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  1. Reality Shows Part 4 Now we are starting to get to the big boys. These shows all were highly though of by our judges and were ranked as such. 7- Hard Knocks (10 points) This show follows a National Football League team through its training camp and covers the team's preparation for the upcoming football season. Its the first sports based reality tv show. It pulls back the curtain on life behind the scenes in the NFL and honestly what's not to love? Judges scores:10, 10, 10 6- The Amazing Race (11 points) Traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, doing all kinds of challenges to reach a million-dollar jackpot? Yes please. Judges scores: 12, 13, 8 5- Candid Camera (12 Points) "Smile, you're on Candid Camera. The Original hidden camera show. Started in 1948 and ran for over 50 years this show gave us a look at how people would respond to situations when they didn't know they were on camera and it was Hilarious. Judges Scores: 11, 11, 12
  2. Reality Shows Part 3 Middle of the pack shows, some good shows here but they fall just short of the top half 10- Shark Tank (7 points) Aspiring entrepreneurs trying to get investors (the "sharks") to help fund their companies. Shark Tank is one of the best shows on TV for its uniqueness. You get to see what the entrepreneurs are bringing to the table, and seeing what the judges consider worthwhile investments. I find myself saying "why didn't I think of that" a lot of times. I think we all want to have that one ideas that makes us rich. Judges scores: 7, 9, 4 9- The Bachalor (8 points) If you ask my wife this show would be number 1. I must admit I've seen way too many episodes of this show. But its a great format for drama. Bring in a bunch of hot women who are vying for the love of a handsome bachelor. Add alcohol, group dates, and rose ceremonies who eliminate women and you got a recipe for good TV. Judges scores: 9, 6, 6 8- RuPaul's Drag Race- (9 points) RuPaul’s Drag Race is part America’s Next Top Model, part American Idol, and part ‘90s ballroom competition. Between the Drama, trash talking and "shade queens" you find that the Drag Race contestants are true artists: people who create feats of fashion, make up, and hairstyling beyond most imaginations. Thrillist called Drag Race "the closest gay culture gets to a sports league." Judges scores: 5, 8, 11
  3. Reality Shows Part 2 These shows had the most variance amongst the judges. Personal preferences I guess. 13-Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (4 Points) Guy Fieri hosts this reality food show, where he travels around from city to city sampling the best foods from local restaurants. Fieri's personality is what makes Triple D work. This show will take you to "Flavor town" Judges Scores: 2, 7, 5 12- Big Brother (5 Points) This is a social experiment meets reality game show. The series put a group of houseguests in an elaborate soundstage equipped with cameras and microphones to capture their lives 24-7 as they competed in challenges and evicted each other from the house, all whilst completely blocked off from the outside world. it has spawned several spin offs and has been copied in many countries. Judges scores: 8, 2, 7 11- Jackass (6 points) Imagine trying to explain Jackass to someone who never heard of the show or its concept. Its a bunch of grown men doing stupid ####. No, their is no cash prize, no there is no elimination, no winner. The joy this show is its just a bunch of friends doing crazy stunts and hidden camera pranks .Its also a show that could never be made today. It was a much simpler time. Judges scores: 6, 4, 9
  4. Reality Shows Rankings Thanks to @mphtrilogy and @Yo Mama for helping judge what I thought at first would be an easy category. Turns out it was, for me, much harder than I anticipated. The Reality genre is a really broad playing field. You have competition shows, food shows, fashion shows, hidden camera/prank shows, voyeurism, or some combination. When ranking shows, awards played no part in my final decision, as that's not really what reality tv is about. I did take into account the shows cultural impact and the shows impact on the genre itself. Biggest omission was Cops. I wish I would have taken it. It would have finished top half of draft for me . Another favorite of mine is Deadliest Catch. Bottom Tier: According to the judges, these three shows didn't have what it takes to score higher. I admit though if judge by a different clientele perhaps they would have been more popular. 16- Say Yes to the Dress (1 Point) Part bridal story, part fashion makeover and part family therapy session, ultimately this is just too much of a niche of a show to score any higher. Judges score: 1, 1, 2 15- This Old House- (2 points) TOH basically created the home improvement genre of reality tv. Many a viewer dreamed about buying and restoring an old home. I wish this one could have scored higher. Judges scores: 3, 3, 1 14- Keeping up with the Kardashians (3 points) What does a sex tape with a rapper and a semi famous dad get you? Well if you are willing to exploit your "assets" It can get you one of the most watched reality shows. The Kardashian franchise is a multi billion dollar empire. But the show itself is scripted reality and the "Famous for being Famous" culture has lead to millions of people looking for social media fame, from Instagram models to social media influencers. Get a JOB! And get off my lawn! Judges scores: 4, 5, 3
  5. thanks @mphtrilogy for the help. Id honestly love to get one more set of rankings to get a better aggregated score. If someone wants to help out send me your rankings and I can start rolling these out today.
  6. Anyone want to share rankings on Reality Shows? I like how many are using a consensus system for their categories. I have my rankings done but it would be nice to see how others rank them. Pm if you're interested.
  7. This is me... only in Kansas.
  8. I could help you mojo..I think I’ve seen at least a few episodes of all the westerns. if you could help me with reality shows we could knock both these out. PM me if interested.
  9. From Twitter... MAGA thought process: We must punish evil China for sending this horrible virus that is just the common cold and we don't need masks but Trump was a hero for wearing one that one time and God bless him for inventing the miraculous vaccine we're not going to take.
  10. This, to me has been especially challenging... doing the things that usually drink while I do. For me, when I grill, I drink. When I do yard work, I drink. When I play golf, I drink. Breaking that association had been the hard, but it’s getting easier. I actually did all 3 this weekend without a beer... and honestly didn’t even give it much thought.
  11. Just happened to me yesterday... and apparently 8 other teachers in our school district... people suck
  12. The least socialist nation in the world also has the most Covid deaths... weird
  13. WELL... the do have a R by their name... which is good enough for most.
  14. After 9 categories I am setting with a net value of +14. lowest score of 4 for Andy Griffith theme song.
  15. This has been me and and my friends for as long as I care to remember. We never worried about how much we would drink because we knew we would drink till the beer was gone. When you drink at the same level of everyone you surround yourself with its hard to see that your really drinking WAY too much.
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