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  1. Wouldn't have played him if the James Robinson news didn't come out today. So lucky wow.
  2. Or it could have been a complete blow out if Tannehill's tipped pass wasn't somehow caught by Humphries, or if Johnson doesn't drop what would have been another TD pass on that free play offsides in the first half. That OPI they called on the play before the pick at the end was very weak as well. The Steelers looked like the better team to me.
  3. Kevin Dotson is an absolute stud. If he fills in for DeCastro it should be fine. Best rookie linemen we've had since Pouncey in 2010.
  4. Word is that McFarland was getting some run with the 1s in practice this week. My guess is he gets his first NFL touches this week against the Texans. With Snell looking to be in the doghouse with back-to-back weeks with fumbles, and Conner always being his next play away from being nicked up, not might be a bad guy to stash if you've got room. He has explosive abilities no one else in their backfield comes close to. I've got a few guys on IR at the moment (who doesn't?!) so I think I'm gonna stash him this weekend and see if he get some work.
  5. If he keeps up this catch rate for the rest of his career, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that would be close to the greatest catch rate of all times. 🥴
  6. He also had some insane returns. An 81 yard TD return called back by a fairly weak block in the back call and a 24 yard return for a pooch kickoff after a safety where it seemed like he made 8 guys miss.
  7. I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping Michael Thomas as my single keeper in my 10 team league (6 points a passing TD, expanded starting spots with multiple flex positions) as my RB options are James Conner and Chris Carson. I've got the 10th pick in the draft, so I'll have the last pick in round 1 and the turnaround top pick in round 2. I'm expecting Barkley, Julio Jones, Gurley or OBJ, McCaffrey, Mahomes or Chubb, Derrick Henry, Bell, Elliott, and Hopkins as the other keepers based on current rosters. Who should I target with my first two picks?
  8. I think Lamar is due for a step back or two, but I think it's a no doubter to keep him. As for the second, I'd go with Kamara. I trust his situation more than the other two, and I think he still has another year or two of pretty high fantasy production.
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