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  1. 16 minutes ago, Binky The Doormat said:

    I know a big part of the difference of that "drunk line" being different is eating ...the issue is - I completely lose my appetite after having just a couple.  I love drinking when I cook and there are so many times I don't eat dinner because I have had several drinks.  

    This, to me has been especially challenging... doing the things that usually drink while I do. For me, when I grill, I drink. When I do yard work, I drink. When I play golf, I drink. Breaking that association had been the hard, but it’s getting easier. I actually did all 3 this weekend without  a beer... and honestly didn’t even give it much thought. 

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Mr. Ham said:

    Drank heavily and especially on weekends, real binge drinking. Expectation was start drinking, don’t stop. Most of my friends were on board. I would drink until the booze was gone or I passed out.


    This has been me and and my friends for as long as I care to remember.  We never worried about how much we would drink because we knew we would drink till the beer was gone. When you drink at the same level of everyone you surround yourself with its hard to see that your really drinking WAY too much. 

  3. ok my story...

    Been debating on adding to thread but I've seen some brave people sharing their stories. 

    My story is similar to many of yours. For the record, I selected "I drink more than I should and have tried to stop but its hard in the poll." I have been a drinker my whole adult life. It started with parties in High School, then college. Then it progressed to most weekends to every weekend. In my 30s it got progressively worse. I have never been a daily drinker but when I drink... I DRINK. Beer mostly and It would not be uncommon for me to have 7-8 pints a night 3-5 days a week. About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with fatty liver and had had elevated ALT liver enzymes. I would like to say that was a wake up call but it really wasn't. I tried to quit since then, but its been mostly fits and starts. I didn't cut the amount a drank when I drank , but I have been able to cut the days. I have had several 30-60 days sober only to go back to drinking.

    It got particularly  bad during quarantine this last spring and When I went in for my  yearly in July my blood work was bad again. So I decided to quit again... With the exception of Election Night ( when I had several) I have been good. Im going on about 19 weeks sober minus that night.  I cant say that I will never drink again, but I can say I don't want to drink right now. Good luck to all who want to limit or change drinking habits. I know the struggle.

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  4. Just now, bostonfred said:

    starting weight 189... had a good week except for ice cream on Sunday. tried to stay under 1500 calories for the day. Did not weigh all week, as I can be obsessive with daily fluctuations. As of this morning I am 186. Was hoping for more, but good first week. will add some cardio this week and see what happens.

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  5. 25 minutes ago, Yo Mama said:

    1971-1990 Supporting Man Final Rankings


    16 pts - Lou Grant (#1)

    15 pts - Dan Fielding (#2)

    14 pts - Louie De Palma (#3)

    13 pts - Michael Stivic (#4)

    12 pts - Ted Baxter (#5)

    11 pts - Reverend Jim Ignatowski (#6)

    10 pts - Arthur Fonzerelli (#7)

    9 pts - Norm Peterson (#8)

    8 pts - Corp. "Radar" O'Reilly (#9)

    7 pts - Dr. Victor Ehrlich (#10)

    6 pts - Dr. Johnny Fever (#11)

    5 pts - Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester III (#12)

    4 pts - Jonathan Higgins (#13)

    3 pts - John Boy Walton (#14)

    2 pts - Roscoe P. Coltrane (#15)

    1 pts - Data (#16)


    Good work!

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  6. RD 49 - Margaret Williams - supporting woman 1950-1970

    Jean Hagen nominated three times for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role as Margaret Williams on the television series Make Room for Daddy. After the third season of show Jean left and the show wrote her off the show by having her die... which was the first time in tv sitcom history that a character was killed off a show. 


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