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  1. Went to the SFU site about a week ago to look over the pricing, etc. I asked a support question as well and never got a response. Earlier this week I went to sign up for a month to test it but the site was down and hasn't come back. Is the service down again?
  2. Now I had to look. These have to all be packs, right? 1-5th Legend Holo Icon ($999 value) 6-15th Rare Rising Stars ($199 value) 16-70th Common Base Set ($9 value) 71-5000th Bonus Cash
  3. Free NBA Fanduel contest tomorrow that rewards moments. Let the "marketing" begin....
  4. I always thought the Jordan/Kobe etc moments would be the jump the shark point for TS. I guess it could lead to more interest, but if you can't get the current NBA right, retired HOF'ers aren't going to save the sinking ship. I think..
  5. The best is how the "genuines" rip the "rent seekers".... then in subsequent tweets or whatever are complaining about how red their account is.....then you'll see how they're in this for the long haul based on whatever can get them to sleep at night. Wait til the playoffs, wait til marketing, wait til out of Beta, wait til the however many millions of NBA fans around the globe see what's being built here.... I could be wrong in the long run, but the "rent seekers" sure seem like the savvy investors/collectors right now (if they can liquidate). And there's nothing stopping a "rent seeker
  6. I might have a project for work in Rancho Cordova the week of the Sac/SF run. Hmmmm, I'm likely not going to find out dates this week though.
  7. Has anyone been able to complete the withdraw approval process without actually initiating an actual withdrawal request? That's what I have a few back and forth emails about now with them. It's like I'm dealing with AI. Can't get a straight answer and I don't think I'm being overly confusing at all. All I want is instant liquidity when I want to withdraw. I have not been triggered on Dapper for the Identity Check thing. Sounds like that is automated and this person will not kick that off for me. They should be doing the Identity Check and screening upon sign up. That could
  8. I'm sure this will have a challenge as well which will drive immediate returns. So you're going to flip immediately? Let us know how it goes. What I've been seeing is the commons will be $3-$5 and the good moments will be around $55. I'm not sure if this is post market cooldown, post challenge, upon opening, etc. The only people I've seen excited about this drop are the people who will buy anything and are super bullish going forward. Even that Plunge dude on Twitter was ripping the drop apart yesterday and he's a TS shill.
  9. New drop announced for tomorrow. 75k packs @ $150, must meet collector score of 220. There will be rebound packs for the approx 75k of people who don’t get the $150. I imagine many of us will not qualify even though that’s a low score. I would have qualified yesterday, but sold a moment and was sitting at 216 when they took the snapshot today. Sealed packs also did not add to your score for this drop, which is a massive failure on their part. All that said, this seems to be the first -EV pack. At current market value, unless you pull a ridiculous serial, you’re getting around $70 wor
  10. Did that Dingaling dude who went on a serial #1 tear buy it? I have no LE $99 or $199 packs. Just one $14.99 and the rest are $9.99. Is your point that if you were me you would open them looking for the gem? What I need to do at some point, if it’s possible, is figure out what the best sealed moments are from the drops I have. I know it’s sort of manually possible on Evaluate Market, but it will be painful.
  11. Haven’t seen it mentioned, but of the 5 packs I’ve been able to obtain, I’ve kept 4 sealed. Will go on later tonight or late tomorrow night to snag the reserved pack (they are going to do these weekly now) but will not open. The plan is to hold them for a few years, but once they allow packs to be sold direct in the marketplace later this year I’ll have to reassess. The pack I opened had 3 moments and I sold 2 of them for over $200 total. Those 2 are worth MUCH less today. I’ve prob spent $30 or so out of pocket.
  12. Any guesses on Project Pheonix @Tecumseh? Blockchain?
  13. I didn't want to go too honk-y in my post hoping for some conversation of others as well....but this is a good post. I've been digging into this one more than anything else right now. Still waiting for my BNB to "clear" so I can get in the game, I think it's a 7 day wait.
  14. Will have to check for a '13 Terrain with very low mileage, thanks!
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