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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/browns-won-t-trying-trade-154240836.html
  2. I have Prime. But if I didn't, I don't think I'd pay a dime for TNF. The match-ups are the games are usually horrendous.
  3. Then the Browns would be idiots. Rodger is 37, Mayfield is 26 with a long career ahead of him.
  4. Is it really that hard? This is one of the worst trolling attempts I've seen in years. I can't call it off the rails, you can't even see the rails from where he is. The whole "ok I promise I will leave this thread. Now." 8 posts ago was a pretty big giveaway.
  5. My crib. That's likely the last time I took a nap. Nothing against them, I'm just incapable.
  6. I'm just stunned at the fact people still think Twitter or FB is a source of facts. This goes beyond Darwinism. I think of the movie "Idiocracy" every time I read it in this thread.
  7. I was WFH three years before COVID so for me, there was no effect from a work standpoint. Our kids are all fully grown and long out of the house. I have an office, so I'm not stuck in the kitchen or anything, and it makes it easy to separate work from home life. I didn't even have a desk on campus. If I wanted to go in, I had to find an empty cubicle or sit in the cafeteria. My company was a very early adopter of WFH. Since then, they've seen how effective most people can be working from home and have started to shirk a lot of office space. I think only people that want to come back to the off
  8. What is the beings are microscopic in size? The vessel could be planet sized based on their scale.
  9. We don't try to hide our existence from a bacteria we study through a microscope. Perhaps they feel the same way about us?
  10. Just get one of the others, Moderna or Pfizer. Different ballgame.
  11. You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the New West. You know...morons.
  12. Had our first post-COVID vaccine dining experience last night. Have to say, I was a bit surprised. Our Governor opened everything 100% (way to early) so I was expecting, I dunno, "old" San Antonio to some degree. But the drive downtown, it was a total ghost town, zero traffic. The bar at the restaurant (first floor), maybe two couples? The restaurant itself, maybe 1/2 full. None of this disappoints me mind you. I was just caught very off guard. I was simply expecting a lot more people. A lot of places still seemed closed to, which was another surprise.
  13. If they are aliens, can you imagine their disappointment? "Xurg, we flew halfway across the galaxy for this? This is the last time you get to pick where we go on vacation."
  14. Both shots completed about two months ago.
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