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  1. Shockingly, it looks like the media didn't quite get this one right. What Really Happened at the 2021 DC Peaks 50 Mile Race? And another quote: “Over 70 runners made it off the mountain that day on their own two feet…. Some runners were very ill-prepared." If anything, it seems like the race directors were a little overly-reactive to the weather that rolled in by ending the race and calling in SAR that quickly. But as I said earlier, with what happened in China earlier this year I'd rather see that than the alternative.
  2. Doing some research into commodities mutual funds, specifically looking for an option or two that have little-to-no precious metals exposure. Anybody have any they like?
  3. My freshman daughter is still “my little girl”! It does go fast, that’s for damned sure. Enjoy every moment you can.
  4. Tough question for those of us that had to go through this the past two years with covid, when most schools (at least out here on the West Coast) at best didn't have guided tours and at worst wouldn't let you on campus at all (Pepperdine). So we only visited a few of the 10 my daughter applied to. Santa Clara and UC Davis we just walked around on our own. St. Marys let us drive through early on then later opened up one-on-one tours, which is the only guided one we took. She also drove through Chatman and USD with her mother. She had seen Oregon's campus several times before, but she never considered that one seriously anyway. All of these visits started spring break of junior year and carried through into her senior year. If your kid is looking at a wide variety of schools at least get a sampling of different environments, especially early in the process. Small college town vs urban school, private vs large state university, that kind of thing. I thought for sure my daughter would end up at a small private school but after visiting UC Davis she loved the vibe of a real college town and bigger school, and that's where she ended up.
  5. After what happened in China, I think any race that deals with that kind of weather is going to shut it down and get people out of there as quickly as possible. I'm just glad nobody was seriously hurt. And congrats @tri-man 47 and @Steel Curtain!!!!
  6. Thanks, I think I have found it on Fidelity and am going through the set up now. Even found a "compare to your online brokerage" screen that showed Etrade (my current taxable account) doesn't offer it. Appreciate it!
  7. No worries, appreciate you chiming in. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but at just hundreds of dollars it seems fractional is important for DCA. For example, let's say I want to invest in SPY, currently at $441 and change. So if I want to invest $750 every paycheck, I'm only getting one share. It can go up to $500, I'm still getting one share, or drop to $400, still one share. Whereas if I can buy fractional I'm getting the full $750 worth every time, and getting more shares on dips and buying fewer as it goes up. I guess the other way to do it would be to target ETFs with lower prices, like SPLG which is a similar ETF that's currently trading at $51 and change. Not as ideal as fractional shares, but at least it gets me closer to true DCA.
  8. Isn't DRIP just dividend reinvestment? I'm looking to invest new money on an automatic basis, and to get true DCA it would seem you need the ability to buy fractional shares since I'm probably looking at <$1000 invested per period.
  9. Posted this in the stock thread but no replies yet..... Anybody have an auto-investing setup in an after-tax account? I'd like to find something I can set up that allows fractional shares of ETFs/MFs so that I can dollar cost average in. I've poked around Etrade (didn't seem to allow fractional, so it kind of defeats the purpose of DCA) and Fidelity (so far all I've found is a pdf form to complete).
  10. Well it's in a Roth so no tax benefits of the loss. I'll just forget it's there and see if it hits - it's only a quarter position so not a big deal.
  11. Anybody have an auto-investing setup in an after-tax account? I'd like to find something I can set up that allows fractional shares of ETFs/MFs so that I can dollar cost average in. I've poked around Etrade (didn't seem to allow fractional, so it kind of defeats the purpose of DCA) and Fidelity (so far all I've found is a pdf form to complete).
  12. We still believe there might be something here? Or is joke the key word and I should get out and take my 49% loss and move on.
  13. I really only bought it because I wanted to be able to say I own 20,000,000 of something. Sounds cool. Maybe I should tell my lady, maybe she'll get excited!
  14. Will this impact the ability to hold crypto in IRAs? I don't understand it that way, but haven't looked into it much as I'm not currently doing so anyway - was just considering it.
  15. what else am I gonna do? My 401k/IRA/HSA make up about 85% of my total investments, and I'm in my late 40s so I've got quite a bit of time before I'll touch any of that. And as I've become more and more focused on building up capital in my taxable accounts so that I can retire early-ish (that 85% was about 99% until the last couple of years), a correction here isn't the worst thing as I'm at about 60% cash right now in that bucket and looking to deploy probably half of that.
  16. Sweet, my end-of-month 401K and HSA contributions are buying the dip!
  17. Cool, a single example (from "Ammoland", no less) from almost exactly a year ago. How many mass shootings committed with assault rifles since?
  18. I feel like this whole thread popped some gummies today.....
  19. It’s Florida, so a gator or cannibalism seem like the only reasonable possibilities. PM sent.
  20. Move in day for my freshman daughter at UC Davis. Went pretty well, a few tears shed amongst her mom, her, and I. She has several life threatening food allergies and while they seem to have a pretty good setup for accommodations for kids like her, dinner time was still tough. Told her to take a baby step and have some rice, which she was able to do. Basically the first food she’s had in years that was prepared by non-family. Fingers crossed she can keep taking baby steps and learn to trust as well as advocate for herself in the dining hall. If she does that, she’s going to be golden! Such an exciting time!
  21. I trimmed a little ADA last week to take some gains and just put that into SOL today. I'm still super small time here (still just Coinbase and BlockFi), but really appreciating the education and knowledge shared in here as I look to diversify a bit more.
  22. Kind of surprised at the timing, figured he'd at least get until towards the end of the season. Former Oregon assistant (and top-ranked recruiter in the conference a couple of recent years) Donte Williams named interim head coach. But you know they're going after a big name. Maybe Urban will pull a Petrino? Shhhh! Don't even put that out into the universe.
  23. Litecoin briefly shoots up then crashes thanks to a faked Walmart press release.
  24. he finally let his coordinators call the game. And we get one of the biggest wins in program history. Mario, you’re growns up. What a day here in Columbus. The Shoe is ridiculous. So cool. Love that we were able to pull this out. Now just trying to rally to get the crew out and see the town tonight.
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