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  1. Grown men arguing over a number on a shirt in general accomplishes this.
  2. I'm sure she is certain she had just wowed you were her awesome business vernacular.
  3. I loved ironman because I'm basically to lazy to save and reloads take forever on the PS4.
  4. It's hard to resist a throat punch upon anyone that uses this.
  5. Like justifying your stance of "screw them" by labeling it an "academic exercise" so you can free yourself from taking responsibility for your completely apathetic nature? Seriously dude, pack that holier than thou attitude in a deep dark closet somewhere. It's actually pretty pathetic. If you are going to be completely devoid of compassion for other human beings, at least own it and quite hiding behind that pitiful strawman.
  6. Same arm, non-dominant one. Whichever you choose, just keep it moving. It'll help.
  7. Woke up with no side effects other than the sore arm. Keep in mind a) I'm older, pushing 60 and b) I had 39 days between doses. So both of those could explain a lack of side effects compared to others. I did keep very busy after my shot. I think that does help.
  8. I still love to grease the pole up to the feeder at my mom's. It's hilarious to watch the squirrels sliding down.
  9. Ah, ok. Hopefully I can give you feedback in time to be helpful.
  10. You get a lot of children and babes sniffing your crotch do you?
  11. Mine and my wife's were Pfizer. I posted hers, I'll post mine tomorrow, or later if I end up feeling really crappy.
  12. Yes. Basically, your immune system reacts to the vaccine. Younger people have stronger immune systems than us older folks, hence a more "violent" reaction. It's actually good in that it means the vaccine is working.
  13. Posts like his make me hope karma is really a thing. I get it, you take a risk with a plan like that. But honestly, could ANYONE have seen that situation occurring? Obviously not, which makes his post especially toolish.
  14. My wife got her second dose Friday. Bad headache and fatigue were her only side effects. The headache was pretty debilitating though. Finally got my second dose today (18 days late, 3 days under the six week wire). Will report back later. I want to add, we are both pushing 60, se we'd expect slightly less side effects than the younger folks.
  15. But did you really miss it? I think I would have gone with: "So this is what happens if you don't do Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.? You are truly blessed?"
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