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  1. Unless there are other indiscretions that haven't come to light yet, I fully expect Bryant to be reinstated based on how this situation played out with Gordon in the past. Obviously if Bryant is still dropping dirty then he's pretty screwed, but on the surface he's done much more over the past year to put himself in the right situation and surround himself with the right people than guys like Gordon/Blackmon ever did. This is just a personal opinion, but as a father myself I think most men are more likely to succeed when they know they're working to support and take care of their family.
  2. 12 team PPR. Gave: Doug Martin/Deandre Washington Got: Kevin White
  3. Yep, he is. Thought I wouldn't count on it actually happening. Waller is an intriguing physical prospect, but I think he's still another 1-2 years away from really having a chance to become anything. While there aren't any "stud" TEs in BAL, it's one of the most crowded TE depth charts in the NFL. Watson/Maxx/Gillmore/Pitta(if he recovers), and then they even have the suspended Nick Boyle that some believe is a better prospect than Maxx Williams is. I rostered Waller in a few of my deeper leagues throughout last season (eventually put him on IR), but I can't see a scenario where I'll
  4. I think Julio alone should have brought in almost this much. Not all "1sts" are created equally, and it looks like the owner that sold Julio is probably only looking at one coveted 1st, the one in '17 that projects to be high. Bare minimum, the owner selling Julio shouldn't have had to add Gio to the deal.
  5. Ugh...This is brutally difficult for me because both Bell and Crowder are two of my favorite deeper stashes at the WR position. In a 16 team league, the difference between the 3.05 (pick 37) and 3.12 (pick 44) is almost inconsequential. This is just comes down to who you like most. Total coin-flip for me. I do agree with your premise that Bell has the higher theoretical ceiling, and Crowder has the "PPR appeal".
  6. Seems relatively fair as I think both of these WRs are "buy lows" this off-season. Cobb's younger, has proven that he can put up top 10 numbers for an entire season, and he has the more stable long term situation.....So I'll take Cobb here.
  7. I'm so over these players with substance abuse issues. I wish them well and hope they get their lives and careers back on track, but for now on they can do that on somebody else's roster. Sold off my last share of Martavis. 12 Team PPR. 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2Flex Gave: Martavis/2.09/'17 1st/'17 3rd Got: Hilton/Michael/Ware I've picked from the 11 slot for 3 straight seasons and though I think my team isn't quite as strong as in year's past, I still think it's safely a playoff team and thus I believe the future 1st will be no higher than 1.07. I own Charles/West in this le
  8. Even with the increased value that IDP gives those later picks, this seems VERY cheap for Evans to me.
  9. I'd take the other spot in the dispersal if it's still available. I replied in the thread you posted, but didn't want to post my email address there. 






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      Awesome, thank you.  I know I don't have many posts on FBG, but don't let that worry you.  I'm extremely active on other dynasty boards and am a year round dynasty junkie.  I've been looking for a "fixer- upper" team and haven't had much luck finding leagues that meet my criteria.  Thanks for considering me and I'll keep an eye out for a PM if/when there are openings in your other league 




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      Here is a link to the opening I referenced. 


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      I'm going to pass on this one. Thanks for the invite though.

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