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  1. It's perfectly legal to seek help from a foreign nation to root out govt corruption.
  2. Why do you think Hunter Biden was paid an enormous amount of money to do nothing? Explain why that doesn't deserve to be looked at.
  3. Wait Biden and Obama selling out the country's foreign policy so the VPs son can get rich in a position he's unqualified for and then threatening the country and admitting to it on tape when it looks like the walls are closing in is all made up? Nah, that's not corrupt at all. That's not worthy of a closer look.
  4. Just like we don’t and will never consider him impeached from an illegitimate and corrupt D led house.
  5. After what the corrupt and anti-American Ds have put this country thru the last 3 years they deserve to lose every major election for years and years.
  6. So hard not to laugh at this drama queen Schumer. Lie after lie mixed in with the overly dramatic faux outrage. Nobody takes this guy serious.
  7. Analysis from an unbiased, trustworthy poster.
  8. I still like you Tim even though I’m giving my monitor the finger. Lol.
  9. Cut the crap. You equated support for Trump with support for those things and it couldn’t be more ignorant and mis-informed and you’re trying to backtrack. Try to be better.
  10. I find it ignorant when people use words they don’t know the meaning of. HTH.
  11. I didn’t think you were capable of this level of ignorance. What a disgraceful post and you shouldn’t use terms you don’t know the definition of.
  12. Thanks @Shula-holic. Good to have some folks that know about this stuff on the board. 👊
  13. Absolute master class in foreign policy. The boys can learn a lot.
  14. I think Biden will be drooling in a home a year from now. I'm not joking. Really worried about that guy.
  15. Nobody in their right mind thinks this is going to end conflict with Iran.
  16. Stop dancing and just be a man and admit you’re ok with those American deaths at the hands of Solemani because it gives you a reason to fill your sick lust for criticizing everything Trump does. You’re either happy he’s been removed and no more Americans will die because of him or you’re willing to sacrifice those lives and more because you don’t want to give Trump a win on this.
  17. It was a good read because it gives folks like you the real world version of the story. Not the fake news crap you lap up. Trump doesn’t need defended. He did nothing wrong.
  18. Yet they didn’t. And hundreds of American soldiers paid for that decision with their lives.
  19. Good read https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2020/01/07/have-we-won-senate-democrat-all-but-tells-nancy-pelosi-to-end-impeachment-articl-n2559110
  20. Shouldn’t we all be hoping he got an enormous score? I assume you saw the entire video of those kids being harassed. Combined with the treatment he got in the following days he deserves a nice payday. I’d assume you agree.
  21. Will you stop? I’m asking that you stop trying to hold this terrorist up to some standard of being a respected govt official. To all Americans he was a terrorist first and foremost. We have no obligation to respect the Iranian govt chain of command. You keep referring to this murderer of Americans as a govt leader and not a terrorist it’s going to get you permanently labeled as terrorist sympathizer as well as an anti-American traitor.
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