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  1. I hope we don't overreact to one nice game against a DAL front 7 that's been getting gashed by every RB they face. Make no mistake about it, this was plus-matchup for Jones. Having said that, I've seen enough from Jones to at least say that he passes the eyeball test to me much more than the other GB RBs. Jones has much more burst than the other two RBs, and he looks like he's being shot out of a cannon compared to what little bit I've seen from Williams in preseason and his few carries in-season. Montgomery has not been good as a rusher either, and I think it's pretty clear that he's not built to be a workhorse RB. What I think maintains value for Montgomery and caps Jones ' (ot maybe even Williams ') upside is that Montgomery possesses skills as a receiver and a gadget-play RB that the other two don't. What I fear from a fantasy perspective is that Jones may very well become the lead back and get 15-18 carries per game, but Montgomery will still be used as the passing back and be in the game when GB goes up tempo or in the "2min offense". If that's the case then I think Jones will be another RB that you'll need a TD from to have a solid game, and conversely we can forget about the usage Montgomery had over the first few weeks too. Honestly I'd like to see one of these RBs take over as a 3-down RB, but then again that's what we fantasy owners always want with our RBs and very rarely do we ever get it unless it's truly special RB talents.
  2. He was hobbled with a hamstring, so that could be a big part of the problem. I'll have to look to see how many snaps he played. I think he had 3 targets, but it seemed like he was hardly on the field when I was looking for him in-game
  3. I think he's toast, at least for this season. As mentioned, his ridiculous rushing totals are what made him a fantasy force. He's never been a great passer even when his shoulder was healthy. I unfortunately own him in a 2QB league and if my attempts to add a 1st to him to trade for another QB prove futile, I'm actually left deciding if I start Cam or Hoyer as my QB2.....Yes, Brian Hoyer.....
  4. Ugh, was hoping Murray wouldn't play. I own shares of both Murray/Henry and while there's no way I was starting Murray, I was starting Henry with confidence without Murray. As is, I'll probably bench them both. I can't see Murray getting that many touches, but he could get just enough to make Henry an RB3-Flex play instead of a borderline RB1/RB2. I'll avoid the whole situation this week.
  5. Was just getting ready to say the same thing; sitting him for Fleener in a league. I gotta see Graham have at least one good game before I voluntarily put him back in my lineup. Not that I love starting Fleener, that's just how little faith I have in Graham right now.
  6. I've never been the biggest fan of Cooks, but even I'm going to reserve judgment of him as a Pat until we see more. It's very common for WRs going to a new team to need time to adjust and to build a rapport with their new QB, even if that QB is Tom Brady. I did say months ago that I thought this trade was a downgrade for Cooks from a fantasy perspective though, and I still feel that way today even after all the injuries NE has sustained. Even with the emergence of Thomas in NO, Cooks was locked in as one of the top 2 receiving options on a weekly basis (i know he had bad weeks in NO too, all WRs do). In the NE offense they are much better at exploiting mismatches on a game to game basis, which in turn makes most of the offensive players much more susceptible to blowing up for a game then disappearing for stretch of games.
  7. Not really, hints why I said that is was my personal opinion.....And yes, you're wasting a roster spot.
  8. Just my personal opinion, but holding Patterson in any non return yardage leagues is purely wasting a roster spot. I don't play in return leagues though, so I can't comment on whether he has any usefulness in those leagues.
  9. The story for Reed is the same as it always is, he's a top 5 TE with overall TE1 upside (especially in PPR) when he's on the field. Just make sure you have another startable TE option behind Reed for when he inevitably misses time. I still think it's probably cheaper in dynasty leagues to own Reed with a lower priced backup that you can spot start than it is to buy a Gronk/Kelce type of TE. Reed was the #1 PPR TE in PPG in each of the past two seasons (all 17 weeks, looking at standard PPR stats on MFL). These PPG stats can be skewed a bit because of player totals being lowered because of games that they played but really weren't used. Gronk had 3 games where he played but only received 1-2 targets, which obviously lowers his PPG average. Reed had a couple of similar games in weeks 14/15 too. The point though, is that Reed is arguably one of the 2 biggest difference makers at the TE position. At the TE position specifically, I only care about the top 2-4 TEs that provide an advantage over the rest of the position. Other than that, they're all about the same to me. So I'm much more willing to gamble on risky elite production at TE than I am at other positions. I'll roll Reed out with a smile on my face for as many games as he plays, and I'll just cross my fingers that the total is closer to 16 than it is to 8.
  10. I think Crowder's going to have a pretty big season, and I think he'll be the top PPR WR for WAS. I love the Redskins passing game this year, but I think Crowder is the going to be the top dog in fantasy terms, and could end up flirting with 100 catches (Reed's health will play a role in that). Plus what I like about Crowder compared to some of these other "PPR WRs" is that Crowder has shown TD upside. He's a guy that I think has 100 catch upside, but also has 9-10 TD upside too. He's not Jarvis "5TDs or less" Landry.
  11. Offered Hopkins and a couple 2nd for him in one league and was declined with no counter or comment. May have been a bit lite, but Hopkins is still a 1st round startup player so it couldn't have been that far off. In another league Bell was offered to me for Howard/Ajayi/'18 1st (pick should be late) and I declined. Bell's a beast when he's on the field, but multiple suspensions, multiple serious injuries, and a somewhat uncertain future make him a player that I won't break the bank for.
  12. I'm not an Ingram fan and have never been too interested in investing in the NO backfield, but between he and AP, I'd say Ingram is now the "buy" here.
  13. I've gone back and forth on Richardson. Stashed him in some of my leagues, then I'd drop him, then I'd repeat the process again. At this point he's owned in all of my leagues. I don't think it's inconceivable to think he carves out a bigger role in SEA, but I am skeptical of it being a fantasy relevant role. A healthy Lockett would only complicate matters more and lower the chances of it happening. It seems like a big long-shot right now. If a healthy Russell Wilson truly takes over this offense this year and progresses into a top tier PASSER like some have thought he eventually would, then I guess the whole situation would become a bit more appealing.
  14. Unless there are other indiscretions that haven't come to light yet, I fully expect Bryant to be reinstated based on how this situation played out with Gordon in the past. Obviously if Bryant is still dropping dirty then he's pretty screwed, but on the surface he's done much more over the past year to put himself in the right situation and surround himself with the right people than guys like Gordon/Blackmon ever did. This is just a personal opinion, but as a father myself I think most men are more likely to succeed when they know they're working to support and take care of their family. Unlike guys like Gordon/Blackmon, Bryant is a father of two, and in more than one interview he's pointed to and mentioned his children as the key underlying motivation to put himself back on the right path. Most won't think anything of this, but this is a big part of the reason why I've said for a while that I think Martavis will succeed where guys like Gordon/Blackmon had failed. It sounds like we shouldn't be too far away from finding out whether I was naive in placing optimism in this kid's ability and desire to get his life back on track. Of course I don't know him from a hole in the wall, but everything I've read/heard over the past year leads me to believe that Bryant could end up being one of the few success stories when it comes to these substance abuse players.
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