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  1. You got tomorrow's powerball numbers, too? Very impressive call man. I watched the draft offline and solo last night, and overreacted on our first round pick (admittedly like every other year), only to eat a plate of crow after seeing this pick and reading your posts. Truly, if I've learned anything over the past few years watching the Raiders draft, it's that I, the overworked CPA from Texas, shockingly knows less about how talent evaluation works than an organization whose literal business is that exact thing. Next year, I pledge to politely golf clap after every pick while sipping on my beverage of choice and then wait the necessary three to four years after the draft before levying any judgement privately to my wife.
  2. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1207406312503549952 https://twitter.com/agalaviz_TheBee/status/1207404807654297600
  3. https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/12/16/details-julian-edelman-knee-injury-situation/ One less day of practice this week for the team, with a Saturday game and all, so definitely an item to keep your eye on.
  4. Removed from the final injury report.
  5. See ya Conley https://twitter.com/VicTafur/status/1186355917761196033?s=20
  6. Currently watching TannerSlays on Twitch, and he partied up with CJ Anderson (along with TSM Viss) to play some Apex Legends. When they grouped up, CJ Anderson was absolutely pumped, talking about some huge great news that he couldn't share yet, but it's been news he's been waiting for and couldn't be more excited about. He said he couldn't say anything else about it now, but news should be out there soon. Obviously it could mean absolutely nothing, Anderson is very active in the gaming community and is extremely charitable so it might have something to do with those and nothing to do with football, but it may be worth a speculative add for those with deeper benches. Weirdest place I think I've ever potentially scooped news from though if there's something to it.
  7. Just moved Waller and J. White for Derrick Henry, 10 team 0.5 point PPR. I've got Kelce starting in my TE spot, and with Barkley out and Connor struggling, Henry felt like a solid target for a serviceable starter.
  8. Can I bank on a -.03 stat correction for my opponent?
  9. There's speculation that he murdered Tupac... Either that or the back/knee problems that have been reported are worse than initially believed. It could go either way.
  10. Bills getting Oliver with the 9th pick will be looked back on as the best pick of this first round, in my opinion.
  11. Fade me fam. Arguably my least favorite player in the league, and now he's a Raider. I now sympathize with the Bengal fans. Edit: Orginally said Steelers, because I'm a fool.
  12. This roller coaster might not yet be over... https://twitter.com/DanSchneierNFL/status/1105840483757101056?s=19
  13. Nothing real, but Le'Veon Bell recently followed Derek Carr on twitter, and Matt Verderame posted: https://twitter.com/MattVerderame/status/1105522785420484608
  14. Le'veon has changed his twitter profile color scheme to include green. Bell to the Oakland A's confirmed.
  15. More rumors about cash flow issues, similar to the ones we've been seeing over the past few years: https://twitter.com/NFL_DovKleiman/status/1105146218651496456
  16. KO's dedication to his health/weight loss sound like they were contributing factors to the team deciding to move on, and I'd rather get a single round bump for our draft than the outright release they were considering. Still, I don't like the direction our OL is trending, and I'll be a staunchly opposed to the front office's support of Cable until the cows come home. Our starting receivers are now the stuff of fantasy dreams five years ago, but I'm still torn on the AB trade. Edit: All that being said, I recognize that this trade for AB, while not in line with the rebuilding process, might just give the fans that little bit of pep we might need. Landing big name veterans, either in trades or FA, can do wonders for fans. I for one am more excited to watch our offense take the field, which is definitely something that I needed with this team (even if it's not the smartest decision from a long term football perspective).
  17. Excellent, that's fantastic! At some point, throwing in the towel is the only option (imagine if you started Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Aaron Jones, Saquon Barkley, Lamar Miller, Winston and Gronk this week), but sooooo much can happen between Thursday night and Monday. One player does not make or break a fantasy week (usually).
  18. Bumping this for visibility, and to eat crow a little since Fournette has performed better than I expected, given the circumstances. Tl;DR of the upcoming post: This year was rough, and Fournettes' injury prone label is likely well deserved, but I think his struggles this year were symptomatic of organizational issues and issues outside of his control, and I believe he performed better than expected given the circumstances. He should be a great value pick next year. Since my post on November 12th, Fournette has been active for 3.5 half games, was ejected for one half, and suspended for one full game. Here are how is stats look for those games where he's been active (taking away the half he was ejected and game suspended, so 3.5 games is my denominator in all of the averages). In that time, he has carried the ball 71 times for 272 yards (averages out to 20.2 carries for 77.7 YPG, averaging out at 3.85 YPC) He has been targeted 12 times, pulling in 10 catches for 82 yards (averages out to 3.4 targets per game, 2.85 catches per game, and 23 yards per game) While this is admittedly a tiny sample size, he's averaging 23 touches per "active" game and just over 100 yards, with just under a touchdown a game to show for it. No Todd Gurley, but volume I'd generally be okay with from my starting RB. Now, let's put that into perspective. The Jags are still starting their back-up LT, Ereck Flowers, arguably the worst offensive lineman in the league. The Jags are still starting their back-up Center, Tyler Shatley. He's a serviceable replacement. The Jags starting Right Tackle, Jeremy Parnell, is also injured. They've started Corey Robinson in his place, a 2015 7th round draft pick who has started 8 games for the Lions over the past three years and graded out poorly during that stead. Starting LG, Andrew Norwell, has also been out all year. Chris Reed, a 2015 UDFA and practice squad promotee, has mostly filled that void. Not a good run blocker. A.J. Cann, their starting RG, is the only healthy OL starter. The team fired it's offensive coordinator, and benched their starting QB. The team is undoubtedly running a simpler offensive scheme to compensate for these items. So, the OL has gotten worse and the offensive scheme has likely been simplified to some degree, and yet Fournette is performing better than my expected 2.5 to 3.0 YPC. He was ejected in a game where he was running roughshod over his opponents, and was benched in another since the team is out of contention and wanted to get touches for one of their newer guys. I get it, it was a BRUTAL season if you drafted him as your #1 (I certainly did), but I think the fact remains he's a very talented, albeit injury prone, runner. His situation is likely to improve next year (Jags should figure out QB in the offseason, and their very solid starting OL should get healthy), and I think he's going to be a great value pick next year because of this disappointing season.
  19. Do you have any players on Saturday? If you don't, and your opponent does, wait until then to make a determination. A lot can happen between now and Sunday. How many "projected points" are you down? If a lot, you gotta go boom/bust, if not then I'd stick with those safe floors.
  20. Let me know who you're putting your money on early next year, I'm heading to Vegas in July and am looking to make some money.
  21. Spinning gold out of ####. Uncle Rico strikes again.
  22. Jesus, you're a beating man. He's not looking good tonight, but his OLine is doing him zero favors, he's down to his 3rd string RB, and his #1 WR is out of the game. That man is the athletic equivalent of Rumplestilsken, with how many times he's spun gold out of #### in his career. Far throw from "bad," if you ask me.
  23. Literally lol'd man. Some franchises just can't help themselves sometimes, I guess.
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