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  1. Now I kind of want Geno Smith to stink it up in the first half leaving the Seahawks no choice but to play Wilson and let him quarterback with his left hand. Some people just want to watch the world burn.
  2. Stafford doing his best Goff impression earlier. Now Mcvay doing his best Jeff Fisher impression.
  3. Falcons are one of the few teams that are fully vaccinated.
  4. Really wish that at the least ESPN and Yahoo would change Edwards designation from doubtful to out so I can put him on IR.
  5. Mike Garafolo reports that Gibson is expected to see a sizable workload today. There is a part of me that really wanted to flex Zach Moss over Gibson this week but I'm going to stick with my studs. Starting Gibson over Zach Moss, JDMcKissic, and Pollard in non-ppr scoring.
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