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  1. Well this happened later in the game, but it’s a good summary of the 1st Q and pretty much the game… https://twitter.com/jaycrawfordcle/status/1449868723981070340?s=21
  2. Heck yeah, I'd be watching the sales and floor closely and dumping one for sure. Not financial advice (always wanted to say that lol).
  3. ISO 10/28 and maybe 10/29 if anyone has leads would be appreciated!
  4. Re: early vs late While I def believe it’s early (just look how few people are actually using OpenSea), I’m starting to hear more and more buzz around an approaching NFT bear market. Sooner than we think too. Is this just natural FUD? Preparing in any way?
  5. Tried following along on their tweets the past few weeks and just couldn't do it. They're way more scattered then they think they are in their own minds. And I know they said it was not going to be easy. But still.
  6. Thank you and thank you for that link! I've had my eyes open for one even prior to last week. Goldmine!
  7. Was really stupid of him, but it didn't matter. We knew the lawyer was going to dominate that QA session. There have been a number of runner ups like Big D who had a tiny resume compared to the person sitting next to them that still don't even give themselves a fighting chance. Big D could have presented a better argument than he did. The pressure must really get to people but I don't think Big D was nervous. They know how to answer all these competition questions about the season to get to the end but then can't coherently promote themselves.
  8. Thanks goodness we didn't have to go through "bitter jury" this time. Wonder if some people in here give any credit to the CO in that regard.
  9. I wish they hadn't have scripted it that way even though she requested the spot. They could have done her better and approached it more strongly as an awareness thing. I think that's what she was trying to do, regardless of Ian, and I think that's fine. They gave more airtime to D to clown about his truths lol. And I agree with others, I found Brit amazingly annoying. Still a good story though.
  10. Which Brady? Is there future utility in these things? I just scored one of the Tiger carbon signed /100's last week. By far my biggest NFT win, I was 111th in line (don't ever leave if you're somewhat close). Floor started out around 4k, then there was a climb to the 6-7k range, and it's sitting now just below 10k. I'm trying to get complete sales history from DK because I haven't been watching their MP much since I missed out on Brady/Jeter. I imagine they will not provide it to me, but they really should be providing this to everyone by now. If anyone knows Brady/Jeter/Wayne peaks/dips (most comparable to Tiger), please let me know I would appreciate it!
  11. They've got some chips beyond that. Hojgaard and MacIntyre come to mind first. I think they should have seen the writing on the wall when the selections were made and went in this direction with a couple of picks simply to onboard for Rome.
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