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  1. Looking ahead, I picked up Denver DST when they play Detroit. Never too early to prepare!
  2. Trying to pick up GB or Buffalo this week. Carolina's D is trash now.
  3. Like others, I'm wavering on this move to the Jets D. Eyeballing Steelers and Philly for their playoff schedules, while hanging onto Carolina.
  4. Holding Minny and Carolina at the moment. I will try to drop Minny for the Jets ROS after this week. (Depending on injuries, I might pull the trigger now so I don’t miss out on the waiver run) Jets D is no joke, and the offense will now help them out. The schedule is tasty as well. No brainer in my mind.
  5. Anyone entertaining the idea of the Jets D from Week 8 until Week 14? Jax, Miami (2x), Cincy, NYG, Oak, and Wash. And Darnold should be back by then. Might pick them up in Week 7 when they play the Pats...
  6. I would worry about a rookie QB turning the ball over and not sustaining drives, putting pressure on the D...so, I would pick up either of those defenses.
  7. Have the Vikes D. Picked up Carolina as a Defense by Committee partner for the next few weeks: Week 2: CAR vs TB Week 3: CAR vs @ARI or MN vs OAK Week 4: MN vs @CHI Week 5: CAR vs JAX or MN vs @NYG Week 6: CAR vs @TB Week 7: MN vs @DET Week 8: CAR vs @SF or MN vs WASH We'll see how it goes as we learn about the offenses in the league, but I would bet TB will continue to turn the ball over, SF doesn't convince me, and NYG will have a tough year. Chicago will regress as teams will figure out the smoke and mirrors of that offense--Trubisky is average at bes
  8. Baltimore. At home. Just held KC to under 30 points in overtime. Winston will throw a pick guaranteed.
  9. I’m debating between Chicago at home against GB and Houston at NYJets. Decisions, decisions. I need upside against the #1 seed. We have yardage and points penalties. My decision point might well be this: which QB will give up a TD through a strip sack or pick 6? Rodgers or Darnold?
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