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  1. Absolute master class in foreign policy. The boys can learn a lot.
  2. I think Biden will be drooling in a home a year from now. I'm not joking. Really worried about that guy.
  3. Nobody in their right mind thinks this is going to end conflict with Iran.
  4. Stop dancing and just be a man and admit you’re ok with those American deaths at the hands of Solemani because it gives you a reason to fill your sick lust for criticizing everything Trump does. You’re either happy he’s been removed and no more Americans will die because of him or you’re willing to sacrifice those lives and more because you don’t want to give Trump a win on this.
  5. Yet they didn’t. And hundreds of American soldiers paid for that decision with their lives.
  6. Will you stop? I’m asking that you stop trying to hold this terrorist up to some standard of being a respected govt official. To all Americans he was a terrorist first and foremost. We have no obligation to respect the Iranian govt chain of command. You keep referring to this murderer of Americans as a govt leader and not a terrorist it’s going to get you permanently labeled as terrorist sympathizer as well as an anti-American traitor.
  7. Greta meets Maxine. This is gold... https://youtu.be/b5DpdWE9oKc
  8. You'd think after three years of getting literally everything wrong they would just stop and try to understand. Such an unearned arrogance amongst them.
  9. He was already killing American soldiers. I guess you're option is to let that continue. You're a real patriot.
  10. He was a terrorist first and foremost to us. A terrorist that was actively planning to kill American citizens. What in God's name is wrong with you?
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