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  1. Best cookies I’ve ever eaten. They are actually more like brownies in terms of size / texture. Definitely worth checking out. The location on W 74th typically has a line, but when I’ve gone it’s been less than 15 minutes.
  2. I’m in total agreement as well. I think the only notable exception would be Nomos which has some unique and attractive watches with in-house movements roughly in that range. For example, the Orion retails at $2260. I assume you could negotiate that down to at or below $2K new from an AD. And probably $1500 for something used. I see another posted referenced Nomos above. Definitely worth considering.
  3. So apparently there was just a transcription error. The judge actually scored it 114-112 for Fury. That means the cards aren’t as far apart as they seem. I had it 113-113 and felt the outcome was just. https://mobile.twitter.com/martin_domin/status/1069111499711492096/photo/1
  4. The only thing I can think is that he scored two rounds 10-8 for fury without a knockdown?
  5. How come the judges’ scores don’t all add up to the same amount? One card was114-110 Fury and another was 115-111 wilder. Then there was the 113-113 draw. There’s two fewer points on the card that fury won. That doesn’t make sense to me.
  6. Just have an auction between the two of them for the room with the attached bathroom. Whoever is willing to pay the most will get the room and pay the “market” price.
  7. With this budget, Seiko will be the most common watch-insiders recommendation. Probably already been suggested, but one of the most versatile Seiko models is the SARB033. It's actually a little under your budget as well.
  8. Andre Ward is "leaving boxing." Happy for him to go out on top. Should benefit his long term health as well. I don't think it was ever going to happen anyway, but I'm disappointed that this closes the door on a Ward-Stevenson bout. Maybe we will see Kovalev-Stevenson now. If Stevenson beats Alvarez they won't have anybody left to fight except each other.
  9. Just to tag team on this, I wouldn't even run this 5K at marathon pace. Not sure how quick your friend is, but I don't think you should be running any faster than 9 minute miles and given the weather conditions you typically face 10 minute miles is probably smarter. It should be a recovery effort.
  10. Black Sheep is much more convenient for where you are staying, and it's a solid place. But Pizzeria Lola is way better in my opinion and might be worth the trip if you are really into pizza.
  11. Restaurants: For dinner - Bar La Grasa, Spoon and Stable, Bachelor Farmer, Red Rabbit. For lunch - Kramarczuk's. For breweries, others have mentioned Surly and Modist. Pyres just opened on the river and it has a pretty cool vibe. The "Northeast" neighborhood has tons of craft breweries that you can check out: nemplsbeer.com If the weather is nice I would definitely second the Sculpture Garden and Lake Calhoun. Minnehaha is probably also worth the trip. Mill City Museum is kind of cool about the history of the city - maybe not as interesting for out of towners. If you want to rent
  12. I would recommend reading back through this thread. You can find the training logs and tune up race times for a lot of these guys who are giving advice. Then look at what times they ran in their marathons and read the race reports from their experiences. This will help you as a first timer with pre race routines, fuel/hydration during the race, and mental preparation. Also it will give you an idea of what you might be capable of on race day by comparing your training to theirs and seeing how it translates to race pace.
  13. Related question, if you own bitcoin is it essential to also own ether?
  14. I don't recall, I guess I could search back in this thread, but in Steve's Olympic qualification quest, did he DNF races when he knew he wouldn't achieve the qualifying standard? I see both sides of the coin here. Running 4 miles on an empty tank just to cross the finish line would risk injury, increase recovery time, and be a set back to training over the next several weeks. Not finishing could make sense if you want to save your body or have other races coming up. That said, there is an ethos in sports for "finishing the drill" and there is an element of dishonor (that's probably too st
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