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  1. This space is like the wild wild west. Tons of supply out there and feels like it's not slowing. Drops are generally a horrible experience. So many of these are money grabs and the devs/teams become disengaged after the drop. Scammers putting up almost identical projects on OS to lure in people to buy fakes. People getting all their NFTs and ETH stolen because they think they're dealing with OS help or whatever. ETC ETC Then there's Discord, which to me is a nightmare of an app/site (at least it's not Telegram bad), where most of these projects communicate and grow their communities. I've bought a few of the wrong ones that haven't boomed, but I still think there is room to grow with them. I also minted 3 chickens to race/breed of what basically seems like the chicken version of Zed Run. That should pop once Beta starts soon and I'm definitely going to sell 1 of my 2 hens while keeping a hen and rooster. Waiting to sell the Own The Moment/The Owners Club fantasy football NFTs, that drop was a mess and still has no secondary market on OS. All I wanted to do was flip them to fantasy football nuts. I enter a bunch and have won a few giveaways through Twitter/Discord as well. Nothing big to write home about, but one I just "won" has a floor over .3 ETH, I'm just not sure it's legit yet as the person hasn't sent it over to me. There are people running fake giveaways on Twitter to gain followers, but to me it's not worth much time investigating them, you sorta figure out who's legit as you go. What's the point of increased followers on Twitter anyways? It's not like Twitch where the more subs you have the more you can make from being a Twitch partner.
  2. I just think it's deeper than that. Sunday justified what was already in my mind for a long time even back to last season. Will it play out that way? Who knows...probably not. Things happen. There will definitely be other worthy AFC teams this year, I just don't know who yet. I'd have Baltimore there but their injuries leave me on the hold.
  3. Let's be real, KC has needed some flukey crap to happen to beat us these last 2 games. That said before I get lambasted, Mahomes did get hurt in the playoff game, so that's a monster factor too.
  4. I think there's a clear separation of the 2 best teams in the AFC and that's what we saw yesterday. Hopefully that's how the season plays out. I want them again.
  5. That's just cuz the whiteys and asians and whatever Alyssa considers herself couldn't figure it out. The Cookout will go down as one of the best alliances ever, for good reason.
  6. Pretty good start I must say. Should be the first of many partner flips. Hopefully all the matches are not 2v2 cuz we’ll be due for some clunkers, but I like the idea of 2 going home. I’ll never applaud or forget Devin’s past, but this season I might be able to get on board with him.
  7. I’ve watched almost every show, they’ve been great. While all that is true above, you can still tell they’re working out some 18 month layoff kinks at certain times as they go. Fishman is a ####### monster though. With Reprise surprise last night, s2+E has a lot of possibilities tonight. Really excited this should be a doozy! Can I get a Faulty Plan please?!?!
  8. Fired up for the start of great things! Kinda cool that you can package up all the shows for a couch tour discount. A little steep for me still and the East coast shows I have trouble seeing set 1 sometimes. A little bummed nothing worked out to see them in person (so far). Cali work trip got axed. Going on a vacation next week when they’re near me. Next time!
  9. Yeah, that was a 2 week master class on how to suck at BB. After the initial introductions, Frenchie was going to be near the top of my list to root for too.
  10. The name is mostly fine especially if you’re a Clevelander. If you don’t like it, I imagine in time it will be OK. Nationally, it probably gets ripped but it’s mostly due to being uneducated on the subject. The baseball G wing logo is absolutely terrible. I can’t believe that’s what they came up with. Fans have put out FAR better logos. I hope they reconsider.
  11. There were also 250+ moments that generally go for around $3 or less bought at a $12 price point. One of mine was bought, a 40k Patty Mills for $12. I'm guessing TS gave these "influencers" the cash or some perk to do this. Then they are going to giveaway all the moments they bought back to the community. I'm sure that $12 has been reinvested in most cases already. It's crazy to see so many people rave about this market increase, but fail to realize (or admit) it was not done organically. That's the problem with TS. It's all been manipulation and pumps. I probably sound like a broken record in here. 🤣
  12. Right or wrong, I think they think they have a solid base. But it's already a conflicted base (s1 OGs vs Feb/Mar). Then you have the flippers and collectors who just can't be collector score 2500 type collectors. An overwhelming amount of these people, especially the Feb/Mar crew, want the flippers out and think TONS of the nba fans around the world simply don't know about TS and will make TS huge. Anyone.....please correct me if I'm wrong here.
  13. Good stuff, thanks. IOW, this is how some people could "swing" crypto? I've been wondering how that works compared to traditional stocks. I imagine there are fees to consider here which is another difference from traditional stocks where just about all trades are at no extra cost.
  14. I don't think I said they're going to increase significantly, at least recently. I just think there is no point in ripping them now in a down market while essentially freerolling, so waiting to see what happens is the only other option. Ripping, hoping for a Lebron, and cashing out could be in the works at some point for me as well. Just ok with waiting.
  15. I'm keeping sealed to see the landscape when they are able to be sold sealed. TS isn't going anywhere anytime that soon. At least until the first agreement with the NBA dries up in a couple years. That said, mine were almost all purchased from the sales of two moments minus my initial investment of like $30.
  16. It's about 33%. People should have to pay up front (with knowledge of the players or moments in the drop), then mint the moments, then disperse. They essentially minted 33% more moments than they needed to and they're already flooding the market. Bad decision after bad decision.
  17. Could you flesh out "stable coins" and what you did here for a noob?
  18. They’re also giving $16 credit to existing customers. You have to use #topshotthis or some tag like that and then show proof. I didn’t dig into all the details but it seems pretty easy. I’m hoping to come across a great “oooops” highlight to send them lol. Feel free to post an “oooops” highlight here! We should all use the same one
  19. It’s quite amazing that this is a common view but the complete opposite also is. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. My buddy keeps saying yesterday was the bottom. 🤪 Like they started “marketing” today, so the shills are out in force loving it. From what I can gather, it’s social media driven (ads on FB, etc) and they’re getting verified accounts on Twitter with large followings to bring in new users. I’d love to know what those people are getting in return. Apparently this is the passive approach. Aggressive marketing will be post Beta. Whatever that means.
  20. Been using Dynasty m3u for about a week now. Pretty good for the UFC PPV last Sat and golf all morning today. Watched some Indians games this week as well.
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