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  1. Also all the comments on here about the competitiveness and insanity with hockey are spot on. Nothing to add there. Need deep pockets for this sport.
  2. I saw your comment on him working "on his leg strength and fitness." I also understand there is a pandemic right now, so wanted to preface that with what I have to say. Definitely get him involved in a structured weight training program (not bodybuilding! Not bodybuilding! One more time: NOT BODYBUILDING! Functional strength training is what you're after). Kid should be an animal when he's 18 if under the right supervision with proper programming and periodization. That's 5 years. Not to mention, he's a 13 year old boy who's still growing like you said and hitting peak height velocity. 5 years, when structured properly, could really help. The more time, the better. Waiting 4 years and putting it off and starting him 6 weeks before he goes off to college at 18 would be suboptimal to say the least. Think of this as similar to the concept of compound interest in personal finance. Yes, he can train during the season when he can. A competent strength and conditioning coach will program accordingly. Unfortunately, they're not easy to come across, so you will need to do your HW. Guessing you're not in the Boston area, but Mike Boyle's MBSC would be ideal. Cressey in Florida and Massachusetts is more baseball oriented, but is such a smart guy he'd know what to do. I know Prentiss Hockey Performance in Connecticut is quite well known. Lots of NY Rangers players (and other NHLers) train there in the offseason. I believe Gary Roberts (former NHLer) owns a similar facility in Canada. They might even have remote options/train at home. Obviously would be more ideal to find someone you could bring him to who is competent in this area. Take it from someone whose parents didn't do this (also was a hockey player growing up). Really wished they did. Yes I trained on my own like your son is doing. This is good to hear! But when you really get in the nitty gritty of the science of it (read Verkhoshanky or Zatsiorsky or Issurin), I kind of wish I had a really well-versed S&C coach who took me under his wing for 5 years and planned it all out. Big regret, but money was tight growing up. Can't do much about that. Cal Dietz is another respected name in hockey (and in training in general) as far as S&C goes. I believe he's still at the University of Minnesota.
  3. Here's one: My neighbor has an above ground pool with a deck. Older guy, maybe early 60s. Sometimes he just sits on a chair on the pool deck and doesn't go in the pool. My work room is upstairs in my house with a window to my backyard. Now, one of my useless skills in life is I'm able to make a sound pretty close to the sound that a peacock makes when it does it's call. So on a weekly/bi-weekly (gotta switch it up to keep him guessing) basis during work, I mute my zoom, gently open the window ever so slightly, and whenever he's sitting on his pool deck, I make the sound. And every time, I see him moving his head back and forth trying to listen to my bird noise. This has been going on for months. After a few times, I was outside doing yard work and I saw him. Started talking to him. And as we were departing, I go "By the way, have you heard this really weird bird sound lately? I can't quite make it myself, but it's the weirdest damn thing. I'm upstairs doing work and I hear it like every week. Sometimes I wonder if it's a dying bird, but I keep hearing it." He goes, "Yes I have heard it, but I can't ever find where it is. Very odd sound. I almost want to contact some local bird experts because I'm genuinely curious."
  4. "Diet Dr. Pepper please. Shaken, not stirred."
  5. Yeah, sure seems like he's going to run in 2024. Have to think he's the odds on favorite to get the nomination. Imo he's going to go with a different VP this time than Pence. Not sure who though.
  6. When the Jets win a Super Bowl. The kid might be waiting a while.
  7. And Shane Wright in 2022 isn't too shabby either. Imagine Seattle going the total opposite of the Vegas route and sucking for the first couple of years and getting Wright+Bedard/Michkov? Would be sick.
  8. It's a ways off, but the 2023 NHL Draft is going to be stacked at the top. If your team has a top 2 pick, consider yourself very very fortunate. Connor Bedard and Matvei Michkov look like absolute studs. Both were absolute monsters in the U18 tournament a couple months back. Michkov scored 12 goals and 16 points in 7 games as a 16 year old. Bedard 7 goals and 14 points in 7 games. And Bedard doesn't turn 16 until mid July. Insanely good. Same tournament, McDavid as a 16 year old had 14 points in 7 games. Ovechkin had 14 goals and 18 points as a 16 year old in 8 games. NOT trying to compare either guy to those two, but trying to give context. Bedard had 12 goals and 28 points in 15 games for Regina in the WHL as a 15 year this past year. Both his and Michkov's shots are sick. I think Michkov might get some time in the KHL next year. Check these guys out on youtube if you haven't yet. Supremely talented players.
  9. I actually don't think Milley was addressing Gaetz directly in his speech because if you watch the video, Milley eventually says later on in his speech, "I respect your service, and you and I were both Green Berets." I think he was addressing Michael Waltz in that speech.
  10. No clue why their fans are throwing cans/bottles onto the ice when their team won
  11. Last 10 goals scored in this series have been by Tampa
  12. Does the NHL have the balls to do it? The point of contact was the head.
  13. Tampa is such a versatile team. I've seen them win multiple different ways this postseason. They can win it 2-1 in a tight, low scoring game. They can also run and gun and outscore you. Does Barzal get a suspension for that?
  14. Finished a few recently "Why We Lost" by Daniel Bolger- retired General writes about what happened/went wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq from both the military and civilian areas. Good in depth view of both wars. Lays blame at the lack of humility of the senior military leadership as well as considerable blame on multiple administrations. Lots of people made mistakes. Won't name names to not turn this into some political thread. I thought he swung hard in doling out blame, but felt he held back somewhat. No reason to back up this feeling, just a gut feeling after reading it. All in all, well written. Would recommend. "Boom and Bust: A Global History of Financial Bubbles"- this one was pretty interesting. Covered financial bubbles dating back to the 1700s. Interesting discussion of the "bubble triangle" involving marketability, credit, and speculation. Also interesting was the different types of bubbles and their consequences- some were devastating to the society in which they occurred (and even spread to others if big enough) while others actually could be argued to be beneficial. Not too long of a read either. Two others: "Confidence Game" was pretty good detailing hedge fund manager Bill Ackman's fight vs MBIA and the insurance business in the early to mid 2000s. Culminated with the the 07-08 GFC. Gives an interesting look at a contrarian in Ackman and his personality. The last one was "The Acquirers Multiple." Short read, but packed a lot of investment tidbits in there. Made a pretty decent argument that investing in fair companies at wonderful prices beats investing in wonderful companies at fair prices. Opened my eyes to thinking more contrarian and against the grain. Probably could've been written better, but it got the message across.
  15. Biden talked tough on Russia on the campaign trail, but let's see if he actually lives up to it first. The jury is out. The results thus far have been underwhelming if we're measuring him to his campaign rhetoric, but the game is just beginning and I cannot conclude definitively one way or the other just yet. The situation is dynamic. Let's hold off on any solid conclusions in order to draw accurate interpretations when the time comes.
  16. https://twitter.com/PeteBlackburn/status/1403207355165249543?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1403207355165249543|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url= MacKinnon's face is priceless
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