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  1. Got Chubb and Flacco, thanks all. Jeffery was snapped up at spot no 1, as was everyone else on my list behind me bar Gabriel.
  2. Oh yeah, that's a good deal for you. Take that
  3. Thanks for your thoughts, i'm interested why you think I shouldn't be aiming for a keeper since ANY player picked up would be eligible to be kept. Alshon Jeffery wouldn't be available in round 14 in next year's draft! Due to this, players on waiver are a valuable commodity as if you find a good long term starter you can set your squad up for years. Players such as David Johnson, OBJ and Kamara are kept at rd 14 value in my league. I've put a claim in on Flacco (good matchups in the next few weeks) but that will be an easy grab, QB's are low priority in the league and hence won't have an i
  4. I'm starting Edelman this week, Indy played overtime into TNF and their starting slot CB is out this week.
  5. You are going to have to give up AB if you want Gurley. I agree with others, Mixon is in play with an offer of Thompson/Lesser WR.
  6. I'm in a very competitive league which allows waiver additions to be kept indefinitely for the sacrifice of a final round pick (Round 14). Hence, waiver wire is extremely active in the league. Bench is only 4 spots so bye weeks present a real issue however when it comes to stashing players. This week, i have priority number 2, and following picks are available: Jeffery, Coutee, Chubb, Cohen, Taywan Taylor, Gabriel, Mariota, Flacco Who do you think I should pick up and why? I'm clearly desperate for RB help so i'd thinking Cohen but Chubb would be the better longer term keeper if
  7. If you can go down to 1 starting RB I'd take the trade personally. You are right you'll go down this year but Howard isn't a transcendent talent like Golladay is, think he massively improves your receiver position going forward long term.
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