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  1. Well, hope you swung with McLaurin. Happy with Lockett’s production at the flex, so it worked out (had AJBrown and Godwin in my WR slots). My opponent swamped me with touchdowns—he has CMC and Parker. So, I’m off to the third place game, even though I had the second highest score of the week. Hope you’re still alive...
  2. Like I said earlier, my opponent has Lamar and Ingram. I think Laird is a high floor option at my flex; I gotta swing for the fences now--eyeballing Lockett and McLaurin instead.
  3. Yeah, I changed my post to reflect that he has a home game and I agree that being in Lambeau makes a difference. Still don't like the range of possible outcomes. Interesting take on Goff. What makes you think it will be a shootout? (Note: I had Goff earlier in the year and dropped him in disgust...so I would have to overcome my lingering distaste 😆) No one should trust Eli. Lol! But, that defense is just horrible and has given up an average of 21 points to QBs for the year (and for the last 3 games). But, Goff probably has a bigger ceiling. So, point taken. Thanks!
  4. I don't like the match up this week. Got nothing really on the waiver wire: Eli, Rivers, Goff, Drew Lock, K. Allen, Trubisky. Would you play any of those QBs over Rodgers this week? Like I said earlier, Aaron has not produced against any decent defenses this year--Chicago on the road scares me. What do you think his projection range would be? 10-20 points? Thought I was strong at QB this year. Nope. Edited to add: I'm leaning towards an Eli start against Miami 😲
  5. Looking ahead, I picked up Denver DST when they play Detroit. Never too early to prepare!
  6. In standard, I’m thinking Laird will max out at about 50-70 yards and a TD. So, 5 points to 13 points expected, depending on whether he scored a TD—high floor flex in my mind.
  7. Rolling with him in my flex right now, over Lockett, McLaurin, and Beasley. If Baltimore blows up on Thursday (my opponent has Lamar and Ingram), then I might have to go with Lockett or McLaurin for higher upside...
  8. Trying to pick up GB or Buffalo this week. Carolina's D is trash now.
  9. Dropping Koo (who powered me to my playoff win) for Myers. I predict lots of points in the Carolina-Seattle game, but I see SF stifling the resurgent Falcons offense...
  10. Yeah, I hear you. I’m pretty spooked. But my options are ### puckering as well. AJBrown against Oakland or Robbie Anderson against Miami or Cole Beasley against Buffalo (in that order). So, do I have the stones to bench Lockett? We’ll see tomorrow morning when I consult my gut...
  11. I picked him up. Might catch (white) lightning in a bottle for the playoffs...
  12. It's weird to type this, but I agree that Rodgers is a matchup play this year--he's blown up in a couple of games against dreadful defenses (Philly, Oakland, KC, and NYG) and laid absolute stinkers against any defense with a pulse. I had to blow a roster spot to cover him during the playoffs (weeks 15 and 16). Not a hot take. Just facts. I'll start him next week and show him the bench in the following weeks, running Daniel Jones! out there against Miami and Washington.
  13. FWIW, dropped Samuels for Snell (missed out on Darrel Williams); dropped Goedert for AJ Brown; dropped that stiff Brian Hill for Pollard. I’m now holding Armstead and Pollard as possible lottery picks. Three other possible moves: (1) drop Daniel Jones for Darnold (who knew that I would not be able to count on even average production from Rodgers); (2) drop Jax D for Jets D (have Carolina); and, (3) drop Freeman for either Robbie Anderson or Emmanuel Sanders. Playoff schedules are the primary concern now...
  14. Interesting as I made the opposite calculation and picked up Samuels over Snell. My thinking was that Samuels will have some value as a receiving back regardless of whether Conner or Snell gets the carries. Pittsburgh backup QBs have been check-down kings...I'm running Samuels out in my flex this week with Ekeler out. That said, you might be right! [edited to add] oh, and Snell is coming back from injury so I'm not expecting a tremendously heavy workload.
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