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  1. Rental guys, I'm trying to build out an excel cash flow/ROI calculator. Found a few online and they had the following categories with pre-filled percentages. Anything missing? And do these percentages seem about right? Vacancy Rate: 8% Repairs & Maint: 13% Property Mgmt: 10% Property Taxes: I can find Property Insurance: I can find an estimate Rent Insurance: $250-$400/year @Shula-holic, @BassNBrew, @CR69, I know we have several around here with rentals.
  2. There are other grading services, right? How does PSA pricing compare to others? How about the turnaround times? And does a PSA graded card sell at a premium compared to the other services?
  3. Selling a lot of my SPACs today, need to have cash available as we are looking to buy a house soon. They served their purpose well as a place to park cash with a few up a percent or two, a few down a percent or two, and a few of them with 30-40-50% gains.
  4. I have alerts set on Etrade for whenever it moves 10% in either direction for the day. Damned near triggered both of them!
  5. Yup, sold $.60 early myself, would have been close to even on the close. But just wanted to get out and build up some cash.
  6. FSR stop triggered as it pulled back a little from this spike. About a 50% gain so count that as a SPAC win.
  7. I got out too, after turning a medium loss into a small one with today's bump. Still up on trading it overall, but think I'm done with that one. (UVXY)
  8. Teh googles tells me it's immediately taxable once it reaches $1000 in income. Is that annual? Lifetime? In any case thanks for pointing this out as my Roth is obviously not the right place to be holding this one long term. Bummer.
  9. One of my favorite stocks in the portfolio. Up 75% on it and just compounding away with that juicy 8.2% yield. Pretty sure this one was a @Todem pick from last year.
  10. As a technology sales exec, this is absolutely true. It's by no means across the board, some industries are obviously more hit than others (had a call with a small airline today, they're scraping to find any budget on net new spend), and it depends on what you're selling and whether it directly contributes to revenue or accelerating digital transformation. But there is no doubt that a lot of companies have put projects on hold. Now based just on my experience at my current company it's getting better with large enterprises the past few months, while my mid-market colleagues are still dea
  11. Double digit stocks down double digit percentages. Fun start to the day. I think I may also trim SPACs over the next week or two. Resisting the urge to sell today.
  12. I actually didn't catch which ones he mentioned, just glanced up from my lunch and saw it on the screen. But there were a handful. Here's the part of the briefing where he talks about it, but while he keeps referencing "next slide" during the briefing, I can't find a version on YouTube that is actually showing the slides (which they did show on tv). A quick google search and it looks like bamlanivimab and etesevimab (used together), casirivimab and imdevimab (used together) have EUA.
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