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  1. In our defense, I don't think it was a contentious discussion, just a difference in viewpoints. But definitely heading off topic, so point taken!
  2. Why wouldn't I? Family is all here, mother, kids, grandkids. etc. Job is here. Medical care is here. It isn't like picking up and moving to another country is simple. Especially in the current environment, gaining citizenship in another country can be a long and expensive process. That being said, not being able or willing to pick up and leave right now doesn't mean I have to feel this is the number one country in the world. In fact, that seems like a really odd take to me. Edit: Message received and valid point Krista. I'll shut this convo down.
  3. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-countries/quality-of-life-rankings
  4. Ask the energy companies. It was on the national news. They reported it, I just passed it along. I am assuming a local meteorological expert is considered a bit more reliable than weather.com?
  5. I didn't realize people still believed this. Not knocking you, I'm just surprised to see anyone still feels this way.
  6. Not quite "remove all COVID restrictions to distract people" bad, but it is right up there. I think cowering and not facing the music in an interview is a very bad move on her part. Just makes her look that much worse.
  7. Does any external drive work with the PS4? I have a 1.5TB drive in an external case, USB. Can I hook that up to it? I bought it for a PC that is long gone.
  8. ‘RIP Texas’ trends after Gov. Abbott lifts COVID-19 mask mandate, reopens state 100% The rest of the nation seems to recognize the idiocy of the move. Abbott doing whatever he can to deflect attention from the issues the state is dealing with.
  9. Energy companies normally have meteorologist on the payroll to predict weather events. CPS Energy is San Antonio's source for weather info? A meteorology STUDENT and a local college. As in not even a meteorologist, How odd that the CEO of CPS refused to be interviewed on this little recently revealed factoid.
  10. I didn't bring up corporate America comparison. I was responding to the post that stated: "We would not expect this of people in corporate America, at least I would not."
  11. There was absolutely no reason to lift the mask mandate. You can easily open businesses and leave the mandate in place. Removing the mask restriction at this time is just out and out stupid. There is no reason for it other than the fact Abbott is a moron. And you seem to confuse the words "scared" and "smart." When science and infectious disease experts are all on the the same side of the argument, I feel pretty confident in my point of view.
  12. So, never leave the house? That's really the only realistic option now that everyone can pack stores to capacity without any requirement to mask up. Hunker down and have everything delivered I guess.
  13. Texas cementing its ranking as most inept state at handling pandemics.
  14. Because he signed a contract stating he would do just that. Pretty sure in corporate America, if you signed a contract stating turns of employment and decided to just refuse to work if you didn't get your way, it wouldn't work out as well as you seem to think.
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