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  1. I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.
  2. I feel I learn a lot more from being wrong than I do being right. But y'all seem to be talking about much larger levels of right and wrong than what I ha in mind entering this thread.
  3. I was actually wondering why this... person bothered taking up a hospital bed if he planned to refuse all treatment? Why not just stay home?
  4. Chubb, 9 carries avg 6.1. Hunt 9 carries, avg 3.8. Why the #### is Chubb not in the game? Is he wore out after 9 frigging carries??
  5. People like certain posters in this thread driving doctors to the brink...
  6. I thought the CLEV D was supposed to be a strength this year. Seems to have been a paper tiger.
  7. Make a bad interception, then compound the mistake by trying to make an angry tackle and getting hurt.
  8. Who is is #21 for CLEV? He is a horrible DB. And the CLEV defense, oof.
  9. I played Dark Souls offline for exactly that reason. Just not my thing. The Dishonored 2 references is what caught my attention with Deathloop. Loved that game after buying it on a whim. But I doubt I'll ever bother with a PS5, so I guess I'll never know.
  10. I don't know. In the first episode or two, how many times did dog just take off and nearly get Daryl killed? Even his idiotic behavior was becoming unbearable.
  11. Honestly? We pretty much do everything together. Married later in life and we're old. As a retired military guy, I left my home state at 22 and moved every three years for the next 20+ years. Just never established much in the way of long-term bonds.
  12. Slow, boring episode. Spent an hour watching Daryl in prison. <yawn>
  13. Well then I guess you get to struggle with the fact you seem to chose idiots for friends.
  14. Likely due to the fact she is struggling with feeling like a total idiot right now.
  15. I admit, I shake my head a lot when I read how much some of our fellow FBGers are spending to get one of these. But admittedly, I am not a "gotta be first" kind of guy. never have been. To each their own I reckon.
  16. The OSU defense is abysmal this year. It was the big fear going in to the season and was obviously a well-founded concern. Going to be a rough year for Buckeye fans.
  17. Oddly enough, I was thinking about that this morning, as much as I hate to admit it. Why would anyone be so absolutely gleeful at the thought of a vaccine proving ineffective, putting millions of people at risk of death and suffering? That seems to be special sort of sick.
  18. I've seen you call people "stupid" several times in this thread. That makes your claim seem dubious at best. And I'm not sure what a vaccine or any other drug has to do with exposure. If you encounter someone with CVOID, you have been exposed. The question is, how dangerous is that exposure to your well-being?
  19. So don't get a vaccine. Your rabid distaste for those that choose too seems... odd.
  20. I enjoyed the first few episodes of the season. But now I see we are right back to the good ol' tried and true "Oh look, a group that is smarter, faster, and better equipped than us that totally makes us their b####." Not sure why I wasted time hoping for anything original for this final season. On the bright side, at the rate this new group kills them, they shouldn't be able to hold out more than two or three more episodes before they are totally wiped out.
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