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  1. Oh I know. A few years later one of my roommates was working there. He would come home everyday in his cheap tie and dress shirt and just unleash an expletive-laced tirade about the company. It got to the point where we would just turn up the tv and ignore him, it was so common.
  2. The two job offers I decided between when I graduated college in the mid-90s was copier sales and telecom sales (had already turned down Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Macys). I went with telecom where we sold long distance, mobile, and, yes, fax services. Lasted about 6 months in that job.
  3. First rule of CYDY is you don't talk about CYDY. The second rule of CYDY is you don't talk about CYDY.
  4. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. I sold a bunch of stuff , mostly SPAQs, on 3/1 because I needed to move to cash for a down payment on a home. SOLO -47% since ENVIU -6% SPAQ.U -6% IPOF -28% FIVU -6% DHHCU -5%
  5. I got in TTD, half a position at $496.
  6. ETH at $4,080 at 12:50 PT, $3,650 at 1:00. -10% in 10 minutes! Back to $3,920 at 1:25. I assume this has to be some big algos causing changes that big that fast?
  7. This is one that ran away from me last year while I waited for the dip that never came. Awfully tempted to pull the trigger on it on this 20% drop, even though it's still up 74% in the last year.
  8. Not a great stretch for the trading account. Today alone UWMC -7.8%, GRAMF -6.6%, QS -5.78%, TRUFF -5.7% Meanwhile the "boring" stocks in the portfolio are all near ATH - CSCO, KHC, OKE, PEO, PM, TSCO, XOM. And of course the bulk of my IRA accounts that are in MFs and ETFs were up half a percent today. That's exactly why I'm only actively trading with about 10% of my holdings. We all thought we were pretty smart when everything speculative was 🚀, it's times like these that remind me how hard it is to beat the market over the long run. Doesn't mean I'm going to quit trying, though!
  9. I'll have to come check out your place! We're in the process of moving from Marin County to Eugene, and my parents are up right near you in Sherwood.
  10. Considering houses are selling in days, they're becoming pretty liquid!
  11. OKE is my favorite stock, pulling ahead of SE as the largest holding in my trading account. I made the mistake of taking out some of my gains back in November, won't be doing that again. Just going to let it keep compounding for years to come.
  12. Nice, and congrats to your boy! Now that I've moved back to Eugene we'll have to meet up at a tailgate in the fall!
  13. While out walking the dog at 7:00 AM this morning I passed a dude walking his pup who said, out of the blue, "random tip for the day - buy dogecoin." Looks like at that time it was up 40% in 24 hours. Reminds me of the "when your Uber driver starts giving you stock tips, the bubble is about to burst" thing.
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