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  1. Another one just went down in my 10 team PPR superflex Team A sends: Devonta Freeman Team B sends: Darius Slayton
  2. This one just went down in my league (not involved). 10 team superflex PPR Team A sends: Justice Hill and 2.3 Team B sends Mark Andrews Team receiving Hill is also the Ingram owner for what that's worth.
  3. Surprised at the lack of mention for Arizona as a top landing spot for an early round WR. I think Kirk might be more in the realm of an overqualified WR2 for real football. Fitzgerald is returning but if Kingsbury is going to run his offense as designed, getting snaps to someone better than Pharaoh Cooper and Damiere Byrd is important. The main fly in the ointments is that team has so many other needs that it could be harder to justify taking a receiver in round 1 or 2.
  4. That's exactly it. It feels like the potential benefit of jumping from say pick 25-50 this year to pick 15-25 next year isn't worth the risk of potentially getting injured, stock drop etc. Good point on the second round pick aspect as well.
  5. Etienne back to Clemson. I'm not sure who is advising these underclassman (RB's especially) but hard to spin this into a good move. From a logical perspective.
  6. As an addendum to my above post. Deciding to detonate in 2019 was also calculated on the makeup of my league. Outside of the two strongest teams (who would be presumptive buyers for my aging or in prime vets) there are three other owners who don't see to have much of a long term plan. They have a track record of trading for aging guys independent of their own team's strength or weakness. I deemed there to be more potential buyers in 2019 offseason than sellers. This can be harder to know if you're in a league of internet strangers as opposed to high school buddies like I am. That said, o
  7. This is a pertinent topic to me since I'm in the midst of a to the studs rebuild (my first) in my superflex league (heading into year 13). Of my 30 man roster from this time last year, 8 players remain. The road to get to that decision was a long one. After titles in 2013 and 2014, I was captain of the near miss 2015: 3rd, 2016: 4th, 2017: 4th, 2018: 3rd. My team was always competitive, but in all honesty was never good enough to be a probable champion. Assessing the other "power" teams, I decided that absent extreme good fortune I wasn't likely to compete with the top 2-3 teams
  8. Not sure if this is the correct place for this query so if this is misplaced please yell at me Engaged in trade talks with an owner in my 10 team PPR Superflex league. Entering offseason 2 of a rebuild. Nailed most of my big trades last year so have a good developing core (Watson, Murray, Godwin, DJ Moore, McLaurin, Montgomery, Engram, Goedert) so probably a year away from true contention. Owner I'm talking with offered back two potential packages for Jameis Winston (this is pending Jameis returning to Tampa. Deal wouldn't be consummated before then) Either Juju Smith S
  9. Maybe this makes me a bad person but I am so very ready for the debates this fall. provided of course Democrats can put forth a candidate other than Biden. He isn't much better in terms of coherent thought on a big stage. Reminds me of the quote from the Anchorman brawl regarding Brick Tamland: "Even the guy who can't think said something!"
  10. That address he gave today was a minefield of markers of neurological decline. Call me old fashioned but I feel like the leader of the country should be able to form coherent thoughts and tackle multisyllabic words. Same goes for gropey Joe Biden/
  11. Fitzgerald is 36 years old and will be 37 for next season. Butler could be a good add but it would shock no one if the Cardinals selected Jeudy or Lamb at 9th overall. Butler is concerning only because he fell so far in the draft after being talked about so highly in dynasty circles. Not to mention he will essentially be a rookie again after not playing this season. As a throw in or potential waiver claim I would take the shot. Still feels like a long shot that he is ever even the WR1 in that offense.
  12. Should've clarified. Engram is also a member of my team. While he had been my presumed TE1 going forward. However his injury history and pairing with Daniel Jones led me to realize that perhaps I needed to add another tight end with some upside and not solely rely on Engram to be my guy going forward.
  13. In the midst of a full rebuild in my 10 team superflex dynasty. Made the trade with a contender on Sunday morning. I sent: Dede Westbrook Ryan Griffin 2020 3rd (will be 3.5) I got: Dallas Goedert 2021 2nd (likely mid-late) Wanted to upgrade TE group since this year it's become clear that while Evan Engram is a good fantasy asset, he can also be counted on for an annual injury. Adding Goedert to a group that also includes Ebron and Dawson Knox feels solid if not spectacular.
  14. Why would Diggs be moving on? He just signed a contract extension this year if I recall. Granted the dead money becomes tenable to release him in 2021, but Diggs will only be 27. You think Minnesota would be trading him? I suppose anything can happen but trying to predict roster moves like that two years down the line feels like a stretch.
  15. Just had another one in the same league. Team A (squad that just added Elliott in a fleecing): Sent Parris Campbell and 2020 2nd (likely 7-10) Team B sends: Jarvis Landry Team B had been shopping Landry unsuccessfully for a while.
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