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  1. The guy who own this site . Yeah that's pretty obvious whats not obvious is at least to me is what I said that was inappropriate
  2. Dear sir you are clearly mistaken by stating as fact that the Rams are running a 3-4 defense for the 1st time They hired Wade Phillips in 2017 and by some estimates A Donald enjoyed a stellar season,. If in your opinion this did not meet your goals I hope he improves his statistical output to meet your lofty expectations. The fact that someone with a different name on his jersey is standing next to him does not change the fact that you what you stated as fact was clearly not correct
  3. Vikes shock the football world ... Ohh neva mind they did that last week
  4. Edmunds did not look like he wanted to get involved in that play
  5. Brady 11-21 105 1 int 1 TD Sony PlayStation sucks
  6. Unnecessary Roughness that sack hurt the QBs feeling 1st down
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