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  1. Thanks gb. Financial aid package has to be clarified since my ex screwed up her FAFSA submission, but assuming it doesn't change the current offer more than 20% or so we're going to be in good shape there, too. She's been so stressed about this whole thing, she was crying last night while I was saying "sounds like you know what you want to do, just do it!". I could see the release when she clicked that button. I'm just happy she'll be able to unwind a bit now, and focus on enjoying the rest of her senior year (last football game against Redwood this Saturday!).
  2. She had a great call with the contact at Davis about their accommodations, and came away saying to me, "Dad, I can eat anything I want." They have a separate food prep area for kids with allergies, a dedicated chef, and she can schedule/text/request in an app what she wants for each meal and pick it up and eat with all the other kids. Such a relief. Meanwhile at St. Mary's the contact "joked" to her, "sounds like you'll have to eat steamed veggies every meal." That didn't land well. So last night I got to watch her, via Zoom, click the Accept button on the Davis admissions portal!
  3. That's one of the basic themes of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Harari, great book. Basically what separates us from other animals is our ability to agree upon a shared imagination - gods, states, money, human rights, etc. I'm currently reading his second book, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, which has the following passage that fits right into the thread:
  4. Yeah if I was in a house I'd agree. But since I'm effectively homeless right now (living in an AirBnB for April, plans unknown after that) our choices are to try and buy in this market or find a rental (also a tight market) and look at having to move again in the next year or two (hopefully) if the market calms down. Or the market could leg up another 20% in that time and we find ourselves priced out again, just like we were in the Bay Area.
  5. Moving from the mortgage thread to here..... Wrote two more offers yesterday, Both listed last week, offers are due today, notification tomorrow. Our agent said she’s never written two offers in a day with a client in over 30 years in the biz. But that’s the market in Eugene, OR, right now. Fully prepared to be 0-3 on offers after just one week of looking.
  6. Started the process this week in Eugene, OR. Have seen about 12 homes in three days, have liked three of them. One of them listed on Wednesday, we viewed it on Thursday and placed an offer at $455 ($399 list), and on Friday we were told our offer was third with one above us all cash. Anything decent is having showings all day long every 30 minutes, with an accepted offer within 2-4 days of hitting the market. This might take awhile.
  7. Thanks, gb. I’ve thought for awhile now the odds were like 70% Davis, 25% St Mary’s, 5% the field. I think this email and the confirmation it hopefully gives her that she’d be safe there might officially put it over the top.
  8. so you're saying there's a chance.......
  9. My daughter got a great email yesterday from UC Davis about their ability to accommodate her life-threatening food allergies, and their experience doing so with other students. I kept telling her they would be able to and had lots of kids like her, but it sure means a lot more for the school to tell her that.
  10. As a guy trying to move from renting to owning right now, let's just say I feel that the market is taking advantage of me right about now.
  11. First vhs tape I ever bought, and still a top 5 all time movie for me. (Off topic but Chris Knight and Doc Holliday may be my two favorite movie characters of all time.). So I vote Everybody Wants to Rule the World.
  12. Every ####### day brother NBD, unless it lasts 4 hours or more. Then, call @gianmarco
  13. Got Pfizer a week ago today. Now that I'm a 5G antenna my Verizon data performance is through the roof.
  14. Which we can buy right back 6 minutes later after you take that $.02 gain.
  15. Thanks! And the bolded is where I think her head is right now, as well. Wherever she chooses I hope she has as good an experience as I had at Oregon, and that it sounds like you had at Davis.
  16. Thoughts on RBLX? It's dipped below $66 today, thinking that might be a good entry point for what I would plan to be at least an intermediate term hold.
  17. Thanks! And I appreciate your thoughts on LMU and Chapman. She's still not sure if she wants to go down and check them out, she was crying last night just overwhelmed and not knowing how she's going to choose, worried that she'd make a "wrong choice." I just kept telling her she's got a couple of great "right choices" to choose from. With her allergies, we've definitely considered an apartment with a kitchen, but my fear there is it would take her away from other freshman and the "normal freshman experience". I keep telling her that there are already a lot of kids just like her alread
  18. First "disappointment", wait listed at Santa Clara. Her response was "I'm not that sad, it makes my decision easier." But it ups the pressure on getting into Davis with one of her top 4 not a straight yes. Wait listed at Pepperdine, but accepted at UC Davis! So that's 7 acceptances, 2 wait lists, and USD still outstanding (which she isn't considering anymore). Really proud and happy for her. Davis, St. Marys, Pepperdine, and Santa Clara have been the leaders for most of this process, and with two acceptances and two wait lists, looks like her decision will be down to those f
  19. I have positions in BABA and SE in my Roth but decided I wanted more exposure to EM in my portfolio as well, so today am swapping my position in a larger cap international fund for FEMKX, one of Fidelity's EM funds. I'm about 20% international across my retirement accounts, this ups the EM portion of that to about 1/3. When I have more time may start looking more into individual EM stocks, but not even sure where to start there (other than the two you mention that I don't own).
  20. That was pretty fun. Other than missing 5 layups in a row during a second half stretch, the Ducks can't play much better than that on the offensive end.
  21. The Barkley course won again. Jared and Luke are still out there but the cutoff is past. I love Dunn's latest Tweet:
  22. Maggie, Courtney, and Liz missed that cutoff by 12 minutes, Jamil by 24. Although in reality you need at least 10 minutes to get in and out of camp. Brutal conditions this year. I’d be surprised if Jared and Luke finish loop 3 in time.
  23. Not only have I avoided this thread, but I haven't been reading or listening or watching anything about running, for the most part. I did hop on YouTube to watch the Oregon men dominate the NCAA Indoors last week, that was pretty sweet to bring home Oregon's 32nd T&F/CC national championship! But here's how out of touch I've been - over 14 hours in and I just found out The Barkley Marathons are underway. I had no idea. Sixteen runners finished loop 1 in time and are on loop 2. As always, Keith Dunn's Twitter is the best way to follow along.
  24. He lives up the street from me, good dude. I see him running around town all the time and Summit and his dog Tahoe have played together at the dog park several times.
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