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  1. Yep with short bench it's tough figuring out who to keep. This league I'm in requires rostering two K and two Def so I'm holding on to three extra RBs and one extra Wr. Watkins, Julio,and Antonio are my other WRs. Have Conner , Howard, Henry, Ekeler, and Lynch as my RBs.
  2. Targets are steadily dropping for Davis. It's getting harder to hold him. With a short bench, it's getting harder to hold on to him, when Ridley, Boyd, Crabtree are on waivers. Does anyone see the Ten offense picking up soon?
  3. I'm leaning Corey Davis over Sammy Watkins- not by much. This is because of expected targets and if they can't get the run game going, they may be playing from behind.
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