had to learn to manage the triggers. For the most part that's all gone. I have my golf foursome, who I grew up with, who are also my drinking buddies. They have been really supportive and that's made it easier. I even went down to the local watering hole for some darts Wednesday night and the bartender just brings me a Diet Dr. Pepper without even asking if I want a beer. 

    My advice to those who are trying to quit, its like anything it will snowball the longer it goes. Also this is the first time I've  "quit" without counting the days. Before I could always tell you how many days its been, now I only have a general idea. I know I quit sometime in June and with the exception of Election night I've been sober. 

    The benefits have been noticeable as well. I sleep SO MUCH better than before. I've saved a ton of money. My anxiety has improved as well as my overall health. I do miss that buzz you get from drinking, but not sure I could keep the drinking in moderation. So as I tell people, I don't know if I'll drink again, I just know I don't want to  drink right now.  


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  11. 1 minute ago, stbugs said:

    Honestly, it’s terrible. While they are raising capital at a high share price (good for the company), the people buying the convertible debt/offerings are usually getting discounts and it’s adding a huge dilution of shares. The big thing is will they use the money well. Seems like they are shifting business plans as well, not really a good sign. If you are day trading it could be an impact but not as big. Long term it’s likely not good and if they aren’t successful pivoting, the share price will tank because there’s so many more shares.

    From a Motley Fool article/ad:

    Sundial Growers has undertaken a number of share issuances and debt-to-equity swaps since the end of September, resulting in an increase of over 1 billion outstanding shares. Aside from its highly dilutive activity, Sundial is in the midst of a business transition from the wholesale side of the cannabis business to retail. This shift won't happen overnight, and it promises to yield ongoing operating losses in the meantime.

    Thanks! That is kinda what I thought. Thank you for the help!

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