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  1. That final round was a rather stupid reveal and ruined the comp. They should have just had Kam and CT face off on a search for the relic, maybe a miniature version of it, and whoever found it first wins. Nothing physical.
  2. One of the worst Hulk spots I've ever seen in any form.
  3. Is anyone currently using SFU? Could you PM me a link please? I'm having issues with SportzTV and they don't offer much support for TVs. My link is good. My acct is active. Tried using both Smart IPTV (what I've always used) and DuplexPlay (they suggested). Maybe I'll try to set it up on a firestick this week.
  4. Is it the expectation that AMC will run big overnight? Seems to be the pattern but I could be looking at this wrong.
  5. Does anyone know what paysite is generating the cash game lineups that essentially behave as cut line walls (all or most players are 50% owned or greater) most nights? I assume it's RG. I also assume 20-30 people on a nightly basis are not picking the same lineup in 100-person 5050's based on projection data, so the site hands the lineup out to their members? EDIT: yep, it's RG, went into their forums and saw some messages about it. And apparently it's winning at a ridiculous rate this year, putting you at a big disadvantage if you're not using.
  6. What have you guys done if you got tangled up in a reverse split? For example, the stock reverse splits and is trading ~100% lower than your new average...which seems miles apart.
  7. Regarding the penny discussion....I've read/watched people give very different definitions. Some say anything under $5 is a penny, some under $1...heck I've even seen $10. For a learning experience, I wouldn't hesitate buying a couple future techs in this range over a fractional share of a giant. That's where I was about 10 months ago. Drones for example...one of my first purchases was UAVS and I can say that stock has taught me alot. I wish I had more invested too where I could have done some real trimming, I did take back my initial investment though. I wouldn't go buy a bunch of stock
  8. Always seemed like a good dude and was a helpful poster. RIP MoCS.
  9. I thought Beckham's clean break was after next season....it's right now?
  10. It’s a result driven response to that last play. It’s not a good call, it just worked.
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